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    From Infamously used or Recovered skyboxes to Hidden gems, this is a massive archive of free-to-use skyboxes ready to be used for Classicube texture packs and maps! This is a huge massive non-profit archive of around over 360+ Skybox textures that anybody can use, free of charge if they want to in their Classicube maps and texture packs. Download Mirrors Google Drive (folder view, make sure to check the top-right grid icon to have a better view of the files) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K3ErbUnUTmcFlh1_FormX0vYU5IZXzuV?usp=sharing Mega (folder view, make sure to check any top-right large grid icon option to have a better view of the files) https://mega.nz/folder/lvUSxaLA#9KIzwKK2LDNrsIpG9K0DZA Dropbox (zip) https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/0xrjpvwxasn18lm4gd5i4/Classicube-Skyboxes-Archive-Megapack.zip?rlkey=ppm5t4bkbkrslfx7hk21fplbq&dl=1 Mediafire (zip) https://www.mediafire.com/file/izw5y63wcowmfae/Classicube Skyboxes Archive Megapack.zip Mega (zip) https://mega.nz/file/x7MzgDAB#U4KEgPNB29unI7dzWyHuJJywsy1W8e3zf1s4mTUHA9Y Archive.org https://archive.org/details/classicube-skyboxes-archive-megapack Contents of the Archive Tommy100's Classicube Skyboxes Pretty much well known to most individuals, pretty much Contains pretty much the well known skyboxes that you'd know like 'Ocean sky', 'Mountian Sky', 'Jungle', you name it. This folder also contains reconstructions and upscales of many of the skyboxes that take up the website that sadly only existed through low quality and compressed preview images as the links that cointained them expired throughout time that now they're fully recovered into their former glory! 🙂 MrRockman888's Custom-Map-Makers Skyboxes Not very known but is rather obscure Classicube media, the origins of this collection came from a mediafire upload from MrRockman888 posted on the New Blood discord that contained a big archive of old Custom Quake 3 Skyboxes that where instead in 512x parts than being connected into one to make the Classicube Skybox cubemap format and where very experimental Bryce 7-made skyboxes that varied in uniqueness and appearance with how colourful they are in many different themes it contains that makes it Avant Garde that I hopefully recon some or more people might like to try out. Not Awesome 2 Skyboxes With granted premission from Goodlyay, I added the whole majority of skyboxes that are used across the famous Not Awesome 2 server from adventure maps to map build and alternate textures from my knowledge, with handmade pixel art backgrounds of different natural skies and enviroments in altering styles, it's what you would expect pretty much with alternate versions of eachother. Zoeybarz' Game Skybox ports An odd unique choice of mine, originally just a folder that contained the updated and extended version of my old Roblox Skybox port collection, I wanted to make this category more unique than the other three to include the scrapped Blockland Skybox Collection port that I had planned to do but I lost interest into it. Td;lr: This category includes an updated and extended version of my old Roblox Skybox Collection along with the addition of a scrapped and completed collection of Blockland skyboxes, pretty interesting? okay move on. Etcetera This is more or so just a smaller set of skyboxes that are split into two categories, one is "Cached" and the other is "Suggested", these skyboxes are more or so just unique and not part of the other skyboxes above. "Cached" is a bundle of around 13 skyboxes that are from digging around my texturecache folder that for each of the skyboxes I have a fondness of and suprised that they're not famously used at all in other areas of Classicube. "Suggested" is a pack of skyboxes that originally I was questioning the moral of the idea of its existence on if people would find me fishy to have this here as this whole archive's point is, well to archive skyboxes that are used around the classicube skyboxes, although friends on discord that I told them of the production of this archive they wouldn't stop suggesting me to add random but oddly fitting skyboxes for it that instantly put a nail in the coffin when seperately it was found that there's an extension of "Custom-Map-Makers skybox" that I had to just utilize the idea and just jump and dive to see how it would go with something like this in sacrifice to keep the categories clean lol. Now that I think about it my life sounds pretty ridiculous. How to Implement a Skybox into my texture pack? To implement a skybox into your texture pack, drag and drop a skybox you'd like into the texture pack zip, and rename the file so it says "skybox.png", if there is an existing version of it, remove it so you can implement the new one, either that or just use image editing programs to replace them. For a more in depth way of telling it, I recommend reading into this if you might get stuck, despite the latter of the forum post here being outdated due to dropbox's new link format. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/newbloodcommunity/tutorial-how-to-add-a-skybox-to-your-map-t1289.html Acknowledgements and credits Most of the prominent skyboxes seen in this archive of skyboxes are all with a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license so I shall acknowledge here in the credits text domcument and I will credit ones which that have the license or not along with the ones I requested and granted premission to include here and ones from other media put together here into this large archive of skybox textures, fitted in for classicube and for obviously archival purposes altogether. I have no motives to steal or claim ones "as my own" and only specifically wanting to restore or altogether archive classicube skyboxes for public uses on classicube servers. If I missed any skyboxes to credit here, please do let me know through forum DMS. https://pastebin.com/FbjYY3t1
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    im gonna play a game that actaully has class like MineCraft... oh wait, i cant on a chromebook
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    Schools are getting better at blocking game sites so the kids stop wasting taxpayer money playing off-brand minecraft
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    do you ever read a sentence so non sensical that your brain does literally nothing with it
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    I mean well it is true. YOu can play minecraft on a chromebook Can you play Minecraft with a Chromebook? Minecraft is now available on Chromebook, including the new Trails & Tales Update. We are constantly working to bring the best gaming experiences to Chromebooks, whether they're new devices or new games.Jun 7, 2023 I mean its not a full version but its basically minecraft.
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    usually I see toddlers getting called cute but I've never seen it the other way around
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    if my head were shaped like a bowling pin i would probably not be alive right now
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    you dumbed me at least 5 times on an alt. stop flexing, numbnuts.
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    But the message happend to be yours.
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    It's china of course Thanks for watching
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    "usually" so you're implying some of these sightings are not fake?
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    hmm, i wonder how acceptable a 16-color pack would be if manually pixeled... something somewhat important is what shade of brown is to be used? iirc windows used dark yellow which could make creating a good dirt kinda difficult...
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    I feel very stupid right now :[ I've tried to create a model based on my human skin but just with extra additions like ears and nose. And as I can see the model itself loaded perfectly with animations that are already properly set, but the textures... are a mess really. You can see in the spoilers usesHumanSkin = true usesHumanSkin = false Maybee I fucked up somewhere in the BlockBench itself, through other tests this is the best I've got, though. Take a look, anyway
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    Thank you for your lecture on world geography. I must admit, your prowess is truly shocking to me.
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    Hello, 2 months ago my friend @CyraxX and me decided to start making WTC in ClassiCube. Firstly, we started making it in Omniarchive Classic, but there was a reason we had to move to another server. We moved to MCGalaxy with Cheese, by asking their admins inserting the saved world into their server. And we got ability to continue making it. It's been 2 months and we made a lot of stuff in it, we added a little of interior, Surrounding Buildings. We're not done with the project, feel free to ask if you want to help in our project. If you want to see it, Join the server "MCGalaxy with Cheese" and do /g wtc-project, since it's an overseer map. Here are some screenshots of it: https://imgur.com/0TpwIfA https://imgur.com/AsCrTKu https://imgur.com/N2sJXjY https://imgur.com/U99jKHU
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    Most of these things are possible right now! Displaying an image can be done with a bot in many ways, the way I do it is using a skinnedcube model with a custom model scale so it looks like a flat screen (it's tedious work to calculate how much you need to stretch it for your image, but it is possible). You can also make click interactions with bots, so a shop shouldn't be difficult. Now, if you're talking about displaying a png or a custom GUI outside of the game world, then that isn't possible yet, but there's clever ways to mimic similar things - using CPE messages on the corners of the screen and controlling them using server-defined hotkeys. Both of these things you can do with MCGalaxy plugins. A GUI tint (from what I understand) is also possible, but might be hard due to MCGalaxy not directly supporting the ability to send each player a different texture pack, you'd have to write that functionality yourself. Make two custom texture packs with a different tint, and depending on the player's team, send them a packet with the texture pack with their corresponding tint. I hope this is helpful and inspires you to create something amazing, but it would be nice if some of your suggestions had a more streamlined process.
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    its just a simple reshade shader settings I made, I'll be willing to send it here if I'm allowed to
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    It would be nice to add AntiCopy name. Because there's trolls. I'll list things it should be blocked: (1 Don't let player use $[option] On their name. (2 Don't let player copy other player name. (3 Title shouldn't support [>] [<] In their name. (4 Mute a player for saying racial words. Hoping you to block those! And Thanks.
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    This is taking ages ive wanted the rank sigma chromie for a long time. everyone please put dumb or a**hole on this project so i can be sigma chromie. Because we all know its the best rank. .....Lol i bet no one is gonna even comment on this.
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    It infringed on Mojang's copyright and intellectual property? Didn't it?
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    First, get the client.log and send it here.
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    Hello guys, I got an idea a week ago, about making a 16 color texture pack, I was thinking how I could make it, but I realised that GIMP can help with that. I haven't did other textures like animation of fire, this is how it looks. I thinking of making the sky color of the original Aqua color.
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    Too realistic too realistic but cool.
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    or: an answer to why do we need CEF for any custom sounds Something I noticed while binging adventure maps in NA2 is that almost every single map recommends CEF for music...and just music. I wonder whether this can be better served with a protocol extension... I'm sure someone else suggested a similar idea before (probably multiple times, even!), but assuming that this whole idea isn't impossible to begin with, here's my idea. also sorry if this is in the wrong topic and should have been in Techno Babble instead... Suggestion guideline: Register a Sound. Inputs: short identifier identifying this sound. string containing the URL to a sound effect. Generic metadata relating to the sound, potentially including: int containing size of compressed audio in bytes short indicating codec type float containing the length of audio in seconds whatever other info might be useful for the receiver. Client then uses the identifier to register the sound, such that future packets using said identifier will use the sound. If a sound is already registered to said identifier, the newly-registered sound takes priority, implicitly unregistering the existing sound. Cases of invalid URLs, failure to find/download a sound, and such errors should be printed in chat. Any identifier less than 256 is reserved by ClassiCube, and should not be used for any reason except overriding existing sounds. Additionally, the identifier 0 is special and must not be assigned to. Note: Due to limitations of the string type this can only support URLs up to 64 characters long. This could be a problem with deep path hierarchies, especially with a long domain name. This is a problem common to all packets that use URLs, but is probably worse here as you usually want to store the sounds with a descriptive name in a descriptive path. Unregister a sound Inputs: short identifier for the sound to be unregistered. Unregisters the sound. Might be unneeded if a blank URL does this as well, but I would prefer a cleaner solution. Link a sound Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be linked. byte containing the "type" of sound to be linked. Think of this as if the sound is registered as music, footsteps, breaking... byte containing the "subtype" to be linked to. Think of this as in a specific category of blocks to have this sound. Some types might not have a meaningful "subtype" assignment. These should have this value set to 0 by the server, and have the client ignore this value. 2 byte containing minimum and maximum sound intensity 2 byte containing minimum and maximum random pitch, in units of 1/128 speed from 0,5 to 2,5. A server must ensure a maximum random value is equal or greater to the corresponding minimum random value. Mostly present to give the server a way to add sounds without manually sending every single sound that would be played, so even with occasional network lag spikes footstep many normal kinds of sounds are played as normal. Unlink a Sound. Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be unlinked. Set to 0 to indicate all links in the type. byte containing the "type" that this identifier will lose its link to. byte containing the "subtype" to be unlinked. Some types might not have a meaningful "subtype" assignment. These should have this value set to 0 by the server, and have the client ignore this value: this means all sounds from this type are removed. This allows for whole types of sounds to lose their links to existing identifiers, to then have custom sound identifiers linked. Ever wanted your metallic blocks to sound extra metallic? Play a sound Inputs: short containing the sound identifier to be played. byte containing whether this sound is to be considered special -- Play from Everywhere, Count as Music, the like. byte containing sound intensity, or 0 if it is to be random. byte containing sound pitch, or 0 if it to be random. This does mean a speed of exactly 0,5x is unreachable without having the link specify that as the only valid random value. 3 int (or short if ExtEntityPositions is unset) containing the position of where the sound is played from. Ignored by clients if Play from Everywhere is set. If Count as Music is set, the currently playing music is stopped as soon as another sound with that flag is set, and no music will be played until this sound ends. This includes identifier 0, allowing for early stopping of a very long track. Reset Identifiers Resets the identifier table to the initial state at startup (identifiers <256 back to initial values, everything else unregistered), as well as the assigned sounds. Open questions: What to do if a malicious server sends a large amount of huge sound files? What to do if a sound can't be played by the client due to codec concerns? Ideally should allow for a fallback sound to be sent. Might be ignored if only some codecs are allowed by protocol. WAV and Opus ought to be enough for everyone, right? How to handle implementations that might not support assigning up to 64k sounds? Or those with limits to simultaneous playback? How to handle edge cases, such as linking or playing an unassigned identifier PS: anyone know how to make an inline code block?
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    I wouldn't say they're the same, as they're two independent countries with disputed claims over each other. Taiwan formed in 1912 after the Qing dynasty ended and it broke from PR China even further in the 1950s.
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    There it is. Thank you very much in advance! thickarmmem(2).bbmodel
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    I tried what you said and it did not work.
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    I'll try it out, thanks for the recommendation
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    I'd recommend Cave Story, it's a free side-scrolling shooter game released for free to widespread critical acclaim.
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    Howdy MrPropper, Your account has been disabled by the administration team for excessive use of hate speech and doxing players joining your server by publicly releasing their IP addresses. Unfortunately we do not appeal ClassiCube bans at this time so your account(s) will remain disabled in addition to your server being hidden from the public server list. If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me directly on these forums or contact one of the Site Admins on Discord.
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    I wrote a guide for you here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/wiki/Custom-textures Feel free to ask if there's anything that needs clarifying in the guide.
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    NES Style texture pack i made in my free time. NEScraft.zip
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    okay i joined on christmas day 2 years ago
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    No. You need to have a ClassiCube account for 5 years.
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    I speak here today to shed light on a fundamental truth that has shaped the course of history: the inseparable bond between freedom and democracy. For centuries, the majority has suffered under the weight of oppression, deprived of their right to self-governance. However, it is through the tireless efforts of social movements that the world has witnessed transformative change, and it is in this spirit that we find ourselves at a critical juncture. In the 19th and 20th centuries, social movements emerged across the globe, shaking the foundations of societal norms and challenging oppressive systems. These movements fought for the emancipation of individuals, the recognition of human rights, and the establishment of democratic ideals. They sought to dismantle structures that held power in the hands of a few, paving the way for a more equitable and just society. Following their great examples, in 2021, a remarkable shift occurred within our community, as our pro-democracy movements began to take shape. The30s, now New The30s, led the charge for freedom and democracy within the community. They rejected the notion of an authoritative regime where Moderators and Admins held inconsolable power over the community, waging change against AlwaysClassic and their old, damaging ways. Instead, they championed the rights of individuals, striving for inclusivity, transparency, and the empowerment of all Members, Conference, Moderators and Owners. Building upon these movements of the past and present, the Classical Freedom Alliance, or CFA, was established in 2023. Comprising of respected servers such as Cube Igloo Cafe, New The30s, PopBob Anarchy Server, and The Winters, the CFA embodies the spirit of change and progress. Its formation signifies a collective commitment to preserving the legacy of those who fought for freedom and democracy in the past. To the Moderators and Admins of ClassiCube servers today, I implore you to consider the significance of this moment. By entering your server into the CFA, you have the opportunity to transcend the limitations of a dictatorship-like governance structure. Embracing freedom and democracy within your community will not only empower your members but also serve as a beacon against discrimination and oppression that persists elsewhere. For so long, the establishments have continued to try and regain their former grasp over their power, and deny the change that lead to our communities becoming what they are now. Let us remember that freedom and democracy are not mere abstract concepts. They are the lifeblood of progress and the embodiment of human dignity. As we stand united under the banner of the CFA, let us work tirelessly to ensure that these ideals flourish, not only within our online communities, but also throughout the world. The struggles of the past have taught us that freedom and democracy are intertwined, indivisible, and paramount to the progress of humanity. Our community has witnessed the birth of movements for the pursuit of the working people, the formation of the CFA, and now stands at a crucial crossroads. Together, let us forge a future where freedom and democracy prevail, where discrimination is confronted, and where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Thank you for your attention, and may the torch of freedom and democracy continue to illuminate our path forward. Power to the people!
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    yeah the moderators are to dictator like too many meaningless rules like oh not you cant say one word its not allowed.
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    Agreed. The only thing we need out of ClassiCube are the extra blocks, multiplayer etc. We don't need even more major updates.
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    so i was playing on Free Op Anarchy Server and some how whw blacklisted me from my own realm and remove every 1s op and then he tped us to WHW(SOMETHING)+ AND SUMMONED SNAKES SOME HOW
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    Not Awesome 2 [Realms and More]'s gun game
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    Because calling gay people weird and having something against them is bigoted and has no justification, whereas religious belief systems have many problems. Also because religious people as a group don't face a comparable amount of bigotry and oppression as gay people do. A lot of gay and queer people come to these online spaces such as ClassiCube as a refuge from their irl circumstances where they are shunned for who they are, so it's not surprising that you will face major backlash for being homophobic.
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    Br dat man look like my cousin,
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