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  1. AndrewPH


    (Asking for a friend btw)
  2. no, we have an epic discord server for that WRONG
  3. New blocks aren’t added because of the capability for any server to add arbitrary blocks making it pointless to add hardcoded blocks. The game is largely in its bug fix/technical improvement stage right now, there isn’t much content to add to the client since most of the work is supposed to be done by servers
  4. Further discussion isn’t conductive- I’m locking this thread. We do the equivalent of linking to mojang’s assets, we don’t host any of them nor do we distribute any of them with the client. Linking to an unauthenticated endpoint hosted by the creators themselves is not redistribution. Layman speculation isn’t helpful- all commercial copies of the game use entirely original assets, and any mojang assets are downloaded directly from their servers to the end-user’s computer.
  5. AndrewPH

    Super Mario War

    I played it on my home brewed wii in 2009
  6. We don’t. All versions with textures included use a texture pack made from scratch for classicube. The textures downloaded on first run when you don’t have any are downloaded directly from mojang- not from our servers.
  7. We don’t distribute any mojang assets.
  8. I took down my Halloween decorations and put up my Christmas decorations, including a Lego wreath
  9. Not quite, we have a fix ready but it relies on server software to update first to prevent issues. Right now it’s turned on for no servers, and once enough servers are up to date the fix will be deployed on our end.
  10. Hey all! Update for MCGalaxy has been released, adding support for remote web socket proxies. It's highly recommended that you update your server, or backport the changes if you run a custom copy, so that IP address information is accurate when we switch on the proxy for web client users. This change allows folks using the web client to continue to play the game online as browsers implement more strict security measures. You can download the latest release from Github: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases/tag/ If you're developing your own software that has web client support and you have questions, hop onto our Discord server to learn more: https://www.classicube.net/discord
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