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  3. Nynx


    If your talking about it being on your skin in every server always, then no, I don't think so. But, you might be able to have one if it's manually given via a command in a server, and yes, it can most likely be custom.
  4. Mope222


    So i was wondering, like, is there a way to get a cape to your skin ? and if yes, can it be custom ?
  5. What operating system are you using? Are you able to play audio in other applications without any issues?
  6. There could be a couple reasons as to why you can't access your account: 1. Ensure you've verified your account via email 2. Ensure you've entered the correct credentials to log in 3. Double check that you haven't received a login verification code in your email/spam folder. If all else fails, contact a Site Admin directly
  7. что делать если я написал всё правильно и я не могу войти в ClassicCube
  8. Be a music man and play in a music band and tour all over the music land in our music van.
  9. My bad, in that case it's possible to send a different texturepack. I will elaborate in a few mins
  10. Yes, you can check. Player.appName will be different if they are using webclient compared to standard client. But related to the OP, I don't think there's any way to send a different texture pack with a plugin.
  11. Afaik there is no way to check whether a person is using the webclient from within MCGalaxy.
  12. my sound doesn't work. Every time I start up the game and log into a server it gives me an error message like: "Error 2 when playing 'audio/hal4.ogg' Disabling music" and then when I try and turn on music and sound again it does the same thing. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  13. stupid i said real communism hasn't been formed, but in theory it shall be-est the best.
  14. My country is in very bad state due communism, and a lot of other countries are in the same state because the communism, so i will vote BAD
  15. Forgot say that I was referring to Soviet Russia. My bad. 😛
  16. Earlier
  17. true,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but i like money 🙂
  18. if no government is non-corrupt to make communism, doesn't that make communism bad
  19. To those who said bad u are literally uneducated u may not vote unless thou art educated in the matter in hand. Communism in its actual fullest is the best and most valuable form of "government" everyone co-runs the entire country, peace, liberty, and justice for all! To be truthful no government has ever succeeded in the full and true form of communism. No government is non-corrupted enough to finish all the steps to fully Serve The People!
  20. yall thought it was over guess what ITS NOT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLzSr-YUjtc comic sans album goes hard favorite track: If I Could
  21. russia, in it's current iteration, is not communist.
  22. look what communism did to Russia bro
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