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  1. Just set the server to private, turn off name verification, and use the direct connect feature to connect with any username
  2. What directory on your computer are you running the server from? Are you running it inside of the zip file? It must be fully extracted in order to save.
  3. This isn't a feature request thread. This is a tips and tricks thread.
  4. Let it be known that OP has the big stupid. Thank you.
  5. You can use ClassiCube SkinSwatch or you can use most (if not all) Minecraft-compatible skins.
  6. AndrewPH


    Unfortunately we don't control the content on servers, and unless they are actively performing illegal activity, I do not wish to open the can of worms that is server censorship. Play on a server that discourages this behavior.
  7. This has nothing to do with Classicube. Please start posting in the right sections.
  8. No. I locked cover photo uploading from non-gold accounts because I'm tired of kids taking up server space with awful images.
  9. I hate when I try to drink some water and it was just a lump of hard plastic in a cup the whole time 🥺
  10. Hey all, Some of you may have noticed that I've changed the avatars on the forum from a front-facing preview of your skin into a 3d isometric view of your skin's head. I rewrote the face renderer to look more visually appealing. Let me know if it's incorrectly rendering your skin (and give an example of how it should be rendered) Enjoy! For developers: You can get these images easily by going to https://www.classicube.net/face/USERNAME/ (replace USERNAME with a username) This path will always return an image, so you can use it even when you're not sure if the user exists or has a skin, without needing any error handling.
  11. AndrewPH


    Try using their website, not the ClassiCube forums.
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