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  1. Hot Freaks - Puppy Princess Vulfpeck - Animal Spirits Arlie - blackboard.edu Courtship. - Sunroof Summer Salt - Revvin' My Cj7
  2. When I’m back home I’ll hop on and remove any PII from the account in question and disable it.
  3. No clue, you could try emailing pixeleater for mynecraft if his email is in the license headers in each file for icraft
  4. Aera got back to me, turns out he had no idea that bitbucket had deleted his repo. Here's the latest copy of Myne he had (which should be more-or-less identical to the late 2009 repo contents): https://s.wowneat.pictures/9fc650ea-8f8c-4b5b-b995-a891941ac765.gz
  5. Here's (I think) the last version of iCraft: https://s.wowneat.pictures/ae6b2431-2501-44ae-a481-dfe870ddf6de.zip Here's some version of Arc, possibly with the necessary modifications to heartbeat to classicube (found it on my old dropbox) https://s.wowneat.pictures/14e5d8ae-b71e-4c7c-9004-dc00ff6b288c.zip I've sent an email off to Aera to see if he's got a copy of Myne handy, but I don't really expect a response.
  6. no, I'll ban you for making a one-word reply with an acronym.
  7. this won't work in almost all cases - an "open port" is required for anybody to connect. the heartbeat attempts to connect to your server, and if it can't connect it doesn't give you a link (in order to prevent the server list from having a million servers without the ability to join them) - if you *can* connect externally but the heartbeat still says your port isn't open, then that means you likely have a firewall configuration blocking the heartbeat server from connecting to your server or something. side note: it worked for you because you have the same ip and are therefore most likely on the same network
  8. If it’s telling you that the port isn’t open when it tries to heartbeat, then it means your server is not reachable outside of your network period. you may need to manually port forward in your router settings
  9. You can’t. You need to actually port forward.
  10. https://f.classicube.net/search/?q=how to make a server&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=3
  11. This is a problem with your touchpad drivers and not something classicube does. the feature causing this is usually called palm rejection and the easiest way of working around it is buying a $5 external mouse from goodwill and not using your touchpad
  12. AndrewPH

    Help pls

    Use your old thread:
  13. It's not a matter of us flipping a switch. The game itself assumes that names will never ever change, and because of that the servers have no way of asking if a user has changed their names.
  14. ClassiCube does not have "survival test" mode. A good solution to get the actual minecraft survival experience is to play minecraft and not a game that specifically replicates a version of classic that doesn't have survival features.
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