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  3. its 5 dollars tho, i would get it ngl
  4. What yolkbird said. We add global server textures from the top down, so to avoid conflicting with those when you add LBs, you should start at the bottom. This is also why there are two nearly unused rows in the middle of the terrain. It used to be the top half was all we had, so many old maps would get messed up if I added global textures there.
  5. Probably something to do with keeping custom blocks safe from future texture and block additions, as well as making it slightly less tedious to update a terrain
  6. Last week
  7. why are you asking. I told you how earlier. next time instead of asking questions that could be easily found out with /help, ask someone who knows. Botai runs in a script of actions. Each action can be defined when doing /botai add [name of ai] [action] [parameter] If you mess up one script do /botai del [name of ai] last. type /Help BotAI [instruction] to learn how to use a specific action more could be found by just typing /botai.
  8. i need help to figure out how to use the botai walking fetcher
  9. I did /hacks and now the FBI are knocking on my door... what do?
  10. the thing is, nobody would like 10 coins to recreate a texture pack. its like being forced to do work for 9 hours a day and getting 5 dollars.
  11. The 12 LB slots is probably because he copied NA2's terrain concept but without actually realizing why we did it that way
  12. This is confusing. Why did you leave the unused bricks, gold block and breaking textures in terrain.png, why did you only give 12 levelblock slots and why did you put your signature in the middle of it?
  13. You can apply it to your server. Stealing this pack and claiming it's your pack is not allowed. This pack was based off that Minecraft 4Kids pack Alree originally made. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3aij7eetb553fd/classitoonv3.zip?dl=0 <--- The link to the pack.
  14. you need to install epic games launcher first
  15. help when i type these in singleplayer they don't do work
  16. Its cazy how you can remember all of these cmds
  17. Honestly, thats crazy, but I dont remember asking.
  18. Bot, BotAI, Bots, BotSet, BotSummon, Abort, Bezier, Bind, Brush, Calculate, Center, CopySlot, DoNotMark, Mark, CmdBind, Copy, Cuboid, Delete, Draw, Drill, Fill, Hollow, ImagePrint, Line, Maze, Measure, MB, Mode, Outline, Paint, Palette, Paste, Place, Portal, Pyramid, Rainbow, Redo, ReplaceAll, ReplaceBrush, ReplaceNotBrush, Sphere, Transform, Triangle, Replace, ReplaceNot, RestartPhysics, Spheroid, Spin, SPlace, Static, Torus, Tree, Undo, WriteText, Write, 8ball, AdminChat, AFK, Color, Eat, Emote, Hug, Ignore, Inbox, LoginMessage, LogoutMessage, Me, Nick, OpChat, Clear, RankMsg, Roll, Say, Send, TColor, Title, Vote, Whisper, High5, CustomColors, EntityRot, Environment, Hold, Model, ModelScale, Ping, ReachDistance, Skin, Texture, GlobalBlock, LevelBlock, Award, AwardMod, Awards, Buy, Economy, Give, Balance, Pay, Store, Take, CountDown, Explode, FlipHeads, Gun, LavaSurvival, Missile, Referee, Slap, Team, TntWars, CTF, AKA, ZombieSurvival, About, BanInfo, Blocks, Clones, Commands, FAQ, HasIRC, Help, RankInfo, ServerInfo, LastCmd, Loaded, MapInfo, News, OpRules, OpStats, PClients, Players, Rules, Search, Seen, Time, Top, Levels, View, ViewRanks, Where, WhoIs, WhoNick, BlockDB, BlockSpeed, InfoSwap, IRCBot, Limit, LowLag, PlayerEdit, Restart, Server, Shutdown, Ban, BanEdit, BanIP, BlockSet, CmdSet, Follow, Freeze, Hide, Highlight, IRCControllers, Joker, Kick, Location, Moderate, MoveAll, Mute, Notes, MyNotes, OHide, P2P, Pass, Patrol, Possess, Report, RS, Review, SetRank, TempBan, TempRank, Trust, Unban, UnbanIP, UndoPlayer, VIP, Voice, Warn, Whitelist, XBan, Zone, ZoneTest, ZoneList, ZoneMark, Ascend, Back, Delay, Descend, FakeRank, Fly, HackRank, Invincible, Kill, Ride, SendCmd, Summon, Timer, TP, TPA, RageQuit, Quit, CrashServer, Hacks, CmdCreate, CmdLoad, CmdUnload, Compile, CompLoad, Plugin, BlockProperties, CopyLvl, DeleteLvl, FixGrass, Goto, Import, Load, Lockdown, Main, Map, Museum, NewLvl, Overseer, Pause, Warp, Waypoint, Physics, RenameLvl, ResizeLvl, Restore, Reload, Save, SetSpawn, Spawn, Unflood, Unload, PerBuild, PerVisit, Impersonate, CustomModel, Accept, Deny, Divorce, Marry, PvP, SafeZone, Weapon, Tool, Block, Potion FOR MULTIPLAYER
  19. how do u termial it OMG I GOT IT TO DOWNLOAD THANK U
  20. police_1234


    im trying to download classicube and im wondering what is termail
  21. heck did it download cause i will wanna download it
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