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    Here are a list of other tutorials in the series: Chapter 1 - Introduction to building/building philosophy Chapter 2 - Familiarity with common commands/usages COMING SOON! Chapter 3 - Basic geometries and build styles COMING SOON! Chapter 4 - Detailing your builds COMING SOON! Chapter 5 - Creating and landscaping terrain COMING SOON! Chapter 1 - Introduction to building/building philosophy Having been a builder for around 11 years now, I think it's safe to say I've definitely learned some things and techniques through the years and these guides will hopefully help you improve on becoming a better builder. Before we start, I'm aware that many of you are eager to get to building - which is great! - and will likely skip this first chapter. I can safely say that this chapter is the most crucial and essential chapter in the series and skipping it will make the building process harder than it has to be. Planning your builds Many people like to rush into building without having an idea of what they're actually going to build. While this may work for some, for the rest of us, it makes building awkward and oftentimes we will lose inspiration quite quickly or head in a direction that we're not happy with. You should have a mental image of what you're wanting to build in your head. The more detail you provide, the better your build will be. Here are some examples taken from the Not Awesome 2 server. Keywords are highlighted in bold. "I'm going to build a cozy, Elven house with some trees surrounding it." Build created by Westbeam. Map: westbeam+2 on Not Awesome 2. "I'm going to build a European village with lots of buildings and next to some hills." Build created by okias (saiko). Map: okias+11 on Not Awesome 2. "I'm going to build a suburban neighbourhood with a city backdrop." Build created by StarlightGlimmer. Map: novacity on Not Awesome 2. Gathering inspiration Much like all great art pieces, artists need to gather inspiration from somewhere. Whether it be from your friends, builders you look up to or from the internet, inspiration can be found literally anywhere. A method I use quite often is going onto Google images and searching for "[whatever you're after] ArtStation". The reason I use ArtStation for inspiration is because it is home to some of the craziest artists I've ever seen and there is an endless supply of inspiration to be found there. After you've found some inspiration, it's important to know the three Rs of building: Remixing, Replicating and Ripping Off. Remixing Remixing occurs when you find a source of inspiration and you put your own spin on it to make it look unique. It's probably the most common of the three. It doesn't have to look exactly the same but you should be getting inspiration towards certain things from the source. For example in the images below, I wanted to make a medieval gate for my city so I decided to use a similar shape as the original image in my build. "Castle Gate" created by Jonathan Dufresne sourced from: ArtStation. Build created by Venk. Map: venk+1 on Not Awesome 2. Replicating To replicate something is to remake it almost the exact same as the source. I like to replicate things to learn new styles and from there, I can incorporate those styles into my future builds. "Statue Forest" created by Daniel Riise sourced from: ArtStation. Build created by Venk. Map: riise on Not Awesome 2. As you can see, I've started to replicate the image here by building it to look the same. Ripping Off Ripping Off is something you should not do, ever. Similarly to replicating, ripping off is making something exactly the same as something somebody else did, but claiming you made it entirely yourself without even acknowledging the original source. I've had a couple of instances of my maps being plagiarized over the years and it's definitely not a great feeling. Mapping out your builds Labelling Now that you've got an idea in your head and some inspiration, let's put it to work and start building it. When starting a build, you should always try and map out what is going to go where before actually starting to build. To do this, most servers have a command to write text. In MCGalaxy, it is /write, for others it may be /writetext or something else. Below is an image of one of my maps after labelling what I want to go where. Build created by Venk. Map: venk+ on Not Awesome 2. As you can see, I've labelled things like library and tavern so I know that a library and tavern will go here. Creating assets Assets are a nice and easy way to fill up your map quickly. While most people like to make all of their buildings unique and individualistic, using the same building once or twice isn't harmful at all. Away from your build - often in the sky -, you should make buildings or trees, essentially whatever assets you're planning on using later. This is so we can /copy them easily without getting the nasty excess blocks that we would get just copying from within the build itself. Build created by Venk. Map: venk2 on Puissant Royale. After you've created an asset bundle, you can start copying and pasting some of these builds into your main build. Build created by Venk. Map: venk2 on Puissant Royale. Colour coordination Colour coordination is a great way to identify things and assort them into groups. You should try and use blocks and colours that you aren't using in your build as it can be quite confusing when removing the labels. Below is an example of using colour coordination to plan directions for a road system. Build created by okias (saiko). Map: okias+15 on Not Awesome 2. Of course, this technique can be used in many different ways. For example, I use it to focus on areas that need to be worked on more than others. Build created by Venk. Map: ombshire_old on Puissant Royale. To-do lists To-do lists are probably the best method of monitoring your progress and knowing which areas need to be worked on. Surprisingly, not many people use this technique in their builds but you'll notice that the best builders use this technique quite often. Using that /write command we discussed earlier, we can make checkboxes which we can cross off after we've finished an area. Build created by okias (saiko). Map: ochre2 on Not Awesome 2. Maintaining focus and motivation Oftentimes when I build, I lose a lot of motivation on a project. In-fact, I'm notoriously known for having so many unfinished projects, it's scary. The reason for this is because I am constantly coming up with new ideas and want to build them all before I lose the flow, which I do recommend. If you're losing motivation on one of your builds, take a break from it and come back another time. If you keep going with no motivation/interest to keep going, chances are it will make the build seem like a chore and eventually, your build may start to go down-hill and you'll be unhappy with your project. Building is something you should do for fun, not as a chore.
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    Never share your password, especially not in the title of a public forum post.
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    You were banned because you said you were quitting and never coming back. You were also having a completely inappropriate hissy fit and pretending you were suicidal, again, despite how many times you’ve been warned not to do this in the past. Let this ban be a lesson to say what you mean and mean what you say.
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    You should go into your email, verify your account (by opening the email from classicube.net and clicking the "Verify" button) then click on the "Play" button on the website. Also, NEVER share your password online.
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    Hello CC, I bring a new experimental server for you to play with! Welcome to [Panda] Anarchy. /BanAll, As you may have guessed, the main concept of this server is in the name. All players are ranked guest, there are no server rules besides "Trust Noone" (of course staying within ClassicCube guidelines), and all players have access to the custom command /BanAll. Now, what does /BanAll do? When a user issues this command, all online players will be temporarily kicked and banned for 1 day. Here's the catch though, even the user issuing the command will be banned for a day if they so choose to use it. Welcome to the game of trusting your fellow playerbase to allow you to build on this new Anarchy server 😄 NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO BAN APPEALS, FORUMS, OR DISCORD. IF YOU GET BANNED FOR A DAY, WAIT OUT YOUR BAN. IF YOUR BAN IS PERMANENT, DO NOT REQUEST ANYWHERE ON CC FORUMS FOR AN UNBAN, I WON'T LOOK AND I WON'T CARE. PERMANENT BANS ARE RESERVED FOR BREAKING CC GUIDELINES AND PERSONAL CHOICE. As always, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
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    An addendum on references and their efficacy in a few images: Why you should be using references: Think of building as speaking a language. If you only conversed with yourself you would not learn much, if anything at all. If you engage with other sources and incorporate their vocabulary (in this case, a visual vocabulary) you will have an overall more vibrant and effective means of expressing yourself. This doesn't stop at 1 for 1 replication though, as concepts can be applied in varying contexts beyond what is just in the image you are referencing -- this is the basis of creativity. Applying your vocabulary in different contexts to see what works, often to create something new and original, is an exercise in practicing that creativity. The power of references is ultimately in the fact that they allow you to go beyond your own perspective. If you want to know what a classical Greek temple looks like, it's much more reliable to search for it than to try to recall from your own memory the idea of a Greek temple.
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    No. /123ping, /8ball, /Abort, /AbortAll, /About, /Acacia, /Accept, /Action, /AdminChat, /Adventure, /AFK, /AFKModel, /AKA, /Alive, /Announce, /apply, /Ascend, /asph, /Assasinate, /Aura, /AutoRank, /AutoRankCheck, /Award, /AwardMod, /Awards, /Away, /b, /Back, /Balance, /Ban, /BanAll, /BanEdit, /BanEx, /BanGrief, /BanHammer, /BanInfo, /BanIP, /Banx, /Barf, /Basscannon, /BDBDB, /Beatdown, /BeatParkour, /BeepSilent, /bestscores, /Bezier, /Bind, /BInfo, /BInfoList, /BlockDB, /BlockProperties, /Blocks, /BlockSet, /BlockSpeed, /blue, /boost, /Bot, /BotAI, /Bots, /BotSet, /BotSummon, /Bounties, /Bounty, /Bring, /BringAll, /Brofist, /Bromode, /Brush, /Brushes, /BUM, /Buy, /Calculate, /Calculator, /Cancel, /CapColor, /cc, /ccapi, /Center, /changelog, /changetitle, /Classicubeapi, /Clear, /ClearDenied, /ClearParmDraw, /click, /Clones, /ClosestPlayer, /CmdBind, /CmdCreate, /cmdlist, /CmdLoad, /CmdReload, /CmdSet, /CmdUnload, /codes, /Color, /Colors, /Commands, /Compare, /Compile, /CompLoad, /coords, /Copy, /CopyLvl, /CopyNA, /CopySlot, /CountDown, /CrashServer, /Crumble, /CrumbleMOTD, /CTF, /Cuboid, /CuboidH, /CuboidW, /CustomColors, /CustomHug, /CustomModel, /CustomSlap, /Cut, /CutScene, /Cylinder, /d, /Deafen, /DeafenChat, /debug, /Defriend, /Delay, /Delete, /DeleteLvl, /DeleteThis, /Deny, /Descend, /devs, /Differentiate, /Disconnect, /discord, /DisInfect, /Dislike, /Divorce, /Do, /Donator, /DoNotMark, /Door, /DoorCheck, /DoorList, /DoorRemove, /DoubleStair, /DPlace, /Draw, /Draw2D, /DrawImage, /Drill, /drop, /dtnt, /DumpStats, /Eat, /Economy, /Edit, /Effect, /EggBasket, /EightBallTwo, /Ellipsoid, /EllipsoidH, /Emote, /Emotes, /Entity, /EntityRot, /Env, /Environment, /EnvPreset, /EpicSpam, /Eq, /event, /experience, /Explode, /extraboolean, /ExtraInfo, /extraint, /f, /Fail, /FakeRank, /FAQ, /farewell, /FastLB, /FFAStatistics, /Fill, /Fill2D, /Fill3D, /Filter, /FinishNoobMain, /Firework, /FixGrass, /Fixrealms, /fixwater, /Flair, /FlipCoin, /FlipHead, /FlipHeads, /Fly, /Follow, /FontWrite, /FontWriteText, /ForceHold, /ForEach, /FortuneCookie, /FreebuildRules, /FreeForAll, /Freeze, /FreezeBring, /Func, /FuncFill, /FuncSurf, /GameStats, /GBSwapOrder, /Gen, /GenHeightMap, /Geoip, /Geoipnonplayer, /GetBlock, /GGGun, /Give, /Global, /GlobalBlock, /GoldenEgg, /Goto, /GotoRandomCool, /GPS, /GpuInfo, /Grass, /Greet, /grow, /Guestwipe, /Gun, /GunGame, /GunGameMOTD, /HackControl, /HackRank, /Hacks, /hammer, /HasIRC, /Hax, /Help, /Hide, /HideOther, /High5, /highfive, /Highlight, /Hold, /holdsilent, /Hollow, /home, /host, /Hug, /Human, /Idea, /Ignore, /ImagePrint, /Immortal, /Impersonate, /Import, /Inbox, /Ineq, /Infect, /Infected, /Infection, /infinite, /Info, /InfoSwap, /input, /Insult, /Intro, /Invincible, /IRC, /IRCBot, /IRCControllers, /IRCStaff, /ironman, /ironwoman, /items, /JACKPOT, /Join, /JoinOnRankWorld, /JoinRandom, /Joker, /jokerall, /jokerme, /Jump, /Kick, /kickgood, /kickme, /Kill, /kiss, /LastCmd, /LastCommand, /LastLevels, /Lava, /LavaSurvival, /LBSwapOrder, /LevelBlock, /Levels, /Life, /light, /Like, /Limit, /Line, /LineX, /List, /ListClients, /ListModels, /ListRank, /ListStaff, /lives, /Load, /Loaded, /Location, /Lockdown, /LoginMessage, /LogoutMessage, /Look, /LowLag, /Mad, /Main, /makecorners, /makeegg, /makeeighths, /MakeGlow, /makeslabs, /makestairs, /makewalls, /Map, /MapHack, /MapInfo, /maprating, /maps, /MapsBy, /Mark, /MarkAll, /Marry, /MassRank, /MaxCaps, /MaxPWorlds, /Maze, /MazeCuboid, /MB, /Me, /Measure, /MeSays, /MessageBlock, /Mirror, /Missile, /Mode, /Model, /Moderate, /money, /MoneyMessages, /Most, /MoveAll, /MoveBots, /movespawn, /MsgBoozie, /msgme, /Museum, /Mute, /MuteAll, /mybotnick, /MyNotes, /Name, /NewLvl, /News, /Nick, /nominate, /Notes, /nothing, /nothing2, /OakTwo, /OHide, /OnlineStaff, /OpChat, /OpRules, /OpStats, /OrderBlocks, /OsFastLB, /Outline, /Overlay, /Overseer, /Owner, /P2P, /Paint, /Palette, /Pass, /Paste, /PasteNot, /PasteNotX, /PasteX, /Patrol, /Pause, /Pay, /PClients, /pcount, /PearPromote, /PerBuild, /PersonalWorld, /PerVisit, /Physics, /Ping, /PingList, /Place, /Plane, /PlaneW, /platform, /platformtwo, /PlayerEdit, /Players, /Plugin, /Plugins, /pm, /Poke, /PolarRose, /PonyModDownload, /Portal, /position, /Possess, /PReload, /PruneDB, /pstats, /Punch, /Pyramid, /Queue, /Quit, /Quitmsg, /r, /RageQuit, /Rain, /Rainbow, /RainbowChat, /RandomMaze, /Rank, /Rankhide, /RankInfo, /RankMsg, /Ranks, /ReachDistance, /Realm, /red, /Redo, /redwood, /Referee, /Rejoin, /Reload, /ReloadClickableBlocks, /ReloadEffects, /RelTP, /RenameLvl, /RenderType, /reorder, /repeat, /Replace, /ReplaceAll, /ReplaceBrush, /ReplaceNot, /ReplaceNotBrush, /reply, /Report, /Reports, /Requirements, /ResizeLvl, /Resolution, /Restart, /RestartPhysics, /Restore, /Retry, /Review, /Reward, /Ride, /Roll, /Rotate, /RoundOak, /RS, /rtv, /Rules, /runscript, /RunScriptAll, /SAdd, /Save, /Say, /Search, /Secret, /Seen, /Send, /SendCmd, /Server, /ServerInfo, /SetClickDistance, /SetCoordParm, /SetFont, /SetInfo, /SetModel, /SetNick, /SetParamIter, /SetRank, /SetSpawn, /ShadowMute, /ShortName, /ShowQueue, /Shutdown, /sinfo, /Skin, /skinall, /Slap, /Smooth, /SmoothAll, /Snake, /Snap, /snowcover, /Software, /Solid, /Spawn, /Spawner, /spec, /SpecPatrol, /Spectate, /Sphere, /SphereH, /Spheroid, /Spin, /SPlace, /Spring, /SRemove, /Staff, /StaffSay, /StartParmDraw, /Static, /stats, /status, /StealthKick, /STFU, /StopWatch, /Store, /Stuff, /Sudo, /Summon, /summonspawn, /t, /Take, /TaskDebug, /TColor, /TDStatistics, /Team, /TeamDeathMatch, /TempBan, /TempBlock, /tempbot, /tempchunk, /TempRank, /TextHotKey, /Texture, /texture2, /Throw, /Time, /Timer, /tips, /Title, /titlecolor, /TntWars, /togglenotifications, /Top, /topmoney, /topten, /Torus, /Tower, /TP, /TPA, /TPDeny, /TPP, /Tpzone, /Transform, /Tree, /Triangle, /TriangleW, /Troll, /Trust, /Unban, /UnbanAll, /UnbanIP, /Undo, /UndoAll, /UndoArea, /UndoAreaNot, /UndoPlayer, /UndoPlayerNot, /Unflood, /Unfreeze, /Unhide, /UnHideOther, /Unignore, /Unload, /unloaded, /Unmute, /Unpossess, /Unspectate, /Unwarn, /Updates, /UploadScript, /usestuff, /Verify, /View, /ViewRanks, /VIP, /Voice, /Vote, /voteresults, /WAccess, /Walls, /Warn, /Warp, /Water, /Waypoint, /WBring, /WBuild, /Website, /welcome, /WFlush, /Where, /WHide, /Whisper, /Whitelist, /WhoIs, /WhoNick, /whowas, /WInfo, /WLoad, /WLock, /WMain, /womid, /WorldChat, /WorldClear, /WorldClearSave, /Worlds, /WorldSave, /Worldsearch, /WRename, /Write, /Write2, /WriteText, /WSave, /WSet, /WUnhide, /WUnload, /WUnlock, /XBan, /YellAt, /ZAdd, /zaddbuilder, /zdelbuilder, /ZEdit, /ZInfo, /zlist, /ZMark, /ZombieSurvival, /Zone, /ZoneList, /ZoneMark, /Zones, /ZoneSelection, /ZoneTest, /ZRemove, /ZRename, /zsetowner, /zsetrank, /ZTest, /Zz
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    Can't wait for you to impersonate your mom on irc again.
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    Why did you use an awful fake text convo generator
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    /skin bot [botname] $skin $skin is one of the tokens that gets substituted with another value once it’s used in-game. In this case, it always becomes the name of your current skin. You’ll also notice it works when sent in chat, if you like to be annoying. PS: you did a good job formulating this question so it was clear exactly what you meant. it’s appreciated since a lot of questions on here can be confusing
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    i don't see why we need a crouch fetcher, you should be perfectly capable of fetching the crouch yourself.
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    🏆 Tournament time, who's excited? Some of you may have heard that we will be hosting our second ever spleef tournament and you have heard correctly! It's been about 9 years since the last spleef tournament and we're very excited to be hosting this event for you. Now, let's get into the details... When is the tournament? The tournament will be held on the 24th of April, 2021 (25th for us Aussie-folk) at 9pm UTC. This means 6pm Washington time and unfortunately 11pm London time. Please check the appropriate times if you are not in these timezones. What is the tournament? The tournament structure will be a modified version of a single-elimination 1v1 singles spleef tournament. We'll get into that later on... How can I enter? Just show up on the day, it's that simple! We'd like to get as many people as possible involved in the tournament so there is an infinite amount of slots open. What are the rules? 1. No cheating. This means using a hacked or modified client to change settings such as reach and hacks, among other things. 2. No toxicity. While trash-talking can be allowed at a minimum, severe disrespect towards players online will not be tolerated and you may be kicked for the time being. 3. Use your head. Most tournaments follow a similar guideline and this is not an exception. The rules from the server are still in place and you will be punished the same as if the tournament was not in place. If you are found breaking any of these rules, you may be kicked from the tournament or even the server. Don't be that guy... Tournament structure There will be two stages in this tournament. Earlier we mentioned that this tournament will follow a single-elimination structure, we will be using this for the second stage of the tournament. Stage 1 - The Qualifiers If we do not get over 16 players for the tournament, this stage MAY be skipped. This will be a free-for-all spleef stage where everybody is trying to spleef everybody. There will be four rounds of qualifiers with the last remaining four players moving forward to the second stage. If you do not make the top four in the first heat, you still have three other chances in the remaining heats. If you do not make the top 16, you can still watch and support your friends from the sidelines but please do not disturb the remaining players. The placements from the qualifiers will determine match seedings for the next stage. Stage 2 - The Bracket The remaining 16 players from the first stage will be battling it out in a 1v1 spleef match. This stage follows the single-elimination structure we mentioned earlier, meaning: don't lose. The first and second rounds will be a best of one and the losers will be eliminated from the tournament and the winners will move on to the next round. For the semi-finals and final as well as the match for third place, it will be a best of 3 (first to 2). Matches will go for 5 minutes each and in the event that a match goes on for longer, both players will be moved to a smaller arena where they will continue battling it out there. Rewards To offer some incentive, we're offering rewards for everybody that makes it it to the second stage. Top 16 100 coins and 250xp Top 8 250 coins and 500xp Top 4 500 coins and 1000xp 2nd place 500 coins, 1000xp and a $10 game of their choosing on Steam 1st place 750 coins, 1500xp, a $20 game of their choosing on Steam and the @🏆 Tournament Winner role in our Discord. Conclusion If you are unsure about anything and would like to clarify, please feel free to ask one of our staff members. Best of luck to all of you entering and even if you aren't, come watch and support your friends 🙂. If you're not in our Discord server and would like to join it to be notified of the tournament, click the image below. If you cannot make it on the day, capitjeff21 and Lonzo4MvP will be streaming and commentating the event live on Jeff's Twitch. We will also be uploading the full event (and clips) to YouTube after the event is over.
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    Fortnite is my least favorite game. 0/10 don’t recommend
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    You can't run servers without downloading them. You should DOWNLOAD them.
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    The 5th New Blood Zombie Survival Anniversary Is Live On http://www.classicube.net/server/play/1c85dee906fdd79571b9d18f3fa1f50a/ I Would Suggest Heading Over There, I took Some Photos Of As Many People I Could, My Laptop Doesn't Handle Files Very Well, I Will Keep Trying To Take Photos, But For Now, Head over to New Blood! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12gvCc8xnnhZzCA6rjzjz5O-Md1O2-Y1r?usp=sharing Link To Photos
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    Don't bring personal losses into online arguments as an excuse
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    you're not fooling anyone.
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    Well it’s not like you’re asking a forum full of people
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    If you want sneaking then play real minecraft.
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    No. We need every 12 year old and under to ask their mom what "fuck" means, so that their mom promptly realizes they should stop using the fucking internet unsupervised.
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    I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
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    Here's some of my screenshots as well:https://imgur.com/a/MHR4MEe https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7395jjftc87znoz/AAApwavPQGoTONLF58Sc0z4-a
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    stand where you want the checkpoint. /place checkpoint (it is an invisible block named checkpoint)
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    why does everything look like amog us
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    This was originally a private build of the texture pack, but I decided to finally let all the people know about it, and I'll list the new things that are in the texture pack! New stone texture and ore textures! Fixed the rain being upside down. Custom block slots back! (they're the blue missing texture slots) And that's all the updates I think. this is the terrain.png image. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kpjolb55dumvqcu/classinew.zip?dl=0 the link to the texture pack so you can use it
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    As I've told you countless times already, read the instructions... Read the instructions here:
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    And fuck you to
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    Ok i had an idea there is player possession and other things that you can do with your character but there is no Bot Possess cmds if you could, would you plz make that a cmd and if it is a cmd then plz give it to me. -Yuri_Kai
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    Talking to yourself, huh?
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    Fallback block means what players see if they dont support custom blocks. It has to be the closest block from 1-65
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    I'm gonna make myself a cocaine smoothie with so weed salad. I'm so excited. for fucksake STOP REPLYING TO THIS POST
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    Wow, it's so cool! I hope everyone can be a good builder. 😊
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    Unfortunately accounts cannot be deleted, just set your email and password to random stuff if you want to make it inaccessible.
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    true it started getting bad after the updates. damn those updates
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    No point in having more servers if you can't maintain one server.
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    For me, its Not Awesome 2 (for the builds) and New Blood (Map Build) (for the community), even though New Blood has good builds, im just saying. PS: i normally avoid anyone while in NA2 because its weird in the chat so i tend to be quiet there. (and i haven't went to NA2 recently sooo h)
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    The human rectum can stretch up to 9 inches without tearing. A raccoon can fit into holes that are 6 inches or wider. So technically a raccoon can go into your Butt.
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    Set the MOTD of the map to -hax.
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    /botadd <name> /nick bot <name> &fFreeBuild /model bot <name> 0 Then you can mess with /modelscale bot <name> Y 1-2 to adjust its height
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