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  1. I acctually am and if im not 13 do you have proof?
  2. https://f.classicube.net/guidelines/ read the first one please
  3. O my god this shit is petty first of all second of all you should leave this up to the owner 3rd of all if your server owner is not a good owner then dont play on the damn server
  4. It would be weird if your mom jokes weren't a thing
  5. Thank you so much
  6. tetrisplayer2


    Is there a cmd that allows you to wipe out all the tree's on your map.
  7. Well ummmmmm kids arent supposed to play the game in the first place soo the rules state 13 and up
  8. If you need to download CC on Chromebook. Here I made a sick toutorial on here hope you enjoy! 🤗
  9. So I have seen alot of people have chromebooks so heres a how to, on downloading cc on your chromebook Your friendly neighborhood noob Tet
  10. tetrisplayer2


    you can technically do that for armor just, use a skin and for elytra well make a custom model like goodly siad
  11. This helped very much but i dont have a brain 😞
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