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  1. Hello, and welcome back to The Front Page. It's that time of year that some people say they are thankful for a lot of stuff that they don't actually talk about at all the rest of the year. I'm thankful for my site management team, @123DontMessWitMe, @Goodly, and @UnknownShadow200. They're the real rockstars keeping the Discord and Site under control most of the time, while I'm off harassing the local petting zoo animals. I couldn't find any Thanksgiving-themed builds to showcase here, so here are a bunch of random Thanksgiving cooking tips. Thank you for all the excellent tips, my friends! This Thanksgiving will certainly be a holiday to remember. What are you thankful for? Comment on this post and share with the class.
  2. i have played nothing but the car hydraulic rhythm game in gta:sa for the last 16 years
  3. AndrewPH

    I need

    MSK is UTC+3, so MSK+3 would be UTC+6 😉 If I'm not mistaken, that is in the list there.
  4. AndrewPH

    Skin Help

    If it changed on the site then rest assured that it did change. You just have to be patient - sometimes skin updates don't take place immediately in-game.
  5. and I fixed up the styling of the ratings area to separate the ratings from the rate button more.
  6. 900th post in this section, at least
  7. you'll have to load it up into a server software that supports it and dump it using the client, or use MapConverter
  8. If it's not on the server list, it's not running.
  9. I got the joke, it just wasn't funny. Also this isn't leddit.
  10. I recommend taking this up with the owner of the server, "Goodly", and having him ban this hacker.
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