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  1. Didnt you leave cc? Becuase u didn't get admin???
  2. What was the point of asking for a dev tag???
  3. Hi there. I need help and gonna keep it simple does anyone know how to download cef on a chromebook or a tutorial/thread If u Do thanks. Your Friendly Noob Tetrisplayer2
  4. By mods i think you meen Plugins There a is a API available for plugins, although it's quite limited https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/blob/master/doc/plugin-dev.md An example of adding something that only works in singleplayer only: copy e.g. https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube-Plugins/blob/master/SchematicExporter/SchematicExporter.c and change the false to COMMAND_FLAG_SINGLEPLAYER_ONLY
  5. Bro its a block game not a college essay
  6. Im not allowed to visit Fourms?
  7. Look I know several people do this all the time so I wanna get the started with a sorry The main purpose of this post is to inform you about me leaving abt CC so sit n tight if You would like OK so ik I have made friends From the og Masterlazorx to na2 and zs but I made my first friends on these servers and I want you guys to know that u can to I want you to know that time is precious and I have realized that that's why I'm leaving cc forever. I want to give my og friends a special thanks you guys helped me through it all the good times and the bad times so I wanna give those ppl thanks Goodly: You have helped me tremendously With server and any questions in particular. Police_1234: My first friend in cc you have been with me through the good and bad I wish we could have spent more time. GogoFbi: Damn no words you were always there when we fought whenever I was desperate for a server you gave me one so special thanks on your part. FuriousFiregirl: Always popin up out of no were and always just being a friend on your part. Oofy: You were super nice and I liked it when you were there for me when I needed you the most The reason why I'm leaving CC is I have realized for a while now that life is short and time you just can't get back so I want you guys to know time is short. And I'm am leaving cc bc of some of the toxicity and the time I have lost and I need to make up for that time. I need to take a break and maybe you do too u cant recycle time you just can't it's not possible so take a break sometimes that's what I have learned so yea. Keep in mind this is to remind you im not getting on as much as i used to so im not completely Leaving so i want everybody to get that fact straight. I'll miss you guys Love Tet. Your last friendly neighborhood noob Tet Peace Love ya.
  8. I am leaving Cc il make a post abt it
  9. Server give away on my server rules are simple join the server and ur entered to The contest http://www.classicube.net/server/play/98674f765165069a60fe972ea581cf12/
  10. The fight of the century Zs guys wanted this so badly so were doing the fight Will happen at 3:00pm est On my server M_Beat Vs Tetrisplayer2 Your friendly Noob -Tetrisplayer2
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