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  1. Mcgalaxy is free and open source.
  2. hello i am andrew ph the owner of classic ube cake
  3. you run mcgalaxy on the server you pay for instead of running it on your computer. which is actually the preferred way of doing it.
  4. Try updating your game in the launcher, or go to the game directory and delete the plugins folder (this will disable Steam Rich Presence and CEF support, the latter of which is crashing your game)
  5. AndrewPH

    Cool Seeds

    the odyssey maps on not awesome 2
  6. yes, customization of the pfp and cover photo are limited to glod menbies.
  7. I can't believe I've been duped.
  8. It’s easy, here’s a tutorial: https://andrewph.org/how-to-change-your-mcgalaxy-servers-name
  9. The "number of wifi's" has no bearing on whether or not your school blocks traffic on non-web ports. It is extremely common for schools to do that. If a server shows up on the server list, it's probably not "down for maintenance" either- if you fail to connect it's probably on your end.
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