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  1. Thats the reg text pack just a bit more "centered"
  2. Thats fair people just dont like my opinion and my spelling so they react with the dumb emoji 🙂
  3. Doge is a chromie and dont trust him 🙂
  4. OMG why are we talking about chromies LOL doge is a chromie
  5. hmm how bout you mind your bussiness im not playing anymore and i did quit
  6. Any gift card u want basicaly but the games are over
  7. 1. 5:00pm est 2. Tet's server [Freebuild, Ls , Zs And Much More!] 3. Gift Card
  8. Today is squid games please message me or say yes down below if u wanna participate
  9. Why do you always post on my shit talking about spelling errors like comon now its a damn game like its not supposed to be perfect am i supposed to use grammarly
  10. The First-Ever CC SQUID GAMES The squid games will be held Wednesday, October 13th at 5:00 We need staff so please join us Also if you want to compete and not be staff this is fine. Rules 1. No hacked Client Imideatete Ban If found Out 2. no helping People Every man for them selfs 3. Have fun and kill people to win a prize This event will Be hosted on Tetrisplayer2's server please join we need all the contestants we can get
  11. LOL thanks and also those are abreviations on Zombie survival Lava survival Countdown and Roleplay
  12. Announcing New server Called Tets Server We have Zs Ls Cd Roleplay And Much more Please Come Today we need staff and police_1234 will be there soon Come today
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