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    Hey guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm proud to announce that I'm currently in rehab for trolling too much.. and I'm pregnant w/ a baby girl! Might b my last post I'm sorry to the people I have offended here! Sayonara chingus! (Been learning Korean for a while. That's "Goodbye friends" in Korean" :))
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    Note: this user has not produced any maps that have been used as mains in NA2.
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    I have the most amazing question the universe has ever heard: Who the #### asked?
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    And um, please tell the audience what this has to do with ClassiCube Central ๐Ÿ‘น
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    the person above you might not, but the person below you sure is
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    ๐Ÿ† 27th August, 2021 It's tournament season again and we've decided to try something never before seen on ClassiCube this time around. With the recent release of our arcade gamemode, we have decided to run a mixed-arcade doubles tournament! Now, let's get into the practical information, shall we? When is the tournament? To compensate for our European players, we've made the tournament a couple of hours earlier than the spleef tournament. The tournament will be held on the 19th of September, 2021 at 4pm Washington DC time and 9pm London time. Please check the appropriate times if you are not in these timezones. What is the tournament? The tournament is a 2v2 mixed-arcade tournament. There will be 8 teams of two battling it out in 8 different minigames to earn the most points. Points are awarded based on how well teams perform in rounds. How can I enter? We can only have a maximum of 16 participants. This means that anybody that is interested will have to sign up to compete. You can find more information about this via our Google form link: https://forms.gle/5H9KWWWsT5nkb71w5 What are the rules? 1. No cheating. This means using a hacked or modified client to change settings such as reach and hacks, among other things. This includes auto-clickers and fancy clicking techniques to get over 17CPS. If you are found to be clicking at over 17CPS, our anti-cheat system will kick you. 2. No toxicity. While trash-talking can be allowed at a minimum, severe disrespect towards players online will not be tolerated and you may be kicked for the time being. 3. Use your head. Most tournaments follow a similar guideline and this is not an exception. The rules from the server are still in place and you will be punished the same as if the tournament was not in place. If you are found breaking any of these rules, you may be kicked from the tournament or even the server. Don't be that guy... Tournament structure There will be 8 gamemodes that the teams will play. For more info, check out our calculation sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oiy-LlaACw1g9ptejVZIZZk6KR26QVeDUH27yPLscjM/ 2v2 gamemodes: All 2v2 games will follow a round robin structure, meaning each team will play each other once for a total of 28 rounds. To reiterate, this is 28 rounds total for all teams. Each team will play 7 times. Battle Box (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) Dodgeball (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) Parkour Tag (est 1 min) [28 rounds] + (1*28) Sumo (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) FFA gamemodes: Bridge Battle (est 5-10 mins) [1 round] + 7.5 Flood (est 2 mins each) [3 rounds] + (2*3) Rainbow Rush (est 1.5 mins each) [3 rounds] + (1.5*3) Parkour/Speedrunners (est 2.5 mins each) [elimination] + (2.5*4) For speedrunners, it will work a little bit differently. The bottom four in each heat will be eliminated. There are four heats. Finals The two teams that have scored the most points during the event will both choose a gamemode to play in the finals. Rewards: All coins and XP earned from the event will be kept by the players. In short, the better you perform, the better your rewards will be. 2nd place All coins earned + $10 game of their choosing on Steam each. 1st place All coins earned + $20 game of their choosing on Steam each and the ๐Ÿ† Tournament Winner role on Discord. Conclusion If you are unsure about anything and would like to clarify, please feel free to ask myself or a staff member. Best of luck to all of you entering and even if you aren't, come watch and support your friends ๐Ÿ™‚ If you would like to see the games in action, check out our trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYICI522Wqc Discord: https://discord.io/Puissant
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    Now do it without liquid blocks.
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    We just used the server-side /skin command after asking you to change your skin on two separate occasions.
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    Zoey's Classicful-32x is a (Unofficial) fan-made spin-off of the iconic Minecraft Faithful 32x pack series texture pack for Classicube, it enhances Classicube's default texture pack to be upscaled to 32 pixels in scale (This texture pack takes on the modern pre-1.14 style vattic style textures so some or most blocks look modern despite it being alpha textures, sorry about that). Examples of the many textures: Theres also a another version of this texture pack called Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version which is for servers, it has more block textures and it is allowed for to be modified to the server's needs, However it cannot be released outside servers and/or credit as their own. Downloads: Normal Version: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/rdw6aradxuvlkqr/Zoey'sClassicful-32x.zip Mo' Blocks Version/"Server Friendly" Version; https://dl.dropbox.com/s/bjkrk3ennhtjkb7/ZF32xS-FVer.zip Notes: You're allowed to use this texture pack for Servers, Maps for minigames, and Making 32x texture packs with these as long as you credit me, also you don't have to ask me btw don't forget โค๏ธ If theres any bugs or fixes I should sort out and iron out, feel free to dm me! Do make sure to check out the link if you want to borrow the textures from here and check out here for guidelines on usage of other faithful textures: https://web.archive.org/web/20150607220656/http://www.minecraftforum.net:80/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-red-cat-clay-1-8 (Note: Do make sure to ask the creators of the grass top, gravel and ice textures for use, credited in the 1credits.txt zip file, oh and big shoutouts to Vattic for letting faithful 32x textures being free of use, Always credit though too. - Z
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    Looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of this plot.
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    If you have described something as indescribable, havenโ€™t you already described it?
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    Can you two keep the arguments in private messages? This is a public forum, we don't need your useless banter.
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    Since you decided to host this server off of eddy's hosting service, I highly recommend you read up on his ToS before you lose your server.
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    How much are you paying?
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    Great, now try and do this one:
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    it would be weird if i spent 3000 hours on classicube
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    haha nice! quick question though, how many of these textures did you actually upscale yourself? ive always wondered which ones but ive never took the time to check.. also, unrelated to my previous question but a few things: first, why is there an "uwu" block in the server friendly pack? secondly, (and this isn't a criticism but something i just noticed), did you make a unique pattern for the wool blocks or is it just four of the same texture tiled together? thirdly, you can still see the lines from the wooden door in the iron door on the server friendly pack... that aside, im very proud of how far this pack's come! its super impressive work youre doing ngl ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Step 1: Buy an RTX 3090 Step 2: Buy a gaming chair Step 3: Flex your PC by making a benchmark video Step 4: Buy an Intel core i9 10900k Step 5: Run Call Of Duty Warzone at ultra settings Step 6: Get 150000 fps in classicube
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    my house blew up by doing that thank u
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    What steps would I take to become German??? pls help
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    Kaw Kaw always vomiting facts โค๏ธโค๏ธ Queen
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    Dont even know you.
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    This fork has severe issues; mainly, all the blocks had their "shadow" property set to false so there's no shadows anymore, which breaks grass growing and looks awful.
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    https://www.classicube.net/acc supports uploading skins up to 8x the resolution of normal Minecraft skins. If that's not high enough resolution, MCGalaxy also offers the /skin command, which lets you set your own skin to an arbitrary .png image url (only in the server you used the command in, of course).
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    You either haven't installed your GPU drivers or your GPU is too old for anything newer than OpenGL 1.1.
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    Yeah, as Goodly stated, your monitor probably can't display more than 60. As a result, there's not really much point in having more FPS than your monitor can display. Setting your client to NoLimit FPS is a bit pointless, because your PC will be wastefully rendering frames that you don't even see.
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    Why do you want more FPS? Your monitor probably can't display more than 60. anyway. Sup christofu.
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    It was my birthday yesterday 08/11 I had fun for the most part i got cash so no biggey lol well thanks for another year of life peace an i love yall Your friendly neighborhood noob Tetrisplayer2
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    .lvl maps are NOT supposed to be opened using the ClassiCube client, .cw is what ClassiCube uses, you have to use server software like MCGalaxy.
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    Useless update? Change: Refined the Modern/Purple GUI to have it's lines more cleaner and looking nice. Before this change the textures for it looked rough and "play-dough" looking and less faithful with the lines so I did a slight revision, Is this update to the pack, useless and dumb to do? depending on your opinion on the matter if you dislike the old faithful modern/purple gui textures or not. Is it annoying how the bottom of the "selection grid" thing is sliced off? - Z
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    I think deleting someone's build is never an appropriate punishment for breaking rules but he absolutely had it coming especially after being explicitly warned it would happen. It sounds like you gave him way too much lenience and let it get out of hand and get to you too personally which resulted in poor staff decisions.
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    It would be weird if this vid didn't exist>> https://youtu.be/onDuNbniXDo ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
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    Sign blocks, otherwise known as Message Blocks, are blocks containing a message in them that appears in chat, to see the message, you must hit or right click the block to display the message. If you want to make your own sign block, go in chat and type in /mb [block; default is white] [message], however servers changes the permissions of the command, so you may have ask anyone who has the permission to place a message block to place it with your message that you said to them.
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    Before we start: * Welcome to the MCGalaxy guide. Before reading onward, please do note that this guide is initially made for MCGalaxy version, as such, some of the things stated below may not work in either past versions. If not, tell me and I will update it. * Starting the server Starting the server and actually making it so it's online is the most crucial thing you're going to need to do in this guide. Everything else will be informative and/or optional. To start the server, make sure you download your release from here, keeping in-mind I will be using to explain things. Once downloaded, you will need to extract the contents into a folder somewhere. Once complete, you will then need to run either MCGalaxy.exe or MCGalaxyCLI.exe. This will open up a GUI/CLI menu allowing you to edit the server. Next, you will need to port forward. If your router does not support UPnP portforwarding, you can find a guide on how to port forward here. If it does support UPnP port-forwarding then proceed to read on further. Upon opening the GUI, click the properties button. A menu like this should open (yours will likely be different): Next, you will need to enter a port in the port box (or keep it as 25565) and then click Server Port Utilities. Another GUI menu should pop up, here you will need to enter the previous port number into the box and then click Forward. If the forward was successful, you will receive a green Ports forwarded successfully using UPnP message. If not, then you will need to port forward manually by visiting the link above. Once you've done that, click out of that and press Save to save your progress. Voilร ! Your server is ready to play. It should be around the bottom area of the server list, if it isn't try refreshing. Configuring your server Editing server properties is probably the most fun part of starting a server, you have full access to features and you can toggle things you want enabled/disabled on the server. To do this, you need to open up that folder we were talking about earlier and navigate to the /properties folder. In here there will be 8 files that you can edit customize. You can also edit things from the GUI, but this gives you a bit more options to choose from. The only one you really need to check out is server.properties, if you've never edited a .properties file, you can open it in any text editing program. A guide is already waiting for you inside the file. A great way to display information is via the use of text files. You can modify the text files by going to the /text folder. Here you can edit things like the server welcome message, rules, news etc. All files can be opened via text editing software as well. Using the console The console is used as a way of executing commands without having to be in-game. It also bypasses permissions so you can use any command from any rank with ease, though keep in mind, some commands purposely disable use from the console. Using commands is similar to in-game, which uses /[command]. If a / or ! isn't present at the start, it will be treated as a chat message. You should probably give yourself the superop or nobody rank to get full control of the server. See below for more information on assigning ranks. Ranks Ranks are the assortment of players into hierarchical groups. To modify ranks, you will need to open the properties menu and then click on Ranks. Here you will be able to edit permission levels and colours etc. To rank a player to a specific rank, you will need to use /rank [username] [rank]. This will give them access to all the commands and permissions the specified rank has. Commands and Permissions Commands are a great way of doing things in-game, but if everyone has the same permissions, the server could be come anarchic quite fast. One of the commands you will need to become familiar with is /cmdset which is the nobody rank by default. Using your console knowledge from before, typing /cmdset cmdset [rank name] will allow the rank of your choice and above to execute it from in-game. You can either keep the permissions as is (not recommended) or you can modify the permissions to your choosing. You can allow specific ranks to use a command by using /cmdset [command] +[rank name], this will allow the rank to use the command even if they are not above the default command rank. You can also do /cmdset [command] -[rank name] to prevent a specific rank from using the command. And lastly for setting command permissions is /cmdset [command] [rank name] [extra permission number] which will allow the rank specified and above to be able to use the command's extra permission. A full list of commands can be found via /commands all all and each are colour-coded to their respective rank colours. Information can be found for each command using /help [command]. Levels (or worlds/realms/maps) Levels are a world that players can visit/build on. By default the main level will be called main, but you can change that later by doing /main [level]. Most MCGalaxy servers support overseer levels which allow players to have their own private world that only they can build in. To allow this, just set the /overseer command to the lowest rank you want to be able to use the command. This will allow people to use /os map add and /os go as well as other overseer commands. To create a new level that isn't a realm world, you can type /newlvl create [map name] <width> <height> <length> <theme> <seed> (the ones in angled brackets are optional). If you're unhappy with the map size, you can change the size via /resizelvl [map name] [new width] [new height] [new length]. Keeping in mind, that decreasing a level size may remove blocks. Levels can be renamed via /renamelvl [map name] [new map name] and can be deleted via /deletelvl [map name]. Conclusion There you have it, you now know everything you need to about setting up your very own MCGalaxy server. Something not making sense? Still confused about something? I'm usually around the community and am quite happy to help. You can find me on Discord via @Venk#2020 or on ByteIRC via #PuissantRoyale.
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    wholesome 100 keanu chungus chonker breathtaking reddit moment instagram bad reddit good
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    Why did you use an awful fake text convo generator
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    I really like this new feature, I always hated the whole close up pixel face thingy like this god that makes me cringe ๐Ÿ˜ anyways good work Andrew I like this waaay better
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