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    I don't feel like playing Classicube anymore, i don't feel welcome here. Good bye.
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    Hello! This is a list on name-related commands in servers running MCGalaxy. They allow you to manipulate your name in cool ways. Notes before I go into the list: - Arguments are surrounded in [brackets]. You don't need to place the actual brackets when you do a command. - The commands I showcase are mostly MCGalaxy commands, although they might exist in other servers using different software than the aforementioned. - I use "argument" and "parameter" interchangably here. Don't get tripped up by this -- they mean pretty much the same thing. - Most of these commands by default are only usable by players who have the Operator and above ranks, though most servers have them set lower (usually member). /Colors The /Colors command outputs a list of colors that you can use to color your name. Here is what it outputs on a default MCGalaxy server: /Color The /Color command allows you to change the color of your whole name. The arguments for this command are [player] and (in that order), but you can use /XColor to apply it to yourself automatically. You can also do just /XColor or /Color -own (the -own parameter is what places your own name without the need of typing it yourself) to remove your color. That resets your color to your rank's color. Here is an example of what it does: /Title The /Title command places a "title" before your name every time you chat. A title is a string of text surrounded by brackets, and it usually goes before your name. Like with /Color, the arguments are [player] and [title] (again, in that order), but you can do just /XTitle [title] to apply it to yourself. Here is an example of what it does: /TColor The /TColor command is similar to the /Color command, except we can apply it to the inside of our title instead. It's a bit redundant to explain what the /Color command does again, because /TColor has the same parameters as /Color does. Here is an example of what it does: /Nick The /Nick command allows you to give yourself an alias of sorts. The arguments for this command are [player] and [nick], and you can add multiple colors to your nickname. This comes with a caveat, though -- only Admins can change player's nicknames. This permission is to mostly prevent impersonation, as some players are gullible and might mistake them for "the real deal". As with every other command, this one has a /X- variant too: /XNick [nick] Here's an example of what it does: /ShortName (plugin) The /ShortName plugin command allows you to make your nickname shorter. The arguments for this command is just [new name]. This also lets you add multiple colors to your name, just like with /Nick. Here is an example of what the command looks like when you're typing a chat message: Thank you for reading through this forum post! I hope you learned a thing or two out of this post! 😄
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    Good bye sweet prints you will be forever miss
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    See you next week (not a bad-humored joke, no one managed to truly leave ClassiCube so far)
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    Hi Classicube Staff, I am banned From Classicube like 2 Years ago (aymanbouraaman), My English was so bad in this times, Because nobody speak English in morocco and Yes i am from Morocco, i want to ask For stop Ban me from Classicube , because terms of use said that: The account registrant, owner of the account, or entity that will be using the account must not be under the minimum age requirement of 13 years. And I am 13 Years old and i can prove it by my birthday date in my old forum account aymanbouraaman (2010/10/6) , So the means I have 13 Years old! so please stop ban? ok! Thanks!
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    world files (including set 3 of backups) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vKfAf21GtdzefV26x917RLxAJ5mC9wlo/view?usp=sharing i'll try to get set 1 of the backups on here soon getting set 2 is pretty much impossible
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    Not Awesome 2 is holding a 32x32 Secret Santa build exchange! How it works To spread Christmas and holiday cheer, we will be building gifts for each other! The twist is that we do not know who we are building for until the event ends on the 24th* of December. You will be given your gift-partner's interests as a theme for the gift you're building. A special reward Entrants who finish building their gifts will be rewarded with a unique snowflake `/flair` and a unique snowflake `/aura`! Please note that building a very low-effort gift may exclude you from this reward. How to enter and more You have until the 8th* of December to enter. After this, entries will be closed. We've put Percy the Elf in charge of handling entry. You can find Percy next to the spawn in `mainclaus`, which is the current hub world. To enter, talk to Percy. Percy knows what date it is, so you can return to him to check up on the status of the event. *all dates are based on California time (PST).
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    Maybe that is for a good reason.
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    never forgetti u
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    August-October-November has always had the lowest number of players. This happens every year, most likely because of school starting, and then goes back up the rest of the year. ClassiCube is still going strong and is the most popular it has ever been since it started in 2013. We still hit on average, even now in the low part of the year, 30~ players a day across all servers at peak.
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    I wanted create a blocks for my server, to make it better. Because default blocks are boring so i want add more blocks.
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    IM CURRENTLY TYPING THIS IN THIS FOURM AND YOU CAN TOO ALSO YOU CAN PLAY MINECRAFT IN WINDOWS XP!!! also im not energetic im just telling you plz dont bully me D:
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    The asset servers require TLS 1.2, try enabling TLS 1.2 in Internet Options somewhere in control panel. I'm not really able to guide you how to do so since I haven't used Windows 7 in ages.
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    I have realized it is possible to make litetally any thing into a plugin, so if someone knows how to code in C, let me know because i want portal. (the game) (in cc)
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    you still have the code or something?
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    I tried recreating the portal mechanics once with an MCGalaxy plugin but gave up pretty early on; I'm sure it's possible with enough effort, but I doubt anyone is willing to do it
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    ClassiCube does not support custom sounds and you cannot trigger existing sounds (like dig or step sounds) with a server.
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    It actually is a ClassiCube server. It just seems to be rarely up.
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    Hey all, Harmonix just rereleased Rock Band 3 and for some reason they added a ClassiCube mode? Does anyone else have beta access yet? So far, i've been the only one who's seen this beta for myself, and i got beta access from a friend. Currently the beta has a bit of CPE support, speed and fly hacks. Has anyone been given out ClassiCube beta access, or was it just me and my friend? They also set up a rock band login button for this ClassiCube mode but i haven't gotten it to work on other servers. Thanks, forumers! Here's a screenshot of the beta:
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    If you're interested, you can find a series of MCGalaxy plugins by clicking the following links: UnknownShadow200's Plugins: https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins Venk's Plugins: https://github.com/ddinan/classicube-stuff/tree/master/MCGalaxy/Plugins Goodly's Plugins: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/Plugins My Plugins (although not many): https://github.com/brycemthompson/McClassic-ClassiCube-Plugins-Cmds/tree/main/MCGalaxy/Plugins
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    Rest assured, the APK from the official ClassiCube website (https://www.classicube.net/) doesn’t contain any viruses
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    ok good bye sebi crafter see you next saturday
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    I closed ClassiCube And then launched it again but there were no Textures, only White textures Is there a fix for this problem i'm having?
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    I love the word 'Yes' when my parents say 'yes' its the best.
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    Every month is straight people month. You're not being attacked. You have all the rights that everybody else has. You have nothing to parade for. That's why there isn't a straight month. but you're free to start one. If you don't like pride parades etc., just don't attend. The fact that there are still people thinking like you, shows that there's still a need for pride month. I'm neither gay or religious and I'm not going to any church. What makes you think the theology in your church doesn't suck? With all the religions that exist, it's quite arrogant and illogical to think that exactly your religion and your way of following it, is the one and only correct one.
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    i have an obsession with queen at the moment but i keep listening to duster recently, specifaclly "chocolate and mint" heres a link to em on spotify
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    Maybe just code your own games.
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    I'll try it out, thanks for the recommendation
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    I'd recommend Cave Story, it's a free side-scrolling shooter game released for free to widespread critical acclaim.
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    https://s.deewend.ru/gkgame https://deewend.gamejolt.io/2048 https://chess.mclord.ru/ telnet games.mclord.ru 2425 https://github.com/minecraft8997/DeewendGame
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    I understand that i got banned for breaking classicube rules, aka "not supporting LGBTQIA+", but is there a unban appeal, if not please make one, please classicube staff ya'll are great and i like everyone of you and ya'll are doing great job! i just want a second chance, my account "MrPropper" got banned and i cant log in anymore, its not like i hate "LGBTQIA+" for no reason, well im muslim and if i support "LGBTQIA+" it will be a sin, i just want to have fun in my friend server without "trans, gay, bisexaul etc..." people bothering us and building thier flags everywhere, i understand that they are people and should be treated like normal people, but i cant with my religion, im sadly very religious and i cant get over it, i just want to have a second chance because everyone deserve a second chance, i will treat them as normal people this time, please just do not ban this account and actually respond to me.
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    I made a MCGalaxy Plugin that adds better guns and more! +6 New guns+3 New Teams+Team Respawning+Health And more! To play load the plugin and and +gunsplus in the level MOTD For help about plugin do /help gunplus Download: https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.0
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    Convoluted idea, but it may be a possible way to trigger step sounds: Have the player be stationary on top of a block with no sound, then replace that block with one that has whatever sound you want. If just replacing the block doesn't trigger the sound, then apply some small vertical acceleration so the player "lands" on it and hears the sound.
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    My original thread: So it seems like, after some months after, the mode got removed altogether. It seems like Harmonix was close to finishing the ClassiCube mode beta, but they shut it down right before. All I get is an error with "Couldn't connect to servers" and that's it. No error code or anything. The dudes over at MiloHax have now based RB3 Deluxe off the version with the ClassiCube mode, but it seems like they've taken out the mode altogether. I have tried contacting jnack and the MiloHax/RB3DX team about their removal of this mode, but all I got was a "I'm pretty sure this mode doesn't exist. Are you crazy or what?" response. I'm honestly stumped. Why would they remove such a mode from the game, when I know damn well they had intentions for adding in this mode in the first place. Now, I'm questioning if they even added in this mode in the first place. Did Harmonix have anything to do with it? Somebody at Harmonix adding in this mode without the knowledge of the other members (at first)? I don't know. It just seems weird and confusing.
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    except green, it's not creative enough
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    There's this cool block game called "ClassiCube". Not sure how good it is. I hear it has a good community and a very prolific developer. You should consider checking them out on your favorite video game console.
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