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  5. i think you are having a stroke, sir
  6. haha now NI**AS wanna bann people post. this is a fake minecraft i doont know why people be playing this fake game. lol beacuse they dont have nothing else do and be hating on me.im not gonna lie i look good in my profile picture NO CAP!!!!! GOODLY CAN DO ALL THAT TALKING BUT WONT SEE ME IN PERSON LOL!!!!
  7. What is the motivation behind this project?
  8. You most likely have some HotKeys set in the client that are sending those commands. You can check for and remove HotKeys with the client open by pressing ESC to open the Menu > click on "Hotkeys" > Click on the hotkey in question > Click "Remove hotkey". This will remove the hotkey and shouldn't send the command anymore when you click on that key.
  9. You can change your client mode in the launcher by going to Options > Mode > Click on the mode you want to use, in this case, "Enhanced". The next time the Client is launched, and the times after that, it will use the mode you selected.
  10. Whenever I try to walk within the client, my chat gets spammed with commands that I didn't post as shown here https://gyazo.com/b077f0408f97758747c9e73f29aaad1c Is there any fix to this? What did I do wrong?
  11. gordkeit

    Enhanced mode

    How do I activate enhanced mode?
  12. Imagine putting classicube in the microsoft store lol
  13. I made a survival client with dynamic lighting, fully functional crafting, and inventory, pickup-able blocks, and such. Code may need to be updated, but if you're serious about making a survival client and want to use it, feel free to. It would be nice to put my name somewhere as a thanks note in some rando page or something if you do, though. Just wanted to let you know about it in case it was useful to you, though. https://github.com/CybertronicToon/ClassicalSharp-Survival (Also made an infinite/alpha client, but not too relevant to this.)
  14. I like this secret club.
  15. You'd have to run the linux version, but that may be outside the capabilities of your chromebook, and it's somewhat complicated. ClassiCube has been available on Steam since May of last year ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. Oh Cool! Umm... one question for you, is it possible to download Classicube on Chromebook and not have to use the broswer version? Anyways I cant find out how to get it. Wow... its now on steam? I might get it! Anyways Get back to me asap please and enjoy your evening, Maschofield.
  17. Hey all, I finally got off my back end and brought the Steam release of the game into the forefront of technology, bringing it to the latest development build of ClassiCube to better represent where the game's at right now. I've also worked with SpiralP to bring the CEF plugin to the Steam version. This increases the footprint of the Steam version by almost 300MB, but it's still much smaller than all those other games, so... To celebrate, I've added a sale that will bring the price down by 42%, starting tomorrow (August 3rd) at 10:00AM PST and ending on August 10th at 10:00AM PST. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1065710/ClassiCube/ Why purchase the game on Steam when I can just play it for free, right now? The Steam version of the game is there so you can help pay for the continued operating costs of hosting ClassiCube. We use Amazon Web Services to host it, and that ain't cheap. If you don't like Steam but want to help support the game, support us on Patreon! Last but not least, we still have a Discord up and running, so feel free to join up for some good wholesome fun and the occasional photograph from yours truly ๐Ÿ˜‰ Join us on Discord Thanks all, and have a grand ol time.
  18. If you don't know what whitelist is and how to set it up, you probably shouldn't host a server. (Sorry for bump)
  19. Save a map from an MCGalaxy server that has the cubes you want. There's no other way currently.
  20. Hi, Iยดve read long this forum looking for how to extend my single player inventory set (just 65 pieces), and "inventory" returns no entries in the search form...so...please...how can I add new cubes to the single player inventory? Thanks in advance!
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