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  1. First, get the client.log and send it here.
  2. You literally have no idea what you're talking about.
  3. ClassiCube doesn't have any kind of native controller support except on the console ports, and as far as I know, there aren't any easy to use libraries for interfacing with the Xperia Play's buttons, making the possibility that this could be developed extremely low, unfortunately.
  4. Resources will need to be manually added to the ClassiCube folder for older machines. I suggest just running ClassiCube on a modern machine and copying over the resource folders. Depending on how old your OS is, you may also need to enable the http-no-https option if you plan on logging in to a ClassiCube account, but only do that if it doesn't work without it, because turning HTTPS off will send your CC account credentials unencrypted, in plaintext.
  5. And how exactly is that mutually incompatible with new feature updates?
  6. From what I gather, that appears to be based on Linux, so that's way more plausible than most other suggestions in this thread
  7. Classic64 is a good one. It adds Mario from Super Mario 64 to classicube.
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