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  1. Alright. Thanks. Is the data of the server kept? (like maps, botais, plugins, and bots)
  2. I already have a server. Is there a way to transfer all data to another?
  3. Some servers has a 767 block limit. And so does i want to get the 767 block limit. Mainly, the block limit is 255, but i don't really want to run out of space for blocks. So, how do you get the 767 block limit?
  4. That does NOT look like Windows 7.
  5. I found a image inside the default.zip texture pack of ClassiCube. It was called "icons.png". It included the + thing that we see in the game. However, there's some other stuff in there. There's some heart sprites, armor durability sprites, AND the sprites that you see before drowning in the real Minecraft. Here's the image: You have to extract the default.zip texture pack to find this.
  6. How do you make a block not visible in the inventory? So, i made a block that i set the max to 127, 127, 127 and i don't know why, But i want the block to not be visible in the inventory. Since the block is very big, it obviously hides some blocks. So, how do i do it? Does it use a plugin? Or do i have to set something in the settings of MCGalaxy? Here's what it looked like:
  7. I don't really think its NA2. Plus, the rules are the same from the 2d2t shit anarchy sever. And the texture pack.
  8. Brand: Acer Model: Aspire V5-471G Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.7GHz RAM: 4096MB Graphics card: [cant find] HDD: [cant find] Monitor: [cant find]
  9. Ranjana


    are you a fucking texas horned lizard 💀/j
  10. Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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