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    Personally, what i don't understand here is why you're making a server when it doesn't offer anything new besides what could be interpreted as a "brand", what, with the "Hy" in the server name. This really just feels like another one of those bog-standard chromie hosted servers where people will make a main, a freebuild map, and let it rot on somebody's hard drive. If you aren't going to offer anything new beyond """"minigames"""" then don't make a server at all.
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    Since people continue replying on this thread and not providing very good advice, I'll provide mine. If an adult or user in any ClassiCube server is speaking inappropriately to you as a minor (under 18 years of age), requesting pictures or videos, or any personal information that could reveal your identity - even if they're pushing you hard for it - don't give out your information and speak to a trusted adult. These trusted adults include your server owners (if you're using a hosting service, this would be your server host) and the ClassiCube administration team (123, Andrew, Goodly). These people are here to keep you safe, so please know your outlets.
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    if I saw this in person I would fall to my knees and start crying
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    Or just… don’t make a server, there’s already many servers that sit empty. Unless he plans on making his server unique in some way then go ahead, but his server will most likely be one of those “freebuild servers with mini games” and have a flat world as the main level. It’s easier to just play on a server and make a map to play with your friends then to just create a whole new server which no one would notice. Also servers tend to have more custom blocks than default MCGalaxy. So that’s more reason to just stay on a server and create a realm and share with your friends. But if you plan on even *trying* to make your server unique then go ahead, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. But other than that I wouldn’t recommend. Thanks for reading ^w^
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    I knew na2 would win anyway. NA2 had the most votes. It means that it is the best server!
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    Aggressive Evolution - Loathe Going down - XXXTENTACION Entombed - Deaftones Circle with Me - Spiritbox Toxicity - System of A Down
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    i know that in Na2 you can make mountains and terrain with a combination of certain commands, but you cant use those same commands in OmegaBuild2. so maybe there's something to download or enable? im not entirely sure how those things work, but maaaybe this helped?
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    Here's my list (From Last.FM) I don't particularly listen to these songs everytime. I was just listening to the random releases at the moment. 1. Rezz - Sacrificial (feat. PVRIS) 2. Rezz - Let Me In (feat. fknsyd) 3. Radiohead - The Gloaming 4. Radiohead- We Suck Young Blood 5. Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin Rezz's songs are from her last album "Spiral" released in 2021.11.19 Radiohead's songs are from their album "Hail to The Thief released in 2003.06.09
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    Welcome to classicube! I’m assuming you’re in single player since you mentioned flooding. Sponges clear an area of water when you place them which should be the fastest way to remove water. There is also a hax setting called “breakable liquids” (esc menu) that allows you to break water directly by making water target-able. Finally, there is also an option in i believe misc settings menu that allows you to turn off water flooding entirely by stopping block physics.
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    yes your 9999 day tempbans are true examples of good moderation
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    For my sister to come back... 😐
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    in my opinion you should pay attention in class instead of play classicube
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    Use the command "/nick kajeetplayz (whatever you want your nickname to be)".
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    Hello! so i am wanting to make a survival mod for classicube and i was wondering if plugins work as mods. Thank you! Best Regards, ItzSgtTanker
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    I dont know how to add mods and really want to
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    Last Ramparts by Jyc Row Remains by Aviators Feed the Machine by Poor Man's Poison The Ascent by Caligula's Horse Dead Silence by Billy Talent
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    HOW TO COOK EGGS 1. Buy Eggs 2. idk how to cook eggs, learn it your self.
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    Hey everyone, today I am going to be showing you'all my new texture pack! Not looking good, but this took me alot that I expected.
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    Multicraft Survival is now public come join and have fun http://www.classicube.net/server/play/98674f765165069a60fe972ea581cf12/
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    AUTOREPLY: We have detected the transmission of unsolicited pornographic images of a potentially illegal natural [code:36489-a] and your device's IP address has been forwarded to the police department pending an investigation. If you think this is a mistake, reply STOP
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    caving in my skull with a facepalm
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    thank you for sharing
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    i have a 4th resolution just for you 😊 4. learn to spell
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    If you gonna be like this, just stop replying to my post's then.
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    Personally you aren’t giving yourself a good reputation as a server owner, you come off as childish and no one would want to play on your server unless they wanted to take advantage of your child like tendencies to trick you into giving them a rank, I would suggest seeming more grown up and a polish to your “moderation” team before you even think of starting a server, Good luck and have a happy New Year ☺️
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    Bet, it'll probably end in a week. Or it'll have great moderation teams with tempbans of 3^3 years.
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    So, did you put 'hy' in your server's name to cash off of gullible kids who think it's related to hypixel?
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    how about you kick whatever_ out of your staff team? they tried to fucking dox me.
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    Lol, Tetisplayer2, Are you really quitting cc because lashednova lied to you that he was going to sleep?
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    Bro chill out, I'm just telling y'all that i opened a new server.
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    Hot Freaks - Puppy Princess Vulfpeck - Animal Spirits Arlie - blackboard.edu Courtship. - Sunroof Summer Salt - Revvin' My Cj7
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    place lots of sponge blocks in the water a few blocks away from each other
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    songs i have and actually feel like mentioning: Your're somebody else by Flora Cash. Suffocate by Hayd. Feelings are fatal by mxmtoon. Runaway by Vorsa. (going to totally ignore that you made this post at 2am and that im replying at 4am)
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    I heard you can also download free FPS, it works on the same concept as downloading GPUs or extra storage.
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    The fight of the century Zs guys wanted this so badly so were doing the fight Will happen at 3:00pm est On my server M_Beat Vs Tetrisplayer2 Your friendly Noob -Tetrisplayer2
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    Classicube needs to bring back omnibans
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    ClassiCube need to add a report option to that
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    I believe you may be using an older version of the plugin. I released a fix for version about 8 months ago. Please try grabbing the latest version from here and try compiling with that.
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    You can have my mom Tet, she said she would trade me for anything so ima give you her for free :D👍
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    For me it is a incredibly awesome addicting game that i constantly go back to.
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    personally i think classicube is doing fine when school season comes again theyll all come running back, what id rather have is a stable community that doesnt depend on accounts being made only to be forgotten after a week
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    i live under a rock. i dont understand the definition of "meme". does that count?
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