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  3. thanks for telling me
  4. You may only change your avatar after your account is 5 years old. Until then, it will simply use your skin.
  5. i geniunely cant find the option, sorry for disturbing yall.
  6. Its not the staff, it some people who are also wondering about the situation of NA2.
  7. Unfortunately, NA2 is experiencing technical issues and there is no exact information on when it will be back online. However, the server staff hasn't made any announcements that it is "gone forever".
  8. I came on to classicube and NA2 wasn't;t up. I saw in the forums that NA2 shut down and its "gone forever". I would like more info on this. Can anyone give me more info.
  9. So i wanted to play but i can't Even play Na2 SO yeah gimme updates (I'll give You A Lil video that is not related to the forum)
  10. Last week
  11. alwaysonmymind by ericdoa (extended version) im boutta give you my whole 3 year playlist wait a bit
  12. you would need to make a plugin. I doubt you can make files so I would suggest using the SQL database to save data.
  13. Hi, I keep getting Error 12007 and idk how to fix it Can someone help me??
  14. Server running through Pterodactyl Panel on Ubuntu VPS, mysql backend. Can I save player position and inventory between sessions so I don't end up at spawn every time I join?
  15. imagine if herobrine existed in classicube to escape from the clutches of mojang
  16. saedyabd

    cef problems

    so i downloaded cef but it keeps telling me the plugin is outdated or the game is outdated but i checked both and they are up to date
  17. It was an oversight in the most recent change made to the game. I made a fix for the issue, so it should work again now. (Webclient may take a bit longer to update due to caching)
  18. In the latest dev version noclip doesn't work, I checked if it was because the key I was using for it was jammed but it wasn't, I changed the key for noclip but it still didn't do anything. I went to an older version of classicube and THEN it worked, I also checked the web client and that was the same as the latest dev version : | ...please fix...
  19. Earlier
  20. @CorranEveryone and I live in hawai'i, and i have only found the timezone thing untill now. But we live in UTC-10, A.k.a Hawaii Standard Time. so can you add that plz. 😄
  21. /physics 3 (please dont ban me for 1 word post)
  22. well then, looks like i wasted lots of time lol
  23. That was RealRoland's server. It doesn't appear to be running anymore.
  24. the problem was that i needed 4 vertices also i managed to get this
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