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  2. AAA59

    motd ophax help

    In mcgalaxy is there a way to change the motd ophax perm to another number?
  3. Last week
  4. https://www.ed.gov/content/8-steps-filling-out-fafsa-form
  5. You should be able to do /punload rainbow, then /pcompile rainbow, then /pload rainbow to fix it.
  6. It's rainbow chat plugin. There's currently no updated version, so you'll just have to remove it.
  7. Well the file is too big to upload but attached is the error that keeps repeating. I'll look into finding a plugin that causes the error.
  8. Find the plugin the error is coming from and update that plugin (by getting it again from github), or remove it if no update is available. Also, posting the full error from logs would be helpful.
  9. So I've updated my McGalaxy server from an old version but when I started the server after updating, it starting showing these errors. I've checked the error logs and they didn't help. Any help fixing this error will be appreciated. By the way, the server still operates normally but the console gets spammed with the error message.
  10. Alright, It's time to tell ya'll my specs, so think of a literal potato but with a monitor connected
  11. Alright seeya, it was nice having you here ig (even though i don't know you)
  12. I might come back idk Join my server ig -tetrisplayer2
  13. Thanks, i will now use this method in self defense.
  14. I know what you're trying.... My brother has already done this to me, Nice try tho
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  16. 123DontMessWitMe


    That "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" is cased by your browser trying to blanket upgrade the HTTP URL into HTTPS and the website trying to downgrade it back to HTTP because that is what the web client requires. Unfortunately, there are no proper fully working workarounds that we know of at this time, so you will need to try with a different browser, if possible, or use a device that you can use the downloadable client on.
  17. Implex


    I've cleared cookis and chromebook moment
  18. since when did someone mistake aphex twin with fucking half life
  19. my sister in christ i didnt read about it, why are you a hater
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