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  1. I do not mean to come off as harsh, but we got to lay some truth here. Please don't host a server if you only have a Chromebook. If you have an actual idea on making a unique server that isn't every other freebuild servers copied-and-pasted, you should try doing some research and start with getting a Windows computer.
  2. I love the Aeather mod, mainly for nostalgia, However, I use OptiFine daily.
  3. Pear

    floating text

    Basically what @aleksb385 said, but I do not recommend since some people will not see the text at all if they changed their client settings.
  4. Why are we still talking about something that does not exist? This is simply just a waste of time. There are tons of things we could be doing instead of debating who this mysterious "Andrew P H" is. This entire thread is simply implying the existence of AndrewPH , by banning "himself", which is also a paradox. You can have one or the other, but you cannot have both.
  5. I'd like to add on to this: Source: Wikipedia, 2nd paragraph. Minecraft was available online, however it used a Java applet, which is a very different breed compared to JavaScript.
  6. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it being a secret if you announce it? 🤔
  7. I quite enjoy my head being decapitated for the sole purpose of display on a forums. Thank you, Andrew "PH".
  8. Depending on what you're using (MCGalaxy, etc.), your server is using up all the memory (which is not your permanent storage). Are you running this server on your personal computer or with Eddyn?
  9. Pear

    click speed

    I just love how you straight up gave them the answer they were looking for, but not what they wanted. Props to you
  10. The way punishments work in The City Project that it increases depending on severity. Usually, I warn for minor things and ban for major things. Basic punishment system, for now. If you are banned from the server and would like to appeal, please message me on the forums. I check the forums every once a while, so expect to wait for a few days before getting a reply. However, I will not be unbanning those with a history of causing issues. Just message me with your username, the reason you were banned, and why you want to appeal it. Thanks.
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