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  1. It is not possible. Change your email and password to random values.
  2. If you were wondering how to create a new block and attach a texture, please check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9JgmdiJ-k ("Introduction" and "Block textures" sections).
  3. If it's running on your computer, just don't terminate MCGalaxy process.
  4. sudo apt update sudo apt install mono-complete unzip mkdir MCGalaxy cd MCGalaxy wget https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy/releases/download/ unzip mcgalaxy_1.9.4.9.zip screen -S server (optionally) mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe
  5. 🤮 Why you are not kicking players from other sanctioned countries?
  6. Goodbye. But was it worth a new topic?
  7. See you next week (not a bad-humored joke, no one managed to truly leave ClassiCube so far)
  8. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
  9. https://s.deewend.ru/gkgame https://deewend.gamejolt.io/2048 https://chess.mclord.ru/ telnet games.mclord.ru 2425 https://github.com/minecraft8997/DeewendGame
  10. Would recommend to swap the title for question body as soon as possible.
  11. Why wouldn't you guys publish your RAM dump files so we could ensure we are having enough information on your setups?
  12. [McLord] LaserTaggedCTF
  13. https://123dmwm.com/MCGalaxy/. These MCGalaxy builds are compiled to support ExtendedBlocks.
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