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  1. Take it up directly with the server staff, don't post about it here. Thanks.
  2. Imagine having superpowers, but their usage is super specific and not all that helpful. I'll start: The ability to teleport to somebody, but only after they open a message from you, and only once every 24 hours.
  3. Post this in the right section next time. Moved it to ATF. As if the giant flashing banner wasn't warning enough that you should double check.
  4. I use photoshop, but my editing laptop is a 2in1 so moving around the picture is super easy. I also don't do a whole lot of retouching.
  5. That's the same thing as sketchful isn't it?
  6. hey guys, I'm planning on doing game night on saturday, the 23rd, around 10am PST / 5PM UTC. I definitely want to get some y'all together for a team on Halo MCC (PC) multiplayer. But we'll probably start off with some sketchful or jackbox. throw some ideas around here. preferably cheap or free games, with a low learning curve. Want to join game night? hit up discord, check the roles channel, and follow the instructions.
  7. GT is not named "spam zone"
  8. it runs in the chromeos browser. plugins wouldn't work even if it was packaged as a chromeos app.
  9. game night isn't for playing classicube
  10. Python is a decent choice, but it depends heavily on what you want to make
  11. Wish granted, but you are banned and cannot enjoy it. edit: I'm stupid and didn't put a wish. I wish I put a wish.
  12. there's no legal standing for them to do that. don't spread fud. the repository for classicube contains the files needed to compile the game for android https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/tree/master/android it just doesn't work well and there's not much reason for unk to spend his own time fixing it up.
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