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  1. In the latest dev version noclip doesn't work, I checked if it was because the key I was using for it was jammed but it wasn't, I changed the key for noclip but it still didn't do anything. I went to an older version of classicube and THEN it worked, I also checked the web client and that was the same as the latest dev version : | ...please fix...
  2. Oh, that's unfortunate. Thx for letting me know though.
  3. I know I've already posted this but my original post was in the wrong section because I was trying to get a texturepack working on a server... ANYWAY, Classicube has lighting options like "Classic", "Fancy" and "Smooth lighting", but it doesn't have an option for "Realistic lighting". Realistic lighting would basically make it so instead of having a solid color for shadows, it would have a gradient. Without Realistic lighting: With Realistic lighting: What the Graphics Options would look like with it: Lighting options is replaced with Fancy lights. The options for Block shadow (use lowercase s for shadow, I made a mistake) is Solid and Gradient, Gradient is the "Realistic lighting".
  4. I think it might be either today or yesterday idk, but when I updated to the latest dev version, I was testing a texturepack that I made, (you're allowed to say that it's bad) and all the "sprite" blocks were stretched on the top right corner: I went on all the other texturepacks but they had the same problem, but then I went on to an older version of classicube and the "sprite" blocks weren't glitched anymore... please fix this... EDIT: I checked the web client and it has the same problem...
  5. I made a post that was pointless that I put in a section that wasn't anything to do with my new post, how do I delete this?
  6. Huh, that didn’t happen to me when I updated to the latest dev build.
  7. Is this a question to do with the game or is it just a general question?
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