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  2. Im betting this tournament is gonna be a good one, spleef is a classic minigame out of the bunch, and i hope it turns out well!
  3. Just stop playing on that account if you want to delete it.
  4. yes sorry but its funny for me idk why its just is
  5. No offense but can you type this in proper English. Many of the words are misspelled and itโ€™s hard to understand
  6. in cosmic server i made a build for him then we did a skin tormnamet and he gt mad that i cheated (i dd not ) and then i deleted my map of the ma i build him and he banned me am i the only one who thinks this is funny?
  7. I do not mean to come off as harsh, but we got to lay some truth here. Please don't host a server if you only have a Chromebook. If you have an actual idea on making a unique server that isn't every other freebuild servers copied-and-pasted, you should try doing some research and start with getting a Windows computer.
  8. Yesterday
  9. ok thank you soo much!!
  10. no i wanted to play the game not spleef but the server was not up when i made the comment
  11. as far as I can see there's no map to practice spleef on Puissant
  12. ik but i wanted to play but it was not up ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Why bother retrying when it tells you exactly why you can't register? Also for any issues I'd recommend not asking in this forum, because it's unrelated to eddynet.
  15. Today I was Preparing to host a server and i went to eddyn.net/# to start out with and as I was requesting to host a ClassiCube server it said the following: ClassiCube Server Request ร— Registration for new servers has been paused. Requests should be open once again soon. and at this point I got frustrated and retried again and again, but got no real results. I tried to login with my ClassiCube account info but still nothing. Is something being worked on or something like that? -hee_man
  16. In 9 days, log in to the server. He said that very clearly and even bolded the important bits.
  17. You can write plugins in C# or Visual Basic (since
  18. AndrewPH


    the 7 other accounts that share your IP that were created in February seem to indicate otherwise. regardless, servers are allowed to ban you for whatever reason they want (or no reason at all) and there's nothing anybody here can do about it. take any issues you have up with the staff of whatever server you're playing on.
  19. TheBlackMamba


    it said i have been banned and its my first time playing
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