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  3. Alright. Thanks. Is the data of the server kept? (like maps, botais, plugins, and bots)
  4. Go here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/tree/master/Uploads Download MCGalaxy_infid.dll and rename it to MCGalaxy_.dll Shut down your server and replace the existing MCGalaxy_.dll with the one you just renamed. Turn on your server again. You will now have 767 blocks.
  5. I already have a server. Is there a way to transfer all data to another?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Your Discord account Rainb0wSkeppy#0875 was banned from the Discord server for both leaking player IPs and flooding the server chats. Unfortunately there is not a process for appealing your Discord ban at this time. If you have further questions regarding this incident, please feel free to direct message a staff member.
  8. Were you banned previously for any reason?
  9. help i cant join the classicube discord server
  10. https://123dmwm.com/MCGalaxy/. These MCGalaxy builds are compiled to support ExtendedBlocks.
  11. Some servers has a 767 block limit. And so does i want to get the 767 block limit. Mainly, the block limit is 255, but i don't really want to run out of space for blocks. So, how do you get the 767 block limit?
  12. That does NOT look like Windows 7.
  13. Last week
  14. You can play old versions for free in the official launcher, demo mode was added in release 1.3 I believe. However the Betacraft launcher is superior in every way.
  15. Did you make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer along side having the latest root certificates and have all modern SSL/TLS levels enabled?
  16. When i'm trying to log in I have that error "Error 2 when signing in Error meaning: _ " How to fix that? I use version 1.3.5 (x64) on Windows 7
  17. 1. Why are you using a Mac from the late-90s to early-2000s when nothing works on it 2. How were you able to use a web browser on such an old computer and use such a modern web tool?
  18. Probably the psp go. It can already run CrossCraft and classicube would be a great addition. People where able to make a faked minecraft version on the psp thats looks nearly identical to the minecraft we have today
  19. I was recently using pixlr to add blocks to my server until one day it said URRGHH YOU HAVE TO PAY BIG MONEY TO USE IT. And i was like WHAT thats prepousperous! I found some other ones similar to it like GIMP but you have to download it i mean its not the biggest deal in the world its just that im using a macOS from 2003 that has customfirmware installed and it cant hold too much info.
  20. Fun fact: what I said kinda was UnknownShadow said once in a suggestion in the Github for ClassiCube https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/issues/996#issuecomment-1484317610
  21. Reminder that Minecraft: New 3DS Edition exists and is way more complex gameplay-wise than Classicube. There's also a homebrew game for the original DS called DSCraft that is very similar to the og Classic. A straight port probably wouldn't be possible but a demake could work.
  22. Yeah i kind of think thats for survival like if you wanted to add a survival plugin that would be like the texture for it. That isnt survival test goodly. The hearts look quite off to normal minecraft hearts. Wait maybe your right its just the lighting. I pressed the picture.
  23. These were included even in the original classic, since there's unused assets that were used in the survival test version.
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