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  2. This thread is very quickly turning into a witch hunt solely for the purpose of arguing. I don't see any harm in possibly putting together a gofundme page or patreon specifically dedicated to advertisements (I know some exist for CC already - I'm referring to a separate account solely for adverts)... but like others have said - I don't know how necessary that is for a game that's survived far worse drops in playerbase. If we could keep the threads on topic a bit better, we will all save ourselves some unnecessary headaches.
  3. Funny hearing that from the one who went on other servers to call me a fat whore behind my back because I took administrative action against you. How amusing that people simply disagreeing with your idea makes you scream victim.
  4. Classicube has (somehow thankfully) survived for a very long time now, even years after the original MC Classic server list shut down. Why do we all of the sudden need Chromebook advertisements and such to keep the game alive? As Toby said, there's tons of diehards who have been playing the game (and played the original Classic) for a very, very long time, and I doubt the game will die due to a lack of Chromebook users any time soon.
  5. There are enough "die-hard" people around these ends to prevent it from dying. As already mentioned, it probably is best if we don't become overly reliant on school children to boost the player base and can *sometimes* act as a false sense of security with their unreliability. I guess, and merely hypothesising here, some sort of referral program could help out with the people-telling-friends-and-friends-telling people idea. That being said, I think we get a healthy number of players already.
  6. Is having less chromies really a bad thing? I personally think ClassiCube is doing fine right now. And I think there's more good stuff coming for it on the horizon.
  7. Classicube will experience regular dips and hills in traffic due to the demographic that plays it (primarily schoolkids who play during the school year) and paid advertising won't reach those people during their off-season. I make enough money off classicube to keep it running- not really enough to put any non-negligible effort into advertisements and the like. If you want classicube to grow, you need to tell your friends, and tell them to tell people. Paid advertisements can only do so much on their own. Edit: as an addendum, just so you're aware, around 0% of the direct revenue comes from chromebook players. they usually don't have an income and thus can't contribute to the patreon, and don't have a steam account and thus can't purchase the game on steam. they may lead indirect revenue by virtue of increasing the playerbase and visibility, but directly they barely, if at all, contribute.
  8. i sure am proud of making a grown adult feel threatened! too bad i only stated my opinion like how you stated your own opinion
  9. ??? only i've attacked you according to KawaiiCube and you say a "bunch of ppl" I don't understand you
  10. Idk I was just trying to make a suggestion on how to improve classicube, but ig a bunch of ppl from a server I haven't played in months feel the need to lose their shit. Hope you're proud of yourselves.
  11. Yeah no not really. Chromebooks are mainly for learning (afaik). Chromies need to learn anyways so why bother "advertising in a realistic way to chromebook owners". Oh, and aren't you the guy who had an NSFW skin?
  12. personally i think classicube is doing fine when school season comes again theyll all come running back, what id rather have is a stable community that doesnt depend on accounts being made only to be forgotten after a week
  13. Are you volunteering your own money to advertise with?
  14. Chromies = spam. Would not recommend.
  15. So this summer as a lot of people predicted, the classicube playerbase is taking a hit now that the kids are off for the summer and the pandemic is getting closer to an end. This is really heartbreaking to see, as popular servers such as New Bloods and others are starting to lose players. I think what classicube really needs is to advertise in any realistic way to chromebook owners. Chromebooks are an affordable option for web computing, but they can't run real applications. With classicube's web support, minecraft for chromebook owners becomes a reality. And trust me, we all know this, but classicube needs chromebook kids to survive whether you like it or not. Chromebook kids bless us with player counts and god tier quotes. It used to be fun when you could play zombie survival with 20+ players, and introducing many newbies to the game. I don't know how expensive it is to advertise on facebook, youtube, and etc. but there's a market for chromebooks which means there's a market for classicube. We just need to find a way to unleash it's full potential. I hope the classicube owners, and some of the bigger servers on here could team up and find a way to work together to advertise more and get the word out. We are in a stage where if things don't turn around now, it'll die forever. Just my two cents, that's all.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Changelog Howdy folk, Just bumping this thread as well as giving some updates regarding the service. Added The Golden Apple Added the Official MCCH server. Added two java edition servers (paid). Check the original post for updates. Will try to keep on top of this post if you have any more questions. Thanks, Toby and Panda
  18. When you launch CC make sure it says "Cef *.*.* initializing..." If it doesn't, you've installed CEF wrong. Another thing you may wanna do is /client cef create, then /client cef search (song), /client cef volume -g 100, after it starts playing. Make sure other sounds can play through your speakers, too.
  19. Last week
  20. Textures and Pack Revamp: Changes: Alternate pack and binlat.png is now removed because of how unessisary it is to be in, you can get the textures from the server pack though. Both the missing gurple gui (gui.png) and the particles (particles.png) is now upscaled and added into the texture pack. Magma block had a redesign agian to better mimic it's 16x counterpart. Ice has now got it's appearance from Goodly's NA2 HDredux texture pack, the choice is based on how the default ice texture is exactly originated from the NA2 packs, credits to him. Crates texture got few little tweaks. and afew more things I may have forgotten about. Credits have been updated Will I ever update the server pack to the new textures? maybe not but lets see in the far future though, enjoy - Z I forgot to add the new link for the new form of the texture pack, sorry about that! Also too I forgot to say, don't worry I managed to get premission from Goodly to add in the ice texture.
  21. in Na2 ? Nevermind, i just tested to see if it was and, well, it was (really good btw)
  22. This "feature" is long gone since ClassicalSharp and hasn't even been implemented in ClassiCube, and likely won't ever be
  23. when i write "game-survivalmode=True" on the options.txt, and if i open singleplayer, there is no mobs and health bar.
  24. I downloaded the Locked model plugin, dragged it into the Plugins folder, wrote /pcompile lockedmodel, and it throws an error like this Help me if you know what is this. Mc galaxy Classicube 1.2.7
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