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    1. Surround the door with a substitute block such as glass. 2. /replace glass air_switch Now if you touch the air_switch blocks, it will trigger adjacent doors automatically.
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    Why is everyone talking about this South Korean show? Is it some sort of crazy game where BTS stans participate in dangerous activities to see the BTS members? Idk, I don't waste my money on Netflix.
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    Yooo, Splatoon in ClassiCube?
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    yeah, but im probably the Nicest of the chromies on classicube! If you agree that im a nice guy, then react with agree also, if you think im a jerk, its cause the only experience youve had with me, is you made me really mad, and then i lost it. (dont get me mad)
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    i have a feeling that you wrote that on a school chromebook
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    So this is something I've seen some people get banned for doing, and that is posting one word replies when fixing a spelling error in a previous post of theirs. and a way to avoid that is just by editing your post's. at the top right of your post there is 4 little buttons labeled: +, Reply, Edit, and Report. click on the edit button, edit the mistake or whatever it is, and voila no more banns for one word posts. also added a picture showing what it looks like.
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    Looks like you've got a perfectly functioning account right here already if you're able to post in the forums.
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    mfw man spams chat begging for a rank, gets muted, and complains on classicube fourms because the staff does the right thing... Oh yea, and he used an alt to evade his mute...
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    So once again it has been a heckin long while since I popped out another map and then proceed to post about it lol. But anyways I am very happy to announce that I have recently released a new map on NA2 no details on it but I will tell you this, run and hope for the best. Anyways the reward is 50 coins + a bonus 20 if you could find the Easter egg hidden inside the map. Hope you enjoy it and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your spooky month. 🧡
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    Honestly I'm tired of everyone talking about this, its stupid, its just another brick in the wall of battle royale shows and games, except they made it a death game. Tet, if you want to make something successful, stop using the handbook and make something outside the box.
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    Can you try to fix your spelling errors before you post, it makes you sound very child like, also isnt the squid game based off of some bad stuff 😕
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    But can anyone ban everyone is the important question.
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    please dont make another server, unless your server offers somthing unique. if its just a freebuild server, then please dont make it. theyres too many of them allready. otherwise, good luck!
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    If they are on a school network, the school could have very simply just blocked a range of ports on outgoing traffic. Websites use ports 80, 443, and sometimes 8080, 8443. When on a school network, you generally shouldn't need anything other than those ports.
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    What do you guys mean! Epic Legends Survival!
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    >:(((((( sqid gam is not a batle royel and has godly plot. theeres lore too btw :(((((
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    Hello there! Classicube client doesn't have any survival mode The only possible thing is to join a multiplayer server on survival mode or be on singleplayer Here's a screenshot of multiplayer survival mode The only impossible thing is to get survival mode on classicube and/or join classicube servers on survival mode
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    you mean from 2008 to 2012? that is half of these kids here 💀
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    They were wrong. Some versions of ClassicalSharp, an obsolete client, had a half-broken implementation of Survival Test that was never supposed to be used. However, the ClassiCube client does not have such thing. If you want to play Survival Test, use the old Minecraft client for it.
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    ClassiCube does not have "survival test" mode. A good solution to get the actual minecraft survival experience is to play minecraft and not a game that specifically replicates a version of classic that doesn't have survival features.
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    Хорошо, пойду проверять. Заранее Спасибо!
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    good to know, and if your going to host a server you may want to work on your spelling ❤️
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    Hey guys! 🙂 I'm proud to announce that I'm currently in rehab for trolling too much.. and I'm pregnant w/ a baby girl! Might b my last post I'm sorry to the people I have offended here! Sayonara chingus! (Been learning Korean for a while. That's "Goodbye friends" in Korean" :))
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    You're probably too young to have 9/11 flashbacks.
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    No. /123ping, /8ball, /Abort, /AbortAll, /About, /Acacia, /Accept, /Action, /AdminChat, /Adventure, /AFK, /AFKModel, /AKA, /Alive, /Announce, /apply, /Ascend, /asph, /Assasinate, /Aura, /AutoRank, /AutoRankCheck, /Award, /AwardMod, /Awards, /Away, /b, /Back, /Balance, /Ban, /BanAll, /BanEdit, /BanEx, /BanGrief, /BanHammer, /BanInfo, /BanIP, /Banx, /Barf, /Basscannon, /BDBDB, /Beatdown, /BeatParkour, /BeepSilent, /bestscores, /Bezier, /Bind, /BInfo, /BInfoList, /BlockDB, /BlockProperties, /Blocks, /BlockSet, /BlockSpeed, /blue, /boost, /Bot, /BotAI, /Bots, /BotSet, /BotSummon, /Bounties, /Bounty, /Bring, /BringAll, /Brofist, /Bromode, /Brush, /Brushes, /BUM, /Buy, /Calculate, /Calculator, /Cancel, /CapColor, /cc, /ccapi, /Center, /changelog, /changetitle, /Classicubeapi, /Clear, /ClearDenied, /ClearParmDraw, /click, /Clones, /ClosestPlayer, /CmdBind, /CmdCreate, /cmdlist, /CmdLoad, /CmdReload, /CmdSet, /CmdUnload, /codes, /Color, /Colors, /Commands, /Compare, /Compile, /CompLoad, 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    Mine has a keyboard and a mouse and a screen or something. Also a few other buttons, idk what they do.
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    I Was told it took place in china. And it would make more sense if it was in north korea, cause they're government doesn't care about there citizens, or something idk. That's what i was told.
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    If it keeps on displaying that message, It might mean the following The computer you are on blocked connections to that IP The server is down, maybe updating the server you are reaching for is having technical issues on their end the server shut down - the last one is not likely because it is still on the server list
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    It's a useless command used for trolling, in the text folder you will see "joker.txt" you can put random phrases and things in it and when someone is "jokered" people who are ranked below operator will see the phrases that are put in there instead of what was typed. only staff can see what you actually typed though
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    In order to add ranks to eddynet, you will need to edit the files in home/container/properties/ranks.properties - you can copy one of the existing ranks and edit it to your wanted needs, you will need to change the permission level and add the #_rank.txt (# being number) in home/container/ranks, so that when you create the rank it will be able to log the players whom you rank. in ranks.properties it should tell you how to edit it Good luck on your server!
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    Goodlys Survival Plugin (Not Awesome Survival [NAS]) can be found here, it tells you how to set it up loud and clear https://github.com/NotAwesome2/Nas
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    If by "Mean" you mean cleaning up your grief that you place down then yeah, they're doing their job. How would you like it if you were trying to build something and someone mangles it beyond recognition or draws dangly things on art? I think you would be unamused as well, I would suggest you tell the whole story instead of your biased POV before posting it and trying to put other servers in a bad light ❤️ Good luck on your future endeavors
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    not true, your mistakes: "tou" "taht"
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    Why are you even making a server if you cannot even spell properly do you even know what an "abortion" is or was that another spelling mistake 🤷‍♂️
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    Bruh, so simple /botset (bot name) kill
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    Read UnknownShadow200's GitHub, it tells you how to set a server up https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy It tells you everything on how to set it up and there is a separate page for plugins you can find too
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    Useless update? Change: Refined the Modern/Purple GUI to have it's lines more cleaner and looking nice. Before this change the textures for it looked rough and "play-dough" looking and less faithful with the lines so I did a slight revision, Is this update to the pack, useless and dumb to do? depending on your opinion on the matter if you dislike the old faithful modern/purple gui textures or not. Is it annoying how the bottom of the "selection grid" thing is sliced off? - Z
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    Probably JS and then soon after TS. If you learn ts, you should be aquainntent further with other languages 😄
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