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  1. Flamingos are one of my fav birds!
  2. I think we can all say that mods help us everyday and they don't get enough appreciation, so i'm here to say thank you to all of our mods! First up 123DontMessWitme: I thank you for helping CC a better place and banning people who are being annoying or rude. Thank you! Second up AndrewPH: Thank you for helping CC be clean and not full of cromies. And also, pay you employees. Thank you! Third up UnknownShadow200: Thank you so much for coding things for CC and making everything happen. Thank you! Fourth up Goodly: Thank you for cleaning up CC and making sure no one is breaking the rules. Thank you! Fifth up Panda: Thank you for moderating CC and putting the ban hammer on people who are being stupid. Thank you! We need to give our mods more appreciation then just saying thank you! We ALL need to say thank you! Thanks -Scout
  3. doing /skin might help. It updates you skin.
  4. Thank you everyone my PC has speed up SO much faster! I can not thank you enough! Thank you and cya next time! -Scout
  5. I'm pretty sure it doesn't because ive been looking around the settings and info and cant find any evidence of there being one.
  6. processor: Intel(r) Core(tm) i5-3210m cpu @ 250.ghz 250.ghz installed memory(ram) 8.00 gb 64-bit operating system thats all that i can find
  7. So recently i got my hands on a random computer i found on the side of the road. I took and wanted to fix it up and sell it or whatev. The only problem is that it is very slow and i was wondering if anyone had a trick or way to speed it up. It is a Windows 7 Home Premium btw. Thank you and cya later. "Way to go, pally!"
  8. Nice! but their is a problem, no one asked
  9. for me its CC, Team Fortress 2, and Garry's Mod
  10. Thank you everyone who precipitated in the DeadNova Network Parkour Making Contest and helped make this possible! Now, onto the winners! 1st: Larin! Excellent map with many jumps and places to go. Really great map and would 100% recommend to people who would like to get better at parkour! 9/10! 2nd: MESYETI! Great map with pools of lava and many great jumps. Only problem is that it is unfinished but besides that great map! 8/10! 3rd: JaviPlayz! Great map and my fav out of all off them, but the other ones were more appeling to me. Great map for doing parkour! 7/10! 4th: Rainb0wSkeppy! Great map that is very annoying becasue there is blocks above and hard to see where to go. Took me awile to figure out. LOL! 6/10 5th: PopU! Great map with long stone brich bridge at the begining. Dropper at the end that's preety difficult to land. 5/10! The rest are really hard to put into places because they had little effort of little to nothing inside the map. Prizes consist of: 1st: Rank up, map featured in autual server, and 100,00 coins! 2nd: Rank up and 90,000 coins 3rd: u chose (he admin above me, he has everythiong that i have!) 4th: Rank up and 60,000 coins. 5th: Rank up and 50,000 coins. Everyone else gets 1,000 coins. Thank you everyone and ill so you guys/girls another day. -Friendlyscout1
  11. Summer Depression by GirlsInRed Good for summer coming up
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