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  3. ok these forums are getting out of control ngl
  4. I feel limited when I play minecraft but feel infinite when I play cc
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  6. to create a server you need an application like MCgalaxy you will find the answers normally to this question here in this link: https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/1358/1/#postanchor_2885 if that did not help you I am sorry. Calo67
  7. Take it up directly with the server staff, don't post about it here. Thanks.
  8. So uh, This is the closest thing i can get to off-topic. I got banned from the land of birds, i didn't really do much. I never got a FU- i mean freaking kick beforehand. So, Uni, if you're reading this, Screw you.
  9. I was on the land of birds, and i got muted because i said "pootis spenzer here" and they said shut up, I said "no" as a joke and got muted.
  10. My ability would be the ability to stop time but only for 5 seconds basically The World
  11. The ability to say "Kazuma" then people start dancing in a period of time about 4~9 minutes only if you are in a dangerous situation.
  12. It would be more fun if we described the superpower of the previous person. The ability to reverse time, but not remember anything that happened in the future.
  13. The ability to be invisible, but you're always invisible, and it's /only/ you that's invisible. Your clothing and any amount of grime, dirt, or dust on your skin, is all still visible.
  14. Imagine having superpowers, but their usage is super specific and not all that helpful. I'll start: The ability to teleport to somebody, but only after they open a message from you, and only once every 24 hours.
  15. wish granted but the pizza is expired i wish furries didn't exist
  16. Wish granted, the forum is now dedicated to the selling of dismembered monkey parts. Some snitch rats us out to the FBI and they shut the site down and arrest everyone that interacted with the forum for animal cruelty. I wish for a pizza slice. (pineapple is fine)
  17. okay thanks and my omputer cant load images so i do not know what banner?
  18. Post this in the right section next time. Moved it to ATF. As if the giant flashing banner wasn't warning enough that you should double check.
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