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    I think Microsoft would be the best decision because since windows 7 they haven't done anything right
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    Classic64 release trailer video Classic64 is a plugin for ClassiCube which uses libsm64 to insert a playable Mario from Super Mario 64 into the game. This includes his entire set of animations, his moveset, model, sounds, textures, everything 1:1. Download here!
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    I might come back idk Join my server ig -tetrisplayer2
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    my brother in christ half life came out 6 years after this
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    Lets say that your bored, what would you do? Reply to this with anything you do to "cure" your boredom. And if you cant think of anything, start a meme chain off this reply. That just might help ;D
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    Play racing games like NFS: Shift, BeamNG.drive and Asphalt 6
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    Sometimes I just like to dream, dreams are how I escape from this hell-strucken world, and breathe a beautiful world into my vision. I would imagine something beautiful. My life is beautiful, even though I am sad sometimes. I like to imagine someone pretty. Someone, so I am there, I am there with them. I am there to comfort them, beknowingly, and give them a helping hand. I am there in their down moments, in their happiest days. This person exists, in my mind, and therefore that beautiful and pretty being must be me. I love her. I may be strange, but let that be some advice. You are all beautiful, and no one person can say you're not, because it's objectively not true. Thank you, thank you all.
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    I made 3 texture packs that all mimic older versions of classic. Cave game textures (rd-132211) https://www.mediafire.com/file/wv3ktkzxuac5yza/cave_game.zip/file Early classic (0.0.2a - c0.0.14a) https://www.mediafire.com/file/txu9e4mantgu40e/early_classic.zip/file Early classic (beta c0.0.12a water) https://www.mediafire.com/file/1jtygjqszfrzs6o/early_classic_%280.0.12a_water%29.zip/file I hope you like them!
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    Change bedrock (id 7) to collide 0. /os lb edit 7 collide 0 You can also make it look like the edge has nothing with /os env water air /os env bedrock air
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    Hi! Have you used VPN before when connecting to the server? Perhaps your account has been blocked since many servers monitor such activity and ban players' accounts from using VPN. It would be best if you clarified whether your account had been banned. I solve this problem using proxies that I buy on [advertisement] With the help of a proxy server, you can keep your privacy, but at the same time, your account will not arouse suspicion on the server, and you will not have any problems connecting.
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    Crimebooks, shipped with Tails! Shhhhh... don't tell them...
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    i would pay people with shovels to dig up scotland so it can stop existing
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    Chromebooks aren't good value. An affordable but solid laptop should come at a minimum price of 400 dollars, and they can do far more than the chromebook
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    i am the guidelines
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    Chromebooks, and people who ask for survival mode
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    look what communism did to Russia bro
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    I use game-survivalmode=true but it doesnt work. I need survival mode in classicube. Pls help
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    STOP POSTING ABOUT SURVIVAL TEST! I'M TIRED OF SEEING IT! MY FRIENDS ON IRC ASK ME ABOUT SURVIVAL TEST, ON DISCORD THEY ASK TOO! I was in a server, right? and ALL OF THE CHROMIES instantly asked me about Survival Test. I-I showed you nerds my cool new minecraft clone, and you ALL INSTANTLY ASKED ME ABOUT SURVIVAL TEST! I looked in forum notifications, and SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT SURVIVAL TEST! I PHYSICALLY RECOIL every single time I hear anything about Survival Test!! ANY MENTION OF IT IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING
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    i throw car batteries in the ocean for funsies
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    fuck the turtles
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    I actually don't know. Garry's Mod?
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    Hello! AndrewPH is actually an artificial intelligence made by a secret facility in the himalayan mountains called "intello inc." Same with Goodlyay! I pray to god they do not see this, otherwise my role as an ex-scientist there will be compromised! God-speed, all... Wait, what! AH!
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    true python is the worst swear word because python is the worst language ever
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    These are some super important guidelines to follow when making your dirt house tutorial. If your thread is found to be of low enough quality, it will be expunged with extreme prejudice. Perhaps you'll even get a temporary ban, to sate our thirst for bans. Jk we won't ban you (probably). Title Guidelines Your thread's title must describe what the tutorial is about and be about the length of a short sentence. As an example: How to make a dirt house in 3 easy steps! Once you've got the title out of the way, you must make sure to set the tags. It's not super important that you add more than one, but that one is a doozy. It must categorize what the tutorial is for. As an example, if your tutorial pertains to a particular server software, add that server software name to your tags and then set it as your Item prefix. Here's an example: Tutorial Guidelines Make sure your tutorial ticks the following boxes: Has clear, easy-to-follow steps. Descriptive descriptions. Images for clarification A point (no, "how to get OP on my server" is not a good tutorial) Good luck making tutorials!
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    All active users, not active once a year
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    All active classicube forum users
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    Honestly, "breathe air" is the only good thing that had came out of Andrew Tate's mouth.
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    Well we are in pakistan so there are no nintendo switches and they are expensive
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    Minecraft Bedrock on Nintendo Switch is special because it doesn't need a Microsoft account, you just can't play crossplay or earn achievements. Hope that helps!
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    technoblade kinda sucks tbh
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    im queer i have hot steamy gay sex with the devil
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    You will go to Hell. FoR fUnSiEs
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    just send the link of a texture pack simp
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    GIMME -1000 rep. I wanna ruin my reputation to see what happens.
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    So why are you being dumb and not using common sense Plus ur not the guidelines lol
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    I think the best game is Minecraft, I download the mod apk of Minecraft game at ModCombo. ModCombo is always a great choice to download mod apk versions of games for Android.
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    Hi Everyone, I was wondering, if any of you have Gamejolt, will you please follow me! :D thanks!
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