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  2. The "best answer" is chosen by staff or by the thread author. The votes just change how the answers are ordered.
  3. AndrewPH


    You can, usually using your web browser. If you can't do that, I really wouldn't suggest running a server.
  4. AndrewPH


    Port forward properly using your router's administration interface.
  5. Banned for breaking rule 3. Edit: For more context with regards to your bans, consider the following: this is a longform discussion platform (a forum), not a chatroom. does the reply "oh" meaningfully contribute in any way to the conversation at hand? It certainly didn't in the case you got banned. is that extremely subjective and up to the moderator's discretion whether or not you get banned? yes, but I try to be fairly consistent. I have no reason to be sneaky about my bans, and there is no hidden agenda with why I banned you. I'm not expecting everybody to write an essay with their posts, but put a little bit of effort into it - posting for the sake of posting, without any actual content, is godawful. Furthermore, I recommend you read the Guidelines since evidently you missed rule 3.
  6. All content on servers are out of my control, if the staff of a server aren't doing anything about it then you should leave the server.
  7. Go to your account panel by clicking on your username anywhere on the main site and scroll down.
  8. More improvements to the system are slated, my time is just limited.
  9. Join the discord and get help from an admin instead of whining on the forums
  10. Yeah don't post a new thread like that. Posting in the old one will bump it to the top.
  11. post publicly so that anybody with the same issue can find a solution
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