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  2. I was playing ClassiCube on Singleplayer, and started building a cobblestone hut on fire. Once I finished building, I saw a mysterious figure that looked like the ever-so-famous Minecraft legend Herobrine, but with a silly face. Luckily enough, I was able to take a screenshot. Look at the figure on the right! I think it's called Berohrine. When I started going for it, the figure disappeared, then I started placing saplings, and then stumbled upon a crown-like shape made from sponges. Suddenly, a purple liquid spurted out of the disk drive of my computer, and then I thought "Since when did my computer have the ability to eject liquids like that?" But then, I continued playing. I went to a rose patch, but when I took a closer look, there was another "Berohrine" entity coming for me, so I decided to fly away from it. And so then, I generated a new world, with the Large option. About that other "Berohrine" entity, it looked like it had been foaming out purple liquid, as if it had lean-rabies, and it had a purple cut on it's torso. The eyes also seemed bigger, and a wider grin for the smile.
  3. No, you can not. (You can have it when it's released!)
  4. Yesterday
  5. I either listen to music, or go outside on my trampoline, or read through the lyrics of the 90-some-odd songs on my Spotify Playlist.
  6. how about you stop classitalking
  7. Dynamitekid, do you hate your ClassiLife? Is that... the reason you want to be banned from here forever...?
  8. I actually don't know. Garry's Mod?
  9. Crazy Taxi, NFS: Most Wanted '05, or something like Skate 2 or THPS.
  10. Oh no! Poor Wolfiefries... What should we do about it!?
  11. COVID? Bleh, that thing stinks worse than a skunk! Being stuck inside my hill really sucks, i just want to go outside and touch the tall grass!
  12. Sometimes, i just go outside and play a bit of soccer, I mean, there's not a soccer ball for a tiny ant like me, right..?
  13. When did the non-existant person and a deer become such robots!? Wait... Oh no! VeeChee is dead! We need a hero to save Classicube from those robots!
  14. Unfortunately, accounts cannot be deleted due to the nature of how they are used throughout the servers and player API. Specifically, the username itself and player ID. You could effectively delete it by changing the email address and password to something random on the Account Page. This would prevent the username from ever being used or recovered. If you have further inquiries or quarrels with this statement, please directly contact a Site Admin on here or on our Discord, which can be found under the "Other Stuff" tab of the forums, or at the bottom footer of the main website.
  15. Dynamitekid9898


    Can A Developer Close My Account Please, Thanks
  16. Last week
  17. top 5 from Stats for Spotify Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull Only 12 Years Old - Flower Leperds Mexican Radio - Celtic Frost (???) Zombie Attack - Tankard War Ensemble - Slayer top 5 from Last.fm (top 5 would be D.R.I. since they're the band i've been listening to this week but i decided to dig deeper for other bands) Thrashard - D.R.I. Fucking Hostile - Pantera Captor of Sin - Slayer Chemical Warfare - Dead Kennedys We Are The League - Anti-Nowhere League
  18. Anything by Suicidal Tendencies. Hardcore, Up-Beat and Kickass, especially their first 2 albums, jeez, are they good, amazing band.
  19. Not depressing but a good song. (Even on Spotify) Try it 🙂
  20. The songs I listen to are happy, but not depressing.
  21. Calling To The Night by Natasha Farrow..? Otherwise Fallen Down by Toby Fox, both of these are good music to listen to.
  22. Long ass prog rock album but absolutely worth your time if you give it patience and a chance. There's a reason why so many people on the internet say it's the best.
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