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  1. https://s.deewend.ru/gkgame https://deewend.gamejolt.io/2048 https://chess.mclord.ru/ telnet games.mclord.ru 2425 https://github.com/minecraft8997/DeewendGame
  2. Would recommend to swap the title for question body as soon as possible.
  3. deewend

    classicube skin

    Please navigate to https://www.classicube.net/acc.
  4. deewend


    That's literally incredible.
  5. The /hax command is an MCGalaxy (the most common server software) easter egg telling you that your IP was reported to FBI Cyber Crimes Unit. Of course it was not, just a funny kick message. Yes, your IP was probably retrieved from /i command which gives a more detailed information if the command is executed by a staff member. Welcome to a chromie freebuild where making such threats is a pretty common practice for administrators. But you don't have to worry since getting your exact home address just by having your IP is impossible. In most cases it's impossible to at very least guess the street. In my case most IP checkers return the wrong city.
  6. What do you mean about copying eddynet? Pterodactyl Panel is a pretty common thing nowadays.
  7. Thanks for the PSA, but what do you mean by saying about being ignorant to the problem "for longer than we should have"? Did this moderator make similar threats without any actions taken against them by other staff members in the past?
  8. Why wouldn't you guys publish your RAM dump files so we could ensure we are having enough information on your setups?
  9. [McLord] LaserTaggedCTF
  10. https://123dmwm.com/MCGalaxy/. These MCGalaxy builds are compiled to support ExtendedBlocks.
  11. Use a hosting service like eddynetweb, the software is downloaded automatically on their machine.
  12. Please contact the staff of the hosting service you are using, not sure what are you expecting to receive here. Checking out your screenshot, if you wanted to say you are having issues with the texturepack, I guess adding "&dl=1" in the end of its URL would be enough.
  13. Finally we (I mean no, the whole Minecraft community!) have a true successor of Hypixel. Gotta check it out, see you at HAMMERPIXEL!
  14. It means your anarchy server becomes a standard freebuild.
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