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  3. Unfortunately you're unable to change your ClassiCube username, but you're more than welcome to create a new account with a new username! Additionally, many servers utilize the MCGalaxy server software which has a /nick <preferred_name_here> command to change your server-side nickname.
  4. I will summarize:it all started when I discovered this game and I decided to create an account and I made this name to be funny but I use sonic the hedgehog character skins and now how do I change my name?
  5. A download for a full version here: [no]
  6. I'm gonna start working on a launcher for a launcher for a launcher for a launcher. I'm gonna make one that can be downloaded
  7. im just wondering if classicube would work on windows ce
  8. It means your anarchy server becomes a standard freebuild.
  9. Earlier
  10. i wonder what turning on griefing means
  11. If you want to use redstone: - Start a server with MCGalaxy server software - Make a new map - Turn the physics off and build something - Turn the physics on and set the thing off If you want to build more complex stuff, you'll have to change these block properties: - to set Gravel to act like rails - to set Iron to act like rails - to set wood_float to be flammable
  12. Please see the following page: https://f.classicube.net/staff/
  13. wow, looks like they added ClassiAnarchy to it, wow i can't believe!!
  14. i can help you but on the agreement you make me an admin
  15. btw whos the administrator?
  16. Every Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_Q7-TkTRIU) Every Half Life 2 Soundtrack (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-GU4jvSvz4 Every Portal 2 Soundtrack (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nasqMnyfOFE) Every Undertale Soundtrack (I don't have a necessary favorite) Every Delterune Soundtrack (Same with Undertale)
  17. How did you get the redstone to work? or where do i goto use redstone?
  18. Went on the server some weeks back griefing was turned on (Like a normal anarchy) And everyone was happy just got back on today and everything had been rolled back And griefing had be turned off, Sadest moment in history ngl
  19. Thanks I will do that now! It was my first time posting anything on GitHub.
  20. The whole point of uploading something to GitHub is that it is the source itself you are uploading. Please refrain from giving out DLL files without explicitly showing the source of the plugin itself, in this case, hell.c, without having to rely on the user downloading the zip file, extracting, and then seeing what the source is. I recommend using the Releases feature of GitHub for providing the DLL download as well so that the only thing in the repo is the plugin source. You could also look into GitHub actions to automatically compile the DLL as well instead of providing your own compiled DLL. Otherwise, looks like a neat plugin.
  21. I made a simple plugin that turns your world to hell with /Hell [true/false] [redacted] If you have any feedback / ideas be sure to tell me (this is my first plugin)
  22. Is there a HTML downloadable version of ClassiCube? If there is please send it to me. Thanks
  23. this is cool i want to download this
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