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  1. that's a screenshot of user-generated content. you can "select" a map like that by finding one on a public server or making one by hand yourself.
  2. skins are updated instantly the second you upload them, and under normal circumstances should reflect any changes the next time the skin gets loaded by your client. in practice, sometimes the cache doesn't get cleared on our end, or if you use the webclient your browser is caching it.
  3. Please keep in mind that the minimum age to own a Classicube account or play online using our services is 13, and if you are concerned about seeing content from other players you should exclusively utilize the singleplayer mode.
  4. protip: if classicube is down you won't be able to access it at all.
  5. they shouldn't be using a school machine to play video games tbh
  6. You sign in with your username, not your email. Those are errors telling you that the input you supplied is not only wrong, it's not ever going to be right because it isn't a username.
  7. This isn't a place for you to send unguided messages to other people. Contact them directly, not through vague threads on here.
  8. Right on the registration page, you'll notice it tells you that you need to verify your account in order to play multiplayer.
  9. Servers need a computer to run on. Unless you can trick somebody into running a server for you, which they won't get any benefit for since you're too young to send them money, you will need to download the software and run it yourself. I strongly recommend getting your own computer instead of trying to do it on a school-issued chromebook that you are supposed to be learning on.
  10. True anarchy project doesn't require registration at all.
  11. And? Why would you think this was a good idea, especially for a test server
  12. Log out and back in to sync your profile picture
  13. In 9 days, log in to the server. He said that very clearly and even bolded the important bits.
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