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  1. Venk


    Did you make sure to add the map into the list via /pvp add [map name]. It could also be that one or more players have /inv enabled which means they are unable to be hit/take damage. Give these a try and let me know how it goes.
  2. Venk

    Plugins problem

    I believe you may be using an older version of the plugin. I released a fix for version about 8 months ago. Please try grabbing the latest version from here and try compiling with that.
  3. Venk

    Plugin help?

    The way it works is that they are custom bot AI instructions. You will need to do either add the bots manually or make another plugin to spawn them in (was planned at one point). Use /botset [bot name] [bot instruction] to assign bot AI instructions. E.g, for a bot named "zombie" you would type /botset zombie hostile.
  4. Great, now try and do this one:
  5. Venk

    Plugin help?

    I've been working on creating mobs in my secret laboratory for a bit now. You can grab the plugin from here if you'd like. It currently supports freeroam (mobs walking around where they please), hostile (will attack if within range) and some other experimental features.
  6. Just a short reminder for those that are interested: there are two weeks until the big event. If you haven't signed up already, you still have until the 14th of September to do so. We'd like to see as many people as possible registering. All you have to do to sign up is just fill out this short form (takes like a minute, literally) about why you should be selected and who your partner should be. https://forms.gle/5H9KWWWsT5nkb71w5
  7. 🏆 27th August, 2021 It's tournament season again and we've decided to try something never before seen on ClassiCube this time around. With the recent release of our arcade gamemode, we have decided to run a mixed-arcade doubles tournament! Now, let's get into the practical information, shall we? When is the tournament? To compensate for our European players, we've made the tournament a couple of hours earlier than the spleef tournament. The tournament will be held on the 19th of September, 2021 at 4pm Washington DC time and 9pm London time. Please check the appropriate times if you are not in these timezones. What is the tournament? The tournament is a 2v2 mixed-arcade tournament. There will be 8 teams of two battling it out in 8 different minigames to earn the most points. Points are awarded based on how well teams perform in rounds. How can I enter? We can only have a maximum of 16 participants. This means that anybody that is interested will have to sign up to compete. You can find more information about this via our Google form link: https://forms.gle/5H9KWWWsT5nkb71w5 What are the rules? 1. No cheating. This means using a hacked or modified client to change settings such as reach and hacks, among other things. This includes auto-clickers and fancy clicking techniques to get over 17CPS. If you are found to be clicking at over 17CPS, our anti-cheat system will kick you. 2. No toxicity. While trash-talking can be allowed at a minimum, severe disrespect towards players online will not be tolerated and you may be kicked for the time being. 3. Use your head. Most tournaments follow a similar guideline and this is not an exception. The rules from the server are still in place and you will be punished the same as if the tournament was not in place. If you are found breaking any of these rules, you may be kicked from the tournament or even the server. Don't be that guy... Tournament structure There will be 8 gamemodes that the teams will play. For more info, check out our calculation sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oiy-LlaACw1g9ptejVZIZZk6KR26QVeDUH27yPLscjM/ 2v2 gamemodes: All 2v2 games will follow a round robin structure, meaning each team will play each other once for a total of 28 rounds. To reiterate, this is 28 rounds total for all teams. Each team will play 7 times. Battle Box (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) Dodgeball (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) Parkour Tag (est 1 min) [28 rounds] + (1*28) Sumo (est 1.5 mins) [28 rounds] + (1.5*28) FFA gamemodes: Bridge Battle (est 5-10 mins) [1 round] + 7.5 Flood (est 2 mins each) [3 rounds] + (2*3) Rainbow Rush (est 1.5 mins each) [3 rounds] + (1.5*3) Parkour/Speedrunners (est 2.5 mins each) [elimination] + (2.5*4) For speedrunners, it will work a little bit differently. The bottom four in each heat will be eliminated. There are four heats. Finals The two teams that have scored the most points during the event will both choose a gamemode to play in the finals. Rewards: All coins and XP earned from the event will be kept by the players. In short, the better you perform, the better your rewards will be. 2nd place All coins earned + $10 game of their choosing on Steam each. 1st place All coins earned + $20 game of their choosing on Steam each and the 🏆 Tournament Winner role on Discord. Conclusion If you are unsure about anything and would like to clarify, please feel free to ask myself or a staff member. Best of luck to all of you entering and even if you aren't, come watch and support your friends 🙂 If you would like to see the games in action, check out our trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYICI522Wqc Discord: https://discord.io/Puissant
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