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  4. Classic64 is a good one. It adds Mario from Super Mario 64 to classicube.
  5. i already have those in cc, is there any other client plugins?
  6. The poster has explicitly mentioned server hardware, so this is not the approporiate response to this question. Here is a detailed response: This is very specific to which server software you are using. I'm not very experienced with older classic Minecraft server softwares (or if you didn't even know you can host a ClassiCube server with them, now you do know!), for MCGalaxy you really just need at least 1/4 GB available of ram, and it doesn't really require much CPU. You could simply run this on Raspberry Pi, or other older laptops or desktops. The specs: You might need at least a few gigabytes of storage. However, this can all change. If you have more plugins, and if there are more players online, and that the plugins do register a over amount of events or such, then this will mean that you will need more RAM. For storage, this will take a lot of space if there are a large number of maps and backups. But most importantly is based on the blockdb data, which is stored for block changes that can be outputted to /about. You might need to occasionally delete it to free up storage if you don't have enough, or if you are like me, you can just buy a cheap HDD off eBay and call it a day and keep running the server.
  7. I don't think anything you ask applies to this question. The Poster has already stated that he is using a Mac with a downloaded client, and UnknownShadow has already addressed that he might need to download the root certificate. If you don't know how you want to respond, then it's best to not respond at all. Thank you for reading, 78donadams.
  8. Please do not mix up ClassiCube and MCGalaxy plugins, as ClassiCube plugins are for the downloaded game client, whereas MCGalaxy is the server software, and can enhance features for your server. For ClassiCube plugins, here is a nice list of plugins (I'm aware someone already posted this, but I will put it here again😞 SpiralP's CEF plugin, allows for you to view web pages within ClassiCube and listen to sound tracks within servers: https://github.com/SpiralP/classicube-cef-loader-plugin SpiralP's chatsounds plugin, plays sounds effects of the message you and others send: https://github.com/SpiralP/classicube-chatsounds-plugin Other plugins in UnknownShadow's Github repository: https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube-Plugins For MCGalaxy plugins, here are some links to Github repos: https://github.com/ddinan/classicube-stuff https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins Hope this helps! 😄
  9. Last week
  10. Most likely you need to install the Baltimore CyberTrust Root root SSL certificate into the System Keychain. I haven't tried myself, but one of these ways should probably work: 1. Navigating to https://www.classicube.net in Safari and trusting the certificate from there (https://help.ivanti.com/ap/help/en_US/fd/2020/Content/FileDirector/Admin/Clients/Mac_Client/Install_Root_Certificate_on_Mac.htm) 2. Manually downloading the .crt from https://www.digicert.com/kb/digicert-root-certificates.htm and then double clicking it to install the certificate (https://www.eduhk.hk/ocio/content/faq-how-add-root-certificate-mac-os-x or https://support.n4l.co.nz/s/article/Installing-an-SSL-Certificate-on-an-Apple-OS-X-Device-Manually) If that still doesn't work, then try adding https-verify=false to options.txt to disable SSL certificate validation for ClassiCube (not a great idea security wise though) As an absolute last resort, try adding to http-no-https=True to force ClassiCube to connect to classicube.net over http:// instead of https://. Keep in mind that turning on this option means your account password is transmitted over the network in plain text when you sign in.
  11. I downloaded it, its the latest version of the software. I'm sure it would work perfectly fine on another computer, but its the emac I want to run it on.
  12. Maybe you need a Different PC? Have you tried Restarting it? It could be Because you have an Old Version of the Computer, Or you need a laptop that's Updated to the Current Version on whatever PC you get, Also did you Download it? or do you use the Browser Version?
  13. Hey all, I just installed Classicube on my old power pc emac. It runs beautifully, but when I try to connect to multiplayer I get the issue: error 60 when signing in: Peer certificate cannot be verified with known CA certificates. I know the emac is a little old but is there anyway around this?
  14. It means you should change your email address immediately because ClassiCube can't send emails to it due to bounce or spam reports.
  15. "It looks like we can't send emails to your email address due to bounce or spam reports. Please change it immediately." <<< Message on my account page, what does this mean?
  16. Im a little late but guess what I made for you! https://github.com/LJplayswasused/classicube-thingys/blob/main/webtex.cs
  17. really anything can run a fresh out the box mcgalaxy server; an old pc or laptop will work fine. but I would suggest ethernet over wifi if you can.
  18. Earlier
  19. @Rulja1234 thx
  20. Single player: Generate Level > Flat Grass Multiplayer: (If you have op) /newlvl [name] [x] [y] [z] (If you don't have op) /os map add
  21. Hey im trying to make a mario map and i need a flat grass map can anyone help?
  22. I want to know where i can get this map
  23. On the Project Server I made a custom game called Block Battle. A strategy game where the point is to kill your opponent with various blocks. (Note that the game is in beta I will be adding more blocks,biomes,add UI and fix bugs over time) To play, go to blockbattle world in the Project server When it's your turn you have 3 buttons: Move - Move the player to the desired spot Build - Use/Place a block on the desired spot End Turn - End your turn (Buttons can be used once per turn) (Right click on the block in your deck to see what it does) I want to thank UnknownShadow200+, Venk+, deewend+ and others who helped me in the discord server and CorranEveryone+, AhmedBro12344+ (and others) that helped beta test the game. You guys are are awesome! Some images
  24. You shouldn’t need to reply with one word. This is a forum site not a personal group chat. It’s very easy™️ to say “thank you” instead of “thanks” or when replying to a question in general.
  25. How to accidentally get canceled for 4h: Get in a situation that makes you have to break the one-word reply rule. It has happened to me before, but I'm sure that rule is there for a good reason.
  26. this is limted and not the best but lemmehost.com
  27. How to get cancelled 101, ask for survival mode and put some cringe emojis at the end
  28. ok wow thanks for it my dad went invisble for free lets go
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