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  4. Tysm mason for asking these! (i sound like a company's average text support lol) The textures I made myself are credited in a large list inside 1credits.txt, I hope I didn't do something wrong with that as i credited the original creators of other textures too lol. It's origin was originally going to be a placeholder for one of the blocks, can't remember what one but, I left it in because of how hilariously funny it was to me. (probably for the unused brick textures i was going to slot it into idk) Oh the wool textures are tiled yeah, It's mimicing pre-1.14 faithful wool textures to give more of that thinner wool type feeling, as I'm going for a 1.12 faithful style to the texture pack. I guess it might be that i ripped the textures from a earlier faithful 32x pack or it's the proper 1.12 texture pack textures, I'll check it out later though. I do thank you once agian for dropping this reply in and raising some points! and I appreciate the compliment too - Z
  5. haha nice! quick question though, how many of these textures did you actually upscale yourself? ive always wondered which ones but ive never took the time to check.. also, unrelated to my previous question but a few things: first, why is there an "uwu" block in the server friendly pack? secondly, (and this isn't a criticism but something i just noticed), did you make a unique pattern for the wool blocks or is it just four of the same texture tiled together? thirdly, you can still see the lines from the wooden door in the iron door on the server friendly pack... that aside, im very proud of how far this pack's come! its super impressive work youre doing ngl 🙂
  6. Exclusive update for "Server-Friendly" version? Changes: Added textures by MasonCB to add in more Pre-Classic related textures to play around with and updated Early Gold block and Mockup Iron block textures with MasonCB's textures. Added original textures Pre-Classic related for both Wood Planks and Cobblestone Updated credits notepad file to include new credits. I give massive thanks for MasonCB for allowing me to add his awesome textres into this texture pack, he did a well done job with these. If you guys want more Historical textures being put into the texture pack, do suggest me them here on the forums! - Z
  7. I actually doubt that the server is 1 year old. Can't really check "/top 10 oldest" since I got banned from that server for "oof"...
  8. There is going to be a building competition and a party in Hc3, for the 1 year anniversary! Please join the the HC3 Server @Slimey @Printed
  9. Last week
  10. Another useless update huh? Changes: Server-Friendly version updated to have the new brick texture added. Link to the main texture pack now fixed. Sorry haha, I forgot about people having hyperlink probelms with the main texture pack version download. - Z
  11. Useless Brick Update: Changes: As the first line of this forum thread suggests, I touched up the red bricks, mostly to make it look more "refined" and better-ish? (by making each noisy brick texture's more accurate while retaining the idea with it using ""small"" snippets from the unused varied brick textures in terrain.png) was busy to post this here, tis all anyways I'm going to NA2. - Z (Edit: Wait was this even necessary to notify and post updates like these on the forums like a pest at all?)
  12. okie have fun Kaw Kaw queen~~ ❤️
  13. I'll be a builder for you, but can you specify the style of the build you desire?
  14. 20RogerE

    i need builders

    dont listen to zane ask ElitePrime he is a better builder note: no affence zane
  15. lol its a random name for a girl in part of this event
  16. Hey guys! 🙂 I'm proud to announce that I'm currently in rehab for trolling too much.. and I'm pregnant w/ a baby girl! Might b my last post I'm sorry to the people I have offended here! Sayonara chingus! (Been learning Korean for a while. That's "Goodbye friends" in Korean" :))
  17. why you flooding central bro its kinda annoying last couple of posts were made by you or oofy like bro stop plz
  18. What? and who are you ._. and no I dont mind you Spamming my name
  19. lol bc i used some app that made it like that i to late to fix now tho.
  20. my questions: why is the entire post in bold Why Is Some Of The Text Like This
  21. Epic Legends Event! The recent event of @Goodly releasing the NAS plugin it created a survival community in CC. There are several Servers with this plugin go ahead and try them out but we as staff of Epic Legends call an event! This event is hosted on Epic Legends [Survival!]. We invite all CC users to participate in this event! This event is hosted on Oct 1, 2021 at 4pm EST and will end on Oct 9, 2021 4pm EST. Will Edit for Further Notice. Details of this event Anyone can participate in this event there is no player limit or anything of the sort. The point of this event is whoever is the most stacked player on the server by the end of one week will get a reward on the server and on discord. Follow The Rules And Don’t cheat. Join with the normal client or join with the web client. Epic Legends Staff can not participate in this event. Rewards First Place winner will get 1000 Coins + Rank of DiamondAge + Role Master Survivalist on Epic Legends Discord Server Second Place winner will get 600 Coins + Rank of GoldAge. Third Place winner will get 200 Coins + Rank of SilverAge. Rules Join with the normal client or web client. Do not take or steal other players items staff will be monitoring all contestants. follow all in-game rules Failure to follow these rules and rules on the server will result in severe consequences. How to participate in this event If you want to participate in this event just say “I want to Participate” in the comments below. We as staff of Epic Legends hope you enjoy this event! If You have any questions just ask in the comments below or you can register on the forums https://epiclegends.boards.net and post your questions in the general section.
  22. How do you make a bot chase u and kill u? plz tell me bruh
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