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    Happy Pride Month! Decided to give a little bit of a out showing for our community for Pride Month, the reason why it is in this topic is because no other topic would have correctly fitted a criteria. Anyways It's been another amazing month for celebrating all things LGBTQ+, and I couldn’t be more excited to take part in the festivities that will be going on this year. From parades to picnics, there are so many ways that people can join together this June to show their pride and make everyone feel included. From our small towns to big cities, Pride Month has been a time for all of us to come out and celebrate our identities whether you’re marching in a parade or just proudly flaunting your rainbow flag outside your house, the LGBTQ+ community is making its presence known this month and I couldn't be more excited. So again Happy Pride Month, God bless you all
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    Apparently, someone was building a bone in a world that looks like hell, because you know, hell has bones and stuff But they probably got disconnected in the proccess and couldnt finish it, it was missing the upper part and looked like an upside-down Y 🙂
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    Please learn a little bit about history before making such ignorant claims. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_homosexuals_in_Nazi_Germany
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    "But what about autistic people?" What is the question being asked here? "And im not purely homophobic." So you are homophobic. "Ive talked to gay people on a server and im not being a jerk to them. I mean if they say hello ill probably say hello also." Congratulations on not being completely horrible. "To be completly honest with you disliking gay people probably piss off's straight people more than gay people." I think it pisses off anyone who has an understanding of ethics and why bigotry is wrong.
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    Why do we need food? We don't have hunger
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    im scared of having viruses please can you guys help me if theres a way?
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    When was religion brought into this? (Gay person speaking)
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    I wish the OP would just tell us which server it was 😕 or it will forever remain a mystery :(( c'mon OP..
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    Update 1.1.1 "Zoey wasn't there already an update you did from yesterday already?" "What even is this?" "I think you're going to spam this whole thread agian Zoey." I hear you say as you're quire suprised to see another update here for Royal³, but thankfully all I'm wanting to mention about this small tiny bitty tiny hotfix is Change(s?) i forgot to release the final state of the magma texture i did from yesterday so im just dropping this here I have no idea how much time I got before I may or may not deservingly get off my high horse, decided by the future sands of time and the prophecy of the gods for me posting this utterly lack luster forum thread post with the most comically large lowercased sentence and only sentence I would make on this site which will be comically larged lowercased, I'll better get going now before I get full on smited by said gods for my crimes against humanity, silly dramatic sentence aside aswell to add stupidly unfunny comedic sense, toodles! - Z ❤️
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    Update 1.1 Wait already a new update for this texture pack you say? Yeah it'll never get old for me honestly, just a small miniscule update for this texture pack I've put out as there was some changes that hand to be done. Changes are: Accuracy of textures like the Magma and Iron block has been tweaked. Placeholder Lava and Magma textures has been cleaned and touched up with some improvements. Miscoloured pixels have been fixed on some textures around the terrain.png. Hopefully this'll be the only update released for a while as I don't want to bore people with these sorts of things like I did a while back.
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    Works only with wood and stone for now herobrine.zip
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    you go on flippin https://classicube.net/acc
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    That is a statement. Anyway, here is a link to a popular search engine where you can look for other online pixel art editors: https://www.google.com/ Also you may want to change the topic title to something more accurate, like, "semi-clueless person brags about upgrades they made to their old mac under the pretense of looking for an in-browser pixel art editor" Hope that helps 🙂
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    Your Discord account Rainb0wSkeppy#0875 was banned from the Discord server for both leaking player IPs and flooding the server chats. Unfortunately there is not a process for appealing your Discord ban at this time. If you have further questions regarding this incident, please feel free to direct message a staff member.
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    You can play old versions for free in the official launcher, demo mode was added in release 1.3 I believe. However the Betacraft launcher is superior in every way.
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    Update 2.0 Alternate Textures & Hotfix Update!!!!!! You'll know it's a big update when the text is centered! Hotfixes: Overhauled the Brick texture to be more accurate and inline with the latest faithful PA brick texture. Updated the sapling texture to have its shading tweaked with the leaves. Yellow wool texture off hue has been fixed. Alternate textures: Introducing, The alternate textures archive, featuring brand spanking new ways you, Yes You! can customize your royal and faithful experince with new textures to work with the new alternate textures zip folder, use a image editing software to your liking, smack slap dab any images you'd like and wabam! The changes it provides includes: New block textures with variations of the default Royal3 textures for seasonal grass, dirt contrast, past texture revisions, 0.0.20a styled Gold & Iron, colourful extra wools and more with guest appearances of faithfulized textures of Classicalsharp and Classic+! New hud options with added shading for the purple hud design and the Reindev Hud design. Presets for Terrain.png, it can be used as a template for additional changes you want to do for your personal experince. The alternate textures gallery isn't completed yet as of late, I am planning onto adding more to it with exclusive faithfulized mod textures (gained with premission ofc), and with my own original textures in addition too, It would take a while ofcourse, I won't promise on the date the next update for the alternate textures would come though as this was made in my spare time with my busy life. No idea on how to leave this on a fitting note, so I would definitely ask you all if you want, to suggest or even contribute textures to this silly dinky little project. If anyone's worried about the mod textures being here, I've asked and gained premission from the creators to use their textures and upscale them for this silly passion project. - Z
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    Royalty³ A Unofficial Faithful 32x port for Classicube by zoeybarz. Royalty³ is a Unofficial fan-made port of the iconic Minecraft Faithful 32x texture pack built for Classicube, it enhances Classicube's default texture pack to be upscaled to 32 pixels in scale and accurate and unique to CC's default textures that features the Minecraft classic textures with exclusive block textures. About: (1.0 version screenshots, one or few textures may not represent the current product). This texture pack features the new and tweaked Vattic Programmer Art textures from the Classic Faithful team that improves and cleans up the old iconic F32X textures up to modern standards, any modification on this texture pack yet to release does not have to gain permission when the person follows the guidelines of use of their textures and more, check credits and the FAQ for more details. FAQ: Are you the creator of Classicful-32x and why are you updating the texture pack here? (And why did you change the name??) Yes, I am the creator of Classicful-32x, the reason why I want to update the texture pack as it's rather aged poorly with old and rough textures that aren't up to my standards, as there's better and improved textures that are now used in this texture pack, and also the original thread is now locked so that's rather sad if you ask me. Also I find the name "Classicful" rather cheesy. Am I allowed to use this for my realms/maps or modified in a small or large degree? Yes you are definitely allowed to use this in anyway you'd like with these textures as fully long as you follow the licence linked here from the Classic Faithful website, no monetization, give clear credits and linking back to the Classic Faithful website. Will there be a "Server friendly pack" version for this texture pack as you did for Classicful-32x? No, and there will be no planned version of it being made in the future as that was a way to try to stand-out of the texture pack sphere by then during Classicful's infancy, you can still use the Classicful Server pack or edit the texture pack here and add your own preferred stuff to it for servers or your maps, as long as you read the FAQ entry above and the licence to use the textures used in this texture pack here from the Classic Faithful team. Credits: Major textures in this texture pack are created thanks largely to by both Vattic and The Classic Faithful team and it's contributors. Borrowed assets: Grass top and Gravel textures made by Discord user Lassebq#0558 Ice texture from HDredux made by Goodly Bricks, Rope, Sapling?, 2/3 of the Gold & Iron side textures, Crate and Magma made by Me. This Classicube texture pack is not official and not affiliated with Vattic and CF, this is meerely a passionate side fan-project, if you want to look back on Classicful-32x, click here: https://tinyurl.com/mrxrtmzy
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    On most servers people do not like people that do not like gay people. Just because i say that gay people are just a little bit weird in my opinion. But if you dislike a certain religion no one flips of at you. And starts cursing 24/7 everytime you see them. I am not completly againts gay people im not the type of person that be's a jerk mentalcase to gay people. Gay people probably think the same thing about some straight people. I mean if i said a certain religion is weird most people probably would say anything. Just wondering why it differs from religion to gay drasticly. This is just a question.
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    yeah im not gonna state the name of my server because i dont wanna get banned by some classicube overlord.
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    You could try making or looking for some plugins. Here are some links to plugins: https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins | https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels | https://github.com/NotAwesome2/Plugins | https://github.com/ddinan/classicube-stuff/tree/master | To get them in, you will need to use '/pcompile (file name without the .cs)' then '/pload (file name without the .dll)'
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    I don't think so because big worlds cant really be stored on the 3ds's ram so to get it onto a device on a even with even SMALLER ram would cause some trouble.
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    Update POCKET SAND! Yeah thats right the definitive and hopefully final version for this texture pack now, just; Tweaked the sand block so it matches with the Faithful Programmer Art clay texture that mimics the recolour of the pre-b1.9 sand texture, mouthful huh? here it is for a quick comparison, I got coincidentally accused of just tiling the block by two entirely seperate different people, is that crazy? I spent two whole days making this single texture, I hate people so much. Yeah I know this is unecessary to mention about one single texture being changed since I promised that It would be the last update for a while methinks, I'm wanting to just carve out afew improvements and fixes to this pack as I can, and I can agree it's annoying and sad, I shall get going though as there's not much to say really. - Z
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    Update 1.1.2 Just a tiny pack update; Overhauled the Rope texture a little so it's less droopy looking. Fixed an oversight with the Pink wool. Another small update huh? Yeah it's not rather a suprise, but what makes this suprise... ... suprising? is that it was originally part of a big-ish side-project for this texture pack, I don't know If it would be released-ish at somepoint as I've been busy with a thing called "real life". However if you want to know something of it then I'll give you this for now.😉 - Z
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    I no longer wish to maintain or develop NAS so I privated it to avoid more people using it.
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    Electricity, it would cause worldwide havoc since its something we need to survive nowadays.
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    Cars. Public transportation and pedestrian transportation is definitely the future.
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    I'm not entirely sure, but I think Classicube might only be compatible with certain operating systems. I'm not sure if it would work on Windows CE, but it's worth looking into. Also, if you're using Windows CE and you're looking to upgrade your operating system, you might want to check out cheap windows 10 key available online. There are a lot of sellers out there offering legitimate keys at discounted prices. Thanks for reaching out to the community for help with your question. I hope you're able to find the answers you're looking for, and maybe even upgrade your operating system.
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    I was playing ClassiCube on Singleplayer, and started building a cobblestone hut on fire. Once I finished building, I saw a mysterious figure that looked like the ever-so-famous Minecraft legend Herobrine, but with a silly face. Luckily enough, I was able to take a screenshot. Look at the figure on the right! I think it's called Berohrine. When I started going for it, the figure disappeared, then I started placing saplings, and then stumbled upon a crown-like shape made from sponges. Suddenly, a purple liquid spurted out of the disk drive of my computer, and then I thought "Since when did my computer have the ability to eject liquids like that?" But then, I continued playing. I went to a rose patch, but when I took a closer look, there was another "Berohrine" entity coming for me, so I decided to fly away from it. And so then, I generated a new world, with the Large option. About that other "Berohrine" entity, it looked like it had been foaming out purple liquid, as if it had lean-rabies, and it had a purple cut on it's torso. The eyes also seemed bigger, and a wider grin for the smile.
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    How to get cancelled 101, ask for survival mode and put some cringe emojis at the end
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    Because I was bored and I didn't realize that.
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    Use something like Paint.net or GIMP. If you already have a tool to manipulate images then you use that instead
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    zamn i never would've guessed
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    oh my goddddd bro FINALLY someone agrees with me ive been trying to convince people he's real for YEARS bro like can you believe nobody believed me when i said i was playing ClassicalSharp and all of a sudden Breohrine came out of my computer and bent me over and did me doggy style in front of my 3 moms like i cant see why people cant realize the truth when they see it but HES REAL and we finally have proof omg this is absolutely MASSIVE NEWS ‼️‼️‼️
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    I have a prebuilt laptop. https://www.newegg.com/dell-latitude-7490-mainstream/p/N82E16834849655 I got it for 200 Canadian dollars at a garage sale. DELL Laptop Latitude 7490 (JHDTM) Intel Core i5 8th Gen 8250U (1.60 GHz) 8 GB Memory 256 GB SSD Intel UHD Graphics 620 14.0" Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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    Prove AndrewPH is real by hiring private investigators
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