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    It's hard to say what's changed without an exact reference of when you were here before. UnknownShadow200 has done lot of work console ports; you can read about some of the supported systems here. I also recently added fancy lighting mode in the latest development build. Also, the ClassiCube terms of service have been updated in the last year or so. You can view them here https://www.classicube.net/terms/
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    yes there was a new rule: if your name is Tou youre not allowed to play and your account gets banned
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    Hello, I am making a book about Classicube. This book will cover everything making texture packs, servers, and more. I have set up a google classroom were you can see what we have so far, feel free to add a word document about something on classicube. Hope to see your work-Jesuslovesu https://classroom.google.com/c/Njk0OTc5NjE1MjUw?cjc=twtdo5z
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    not sure if this is the right place to send it in but felt like I wanna show some screenshots
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    Using console type /promote [name]
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    (I don't know if I put this in the wrong place, but its not a help question or anything like that so I think this is the right place, correct me if I'm wrong!) There is a server named "iwasntfound server", when I joined I tried to use a /goto command since I couldn't find how to get back to the lobby. One of the "levels match" recommendations that popped up was just a giant world name with tons of bad words (not just swear words, worse than that, wont be repeating). And then they also used impersonate commands to make it look like people were saying some bad things as well. I don't know if this warrants being removed from the server list, but it probably does.
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    respectfully what makes this server different from the 50 other anarchy servers that nobody plays
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    MCGalaxy will periodically check for updates. If it is up-to-date, it's normal to see "No update found". All of this is normal, you have no issues.
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    what do you mean? am i supposed to download an earlier version?
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    Another way to support ClassiCube is to purchase the game via Itch.io.
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    Thanks for your interest in ClassiCube! The Steam version has been permanently de-listed and there is no way for you to acquire it on Steam. If you want to support hosting costs, subscribe to the patreon. Otherwise, you can still play by downloading the game from here.
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    You should be able to run MCGalaxy on Ubuntu within a screen using the following command (if you have mono-complete installed on your machine already): mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe If this is failing to execute the server software, please provide a screenshot of the error message you're seeing.
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    I don’t think you even have to use wine, if your server was written to target .NET core with AOT compilation; that’s what I do at least, and it produces native Linux standalone binaries
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    Classic Protocol (implement this first): https://wiki.vg/Classic_Protocol Extensions that ClassiCube adds (each extension is optional): https://wiki.vg/Classic_Protocol_Extension It's not clear from your message if MCGalaxy is bugged running on mono or you're just ideologically opposed to running it. A ton of the MCGalaxy servers on the list are running on linux of some kind...
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    i think its because you lost connection from the server
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    Im hungry and I want some snack recipes I don't care what just something edible
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    As you know, it's June, and that means its pride month. So if your gay, tran, etc we would like 5lto congratulate and support you.
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    happy pride month everyone
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    Ask how to rank up on the actual server you're talking about then, not here. Also, if it's Not Awesome 2, read the /faq
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    If you just want to bring a player from one map to another map's spawnpoint, you should use a message block with /goto [map] in it. If you need more precise control over the destination in the other map, you should use a portal.
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    I suddenly remembered that I had an account here and was wondering about picking up this game again, I just wanted to ask, what is this game like in 2024, anything different? any new rules or anything?
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    Hello I'm new in classicube, I'm using my phone to type 🙂
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    To show you're dedicating most of your videos to this game, do it. There is no special youtuber or content-creator role.
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    I’ll pay you 25 cents per 2 hour video you make
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    This tutorial shows you how to set up a server running MCGalaxy to allow players to connect from BetaCraft, or other services. NOTE: BETACRAFT SERVER LIST IS CURRENTLY ON FREEZE DUE TO RECENT SCRIPT KIDDIE ATTACKS. Step 1. Open up server.properties inside the properties folder, and under "Other settings" you should find a variable called "HeartbeatURL". Step 2. Change HeartbeatURL to http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp,https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp After doing that, the following area should look like this. Step 3. Save the file, and do /server reload to generate the necessary configuration. Step 4 (MCGalaxy Open up authservices.properties inside the properties folder, and look for a line that says URL = http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp Under it change name-suffix = to name-suffix = + And under URL = https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp change skin-prefix = to skin-prefix = https://minotar.net/skin/ (MCGalaxy along side changing mojang-auth = false to mojang-auth = true The file should now look like this. Doing these changes allows the server to know and properly store player info for each player on each authentication service, and allows ClassiCube players to see Minecraft player skins. Step 5. Save the file and do /server reload, and wait for a while. Step 6. Check both of the server lists if your server is listed. Step 7. Join the server using the same username on both BetaCraft and ClassiCube to see if everything works.
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    did u try to make my brownie recipe.
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    I was just hanging out at my server when herobrine came out of nowhere!!!
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    This is still weak evidence. They only asked for "updates and improvements to enhance the player experience" but didn't clarify more on what exactly they're looking for. I personally think ClassiCube is at a point where it's well polished and it's difficult to "improve" it since servers can already fill in the blank by adding their own blocks, improving on or creating new gamemodes (see New Blood, LaserTaggedCTF, Puissant Royale, and the adventure maps in Not Awesome2). Also keep in mind that it's mostly one person, UnknownShadow, working on the game. I would say that's a lot of effort coming from only him. If this message is supposedly AI-generated, why should we care about what an AI thinks of ClassiCube? It wouldn't be able to speak for what Gogofbi actually wants to see (which is nothing as they've never elaborated more on this).
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    Oh, the last one caught me off guard because I really did laugh when I saw it, no offence again.Just a question per chance, do you think this is a official account? And again I'm not saying this to like make a fool out of you or anything but Classicube has many of options and so many accounts I'm surprised u even thought of making the last point it just honestly made me a bit shocked. And yes there may have been changes every day but it doesn't really filler my point at the end of the day and Ill show am example if I can because I don't know if Classicube will allow the screenshot because some are bigger format than others and etc,But I will try my best thank you for pointing it out but again I'm just very shocked from this comment overall and it made me chuckle a bit so, thank you. I would fine more, but I just woke up and respectfully. Im not trying to do anything right now I hope you understand. When I have the energy I'll try to look for more don't worry. I know its AI gen and etc but the general message is still the same.
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    Could you show some examples? I wasn't able to find much other than people believing they could ask for survival mode. Have a look at commit activities on the GitHub, https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube/commits/master/. There has been at least one change per day for a while.
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    Again thank you, I understand that classicube has a community and it does have a lot of potential but that's all its really gonna be potential. And I'm saying this since u said it "it has potential" "has" its a stand alone and for years people have always said "it has potential" but now multiple even hundreds of forums are getting made asking for an update, seeking out other games/ websites because this game didn't fill anything to them anymore and I'm glad this website/game has a community that is loyal but sooner or later this game is gonna eventually die out of players or even staffs if it doesn't get worked on,but I do get that this game is going to have a community for a long time I know that but like I said this game has potential but there is a high chance its going to keep "having potential" and never work on meeting that potential. But as I have said before thank you but even with multiple possibilities u have to understand its been years of "possibilies" and its never been met up.
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    Classicube is actually a recreation of Minecraft classic itself, not an off brand Minecraft, you can blame older Minecraft for being so devoid of features if you so please, but classicubes goal is to recreate the classic experience for all, in a more optimized fashion with enhancements
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    You edit server.properties in the properties folder. There you can find a server name field. Change it.
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    sudo apt update sudo apt install mono-complete unzip mkdir MCGalaxy cd MCGalaxy wget https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy/releases/download/ unzip mcgalaxy_1.9.4.9.zip screen -S server (optionally) mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe
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    The Steam version of ClassiCube was delisted from the Steam store, although people who have bought it from there still have it on their Steam account. You can still support the ClassiCube project through other means.
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    There is an actor named Bigben and he looks a lot like me, my red self. Even if I forbid it, it always comes back and if there is no owner, it happens again and says "I am from the other universe and I am always in you!" says.
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    2 eggs + water – Michelle uses a bit of water with the eggs to achieve the moist, gooey texture of boxed mix brownies without any commercial emulsifiers. And because this recipe doesn’t contain any baking powder, eggs are essential for helping the brownies puff up in the oven. Powdered sugar – The trick to making homemade brownies that are just like ones from a box! Powdered sugar contains cornstarch, which helps thicken the batter without the chemical additives you’d find in a mix. Unsweetened cocoa powder – Michelle recommends using Hershey’s Special Dark Dutch-processed cocoa powder (I used Whole Foods’ 365 Cocoa Powder). Make sure to sift it if it’s lumpy! Oil – While many recipes for brownies use unsalted butter, Michelle’s calls for canola oil, just like the boxed mix. I use olive oil because it’s what I keep on hand, and I love the rich flavor. Vanilla Extract – 1/2 teaspoon vanilla really amps up the chocolate flavor. First, mix together the dry and wet ingredients in two separate bowls. Combine the sugar, flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and salt in a medium bowl. Then, whisk together the eggs, olive oil, and water in a large one. Next, combine the wet and dry ingredients. Sprinkle the dry mixture over the wet one, and fold until just combined. The batter will be thick! Then, pour the batter into an 8×8 inch baking pan lined with parchment paper. Use a rubber spatula to spread it to all four sides of the pan and to smooth the top. The mixture will be very thick. Finally, bake! Transfer the pan to a 325-degree oven and bake for 40 to 45 minutes, until a toothpick inserted comes out with a few crumbs attached. Allow the brownies to cool completely before slicing and serving. Enjoy! (sorry if this counts as spam)
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    There is something like this on page 192.168.****
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    Hello! This is a list on name-related commands in servers running MCGalaxy. They allow you to manipulate your name in cool ways. Notes before I go into the list: - Arguments are surrounded in [brackets]. You don't need to place the actual brackets when you do a command. - The commands I showcase are mostly MCGalaxy commands, although they might exist in other servers using different software than the aforementioned. - I use "argument" and "parameter" interchangably here. Don't get tripped up by this -- they mean pretty much the same thing. - Most of these commands by default are only usable by players who have the Operator and above ranks, though most servers have them set lower (usually member). /Colors The /Colors command outputs a list of colors that you can use to color your name. Here is what it outputs on a default MCGalaxy server: /Color The /Color command allows you to change the color of your whole name. The arguments for this command are [player] and (in that order), but you can use /XColor to apply it to yourself automatically. You can also do just /XColor or /Color -own (the -own parameter is what places your own name without the need of typing it yourself) to remove your color. That resets your color to your rank's color. Here is an example of what it does: /Title The /Title command places a "title" before your name every time you chat. A title is a string of text surrounded by brackets, and it usually goes before your name. Like with /Color, the arguments are [player] and [title] (again, in that order), but you can do just /XTitle [title] to apply it to yourself. Here is an example of what it does: /TColor The /TColor command is similar to the /Color command, except we can apply it to the inside of our title instead. It's a bit redundant to explain what the /Color command does again, because /TColor has the same parameters as /Color does. Here is an example of what it does: /Nick The /Nick command allows you to give yourself an alias of sorts. The arguments for this command are [player] and [nick], and you can add multiple colors to your nickname. This comes with a caveat, though -- only Admins can change player's nicknames. This permission is to mostly prevent impersonation, as some players are gullible and might mistake them for "the real deal". As with every other command, this one has a /X- variant too: /XNick [nick] Here's an example of what it does: /ShortName (plugin) The /ShortName plugin command allows you to make your nickname shorter. The arguments for this command is just [new name]. This also lets you add multiple colors to your name, just like with /Nick. Here is an example of what the command looks like when you're typing a chat message: Thank you for reading through this forum post! I hope you learned a thing or two out of this post! 😄
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