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  1. You will be banned in 10... 9... 8...
  2. You are way too overreacting, no need for apologizing at all. But in the next time try to make your messages contain more than one word just to make forums a nicer place. 🙂 Personally I think this word "Thanks" should be excluded (IMO) from the rule (like the person should get informed that he violated a forum rule and asked to follow it in further messages) because many people fail at this moment wishing only positive things and can experience negative residue after getting even a short toy banishment.
  3. Today I made many cosmetic changes and implemented two completely new commands. If you are tired to play, but want to stay online, do the /rest command. It will teleport you to the "restroom" -- a small peaceful world. Note that you need to do this command until a round starts, it's disabled during the game. If you are currently in the "restroom", doing /rest again will bring you back to the ZS. If you don't like the current map and you are the sole player waiting for a round to start, you can do /change. It will cancel the round and make a new map polling where you can choose a map you like. As the previous command, it's only available if the round hasn't been started yet. Also it won't work if you are not the sole player waiting for the game to start. Also note a bit modded "Starting in ... second(s)" countdown timer and several commands (like /i and /ping) which got unlocked. 😄 Happy playing. 😄
  4. Thanks for the feedback, lllcyruslll! I really appreciate it.
  5. Hello, guys! I offer you to try out my ClassiCube server called "deewend's AlwaysNothing ZS" (available in the Server List). I guess you will definitely like it if you love NB Zombie Survival's "nothing" map! Thanks. :D
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