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    personally i think classicube is doing fine when school season comes again theyll all come running back, what id rather have is a stable community that doesnt depend on accounts being made only to be forgotten after a week
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    Classicube will experience regular dips and hills in traffic due to the demographic that plays it (primarily schoolkids who play during the school year) and paid advertising won't reach those people during their off-season. I make enough money off classicube to keep it running- not really enough to put any non-negligible effort into advertisements and the like. If you want classicube to grow, you need to tell your friends, and tell them to tell people. Paid advertisements can only do so much on their own. Edit: as an addendum, just so you're aware, around 0% of the direct revenue comes from chromebook players. they usually don't have an income and thus can't contribute to the patreon, and don't have a steam account and thus can't purchase the game on steam. they may lead indirect revenue by virtue of increasing the playerbase and visibility, but directly they barely, if at all, contribute.
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    Chromies = spam. Would not recommend.
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    ClassiCube existed long before classic.minecraft.net. The name is a combination of "Classic" and "Cube", as it is a recreation and continuation of Minecraft Classic from 2009/2010. It was chosen primarily because of the classy cube mockup (the current logo, the cube with a top hat on one side) that Allie made that I thought was hilarious in combination with the name. I'm surprised more people haven't noticed the connection.
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    If a server is highlighted, it means that the ClassiCube administration considers it more unique than the rest of the servers, either because of a certain gamemode it offers or something else that's noteworthy enough to make it different to other servers
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    Changelog Howdy folk, Just bumping this thread as well as giving some updates regarding the service. Added The Golden Apple Added the Official MCCH server. Added two java edition servers (paid). Check the original post for updates. Will try to keep on top of this post if you have any more questions. Thanks, Toby and Panda
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    This "feature" is long gone since ClassicalSharp and hasn't even been implemented in ClassiCube, and likely won't ever be
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    Bad tutorial. if you use /os map motd +thirdperson, that enables all hax again…. you need to combine flags, like /os map motd -hax +thirdperson to see all the possible flags, type /help map motd
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    Hello all! I've added ClassiCube to the Steam Summer Sale (say that 5 times fast) so you can get it for CHEAP. Current price as of posting is 80% off! Steam version is an optional way to help support the game's financial needs, and is not required to play the game.
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    This thread is very quickly turning into a witch hunt solely for the purpose of arguing. I don't see any harm in possibly putting together a gofundme page or patreon specifically dedicated to advertisements (I know some exist for CC already - I'm referring to a separate account solely for adverts)... but like others have said - I don't know how necessary that is for a game that's survived far worse drops in playerbase. If we could keep the threads on topic a bit better, we will all save ourselves some unnecessary headaches.
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    i sure am proud of making a grown adult feel threatened! too bad i only stated my opinion like how you stated your own opinion
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    Are you volunteering your own money to advertise with?
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    i thought teeth were bones how do they itch
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    perhaps you shouldn't be running a server
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    If you turn off Block Physics in Esc -> Options -> Misc Options, you shouldn't experience crashing with large maps anymore (workaround until https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/issues/812 is eventually fixed)
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    Funny hearing that from the one who went on other servers to call me a fat whore behind my back because I took administrative action against you. How amusing that people simply disagreeing with your idea makes you scream victim.
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    are you on a school device? if so i think since there wired a different way for school use, it might be affecting something. i might be wrong tho xd
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    Inside the .zip you can find on the link from the original post
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    Hey classicube community, i'm planning on programing a plugin, but it's hard making anything work with javascript. I would like to know, what language would you recommend me using to create a plugin. also, im putting this in the Classicube general section, because this is a question that's came up very frequently, and i just want to make this post really for anybody who wants to make a plugin of their own, but don't know where to start. so please classicube forum moderators, if you would much rather this be in the "i need help" section, i can re-post it there, but please, don't ban me! i love trying to answer questions and help people in the forum.
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    Are you seeing any error messages about failing to load options.txt when starting the game? Which players having issues with loading options.txt? Venk's issue with options.txt being reset was due to using the client in a way that almost no one would ever normally do.
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    indeed, my good sir
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    Hei please open the server or if you already open the server please tell me the name is forgot it
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    It's actually less than a dollar, might as well be some type of donation for supporting the game. Pretty neat!
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    Pretty much the same for me, even though they looked cursed, their actually pretty good to look at.
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    All the wombo.ai memes are cursed and amazing at the same time.
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    you guys know who invented the word "invent"
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    here is a preview https://rb.gy/enaq3a releasing in the us on june 18th australia june 27th everywhere else august 12th available on crunchyroll and netflix not available on crunchyroll in the EU due to the gdpr
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    very nice of you, non-existant person!
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    Thanks! This was very helpful!!
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    who voted box?!?!?!!? i think this is a galaxy brain post!!!! made by the lord chromie himself!!!!!!!!!!! /j
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    lmao more like netscape
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    i'll tell you what you can do stop pretending to be a youtube user to gain attention, nobody falls for that shit
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    they shouldn't be using a school machine to play video games tbh
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    the instant i saw this, i thought "lol. goodly." dont ask me why, but i just thought that the deer looked like goodly. please dont hate me
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    @DeetPlayer try doing "/physics 0" so the water doesnt flood again
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    i haven't turned on the server a long ago
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    Hey guys, I forked ClassicalSharp and added survival mode. Thus ClassiCraft has been born. So far survival is only available on PC, but I'm hoping to get it working on Android and Web as well. I'm not going to spam my site or servers, so if you're really interested in it, contact me. (Screenshot attached)
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    It says me the server is down
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    im sorry that i had to quit so early it was an accident it was the wrong thing to do.
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    Someone give this guy a medal, he deserves it.
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    these are weird looking cats LOL
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    Girlfriend mod, i love the part where she took the kids and you're left alone to question your existence
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