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  1. They have tee-shirts, hoodies, hats and stickers here https://teespring.com/makeclassigay. I bought mine not to long ago and it turned out great with fast free shipping. I'ma wear it to school tomorrow.
  2. First of all the devs are not lazy, look at the github and you can see many changes are happening everyday. if you want more features code them yourself. and also ClassiCube is a remake of Minecraft Classic and they arent gonna add survival. if this game is bland with its updates or you think the devs are lazy you are wrong.
  3. Recent commits on the ClassiCube GitHub shows that this is coming :)))
  4. check ur spam folder and if its still not there, check the all mail inbox. and if you still cant find it contact a website staff on discord, also how are you asking this if you cant get into your account?
  5. How to get cancelled 101, ask for survival mode and put some cringe emojis at the end
  6. Im sorry everyone that im late to this thread, but I have the worst one here https://f.classicube.net/profile/2577-swoozy_gamer/ Her whole profile screams cringe, but it gets worse when u look at what she said in the fourms its pure cringe, you have to look at it yourself.
  7. Hey, I have made many eaglercraft servers using repl and would like to help, DM so we can talk more if your interested.
  8. for me its CC, Team Fortress 2, and Garry's Mod
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