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Ground Rules

How not to get forcibly removed from the site

  1. You must be over 13 to use this site.
  2. Use your common sense and don't post like a chimpanzee that just learned how to type.
  3. Don't get super upset because you got temporarily banned - it's a warning, and you'll be unbanned. Complaining about it will just get you banned longer.
  4. Don't get upset over ratings. They don't matter. Getting upset over people rating you dumb will just result in you getting rated dumb more.
  5. Clubs are for established communities to use, not to create a community. There are no set-in-stone rules, but generally this means you have to already have a group of people that want to have a club. (This rule is no longer relevant as Clubs have been removed)
  6. If you get told to stop doing what you're doing, just stop. don't be an idiot.
  7. Don't ask for survival mode, because it will not be added. If you still ask anyways - immediate 1 week ban.

Having fun isn't hard, don't get banned.