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  1. That page is rarely updated and is missing a lot more server software. If anything, I would focus on your fork before worrying about getting it listed straight away.
  2. This is still weak evidence. They only asked for "updates and improvements to enhance the player experience" but didn't clarify more on what exactly they're looking for. I personally think ClassiCube is at a point where it's well polished and it's difficult to "improve" it since servers can already fill in the blank by adding their own blocks, improving on or creating new gamemodes (see New Blood, LaserTaggedCTF, Puissant Royale, and the adventure maps in Not Awesome2). Also keep in mind that it's mostly one person, UnknownShadow, working on the game. I would say that's a lot of effort coming from only him. If this message is supposedly AI-generated, why should we care about what an AI thinks of ClassiCube? It wouldn't be able to speak for what Gogofbi actually wants to see (which is nothing as they've never elaborated more on this).
  3. Could you show some examples? I wasn't able to find much other than people believing they could ask for survival mode. Have a look at commit activities on the GitHub, https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube/commits/master/. There has been at least one change per day for a while.
  4. Please read through MCGalaxy's documentation. There's also a link for this as well, https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy/wiki/Custom-textures
  5. This should work on Windows 7 with latest version of Internet Explorer. The step should be similar for Windows XP as long it has Internet Explorer 8 installed, https://superuser.com/questions/1689628/how-can-one-check-whether-my-windows-7-supports-tls-1-2
  6. That is not what the error says. Instead, it's saying "The date in the certificate is invalid or has expired." Is your computer's clock and timezone setting correct? Is Internet Time (NTP) enabled?
  7. You missed the point I was implying in my post. I never mentioned anything about the dangers of sideloading.
  8. Here's the Discord announcement from @AndrewPH on this:
  9. This looks like a BetaCraft issue, not something anyone from ClassiCube can help you with. You will need to join their Discord for help
  10. Yes, that part tends to happen every time.
  11. I don't think a version of MoreModels was ever made for Linux, however, it's an old plugin (hasn't been updated for 3 years) that's mostly useless now. Is there a reason you need it?
  12. I wouldn't say they're the same, as they're two independent countries with disputed claims over each other. Taiwan formed in 1912 after the Qing dynasty ended and it broke from PR China even further in the 1950s.
  13. Thank you for your lecture on world geography. I must admit, your prowess is truly shocking to me.
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