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  1. WOW! This sounds super fun! Can't wait for it to begin!
  2. team fortress 2 for me
  3. Nobody said anything about indev?
  4. The software is open source, so you can see for yourself that there are no viruses
  5. New Update for the Pluging! https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.2 Changes: - Removed CTF code * Changed Classic to Team Deathmatch + Adde new Classic Mode + Adde new DeathmatchMode - Removed /gunplus red - Removed /gunplus blue - Removed /gunplus gray - Removed /gunplus spec + Added /gp join + Added /gunplus leave * Changed /gunplus [gun] to /gunplus gun [gun] * Changed /help gunplus + Added Heart icon and color to hp * Changed createBullet fuction so it uses index of the gun in gunNames not name + The whole level now gets the message that the gamemode has changed * Added 10 second invincibility at start of the game + Added Ability so only Owner of level or admins can change spawn,gamemode,start and end + When you join a level with Guns Plus it tells the current gamemode Fixes: + Fixed players no getting tped to their spawns when the game starts * Fixed Default gun kill messages having invalid colors + Fixed reserting the player model + Fixed ability to start a game with 1 player + Fixed players chaning guns in Arms Race + Fixed player disconecting problems + Fixed player joing mid game + Fix to the gamemode change not changing teams + Fixed player adding Guns Plus to a level + Fixed kill messages showing globaly + Fixed /gp end not correctly ending the game
  6. Why do we need food? We don't have hunger
  7. "Args" is a string not string array
  8. Chat.MessageGlobal(message);
  9. New Update for the Pluging! https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.1 Added New Weapon Knife Weapon Reach Added Gamemodes Classic Gamemode Arms Race Gamemode Added Kill streak Added Kill Stat Added Death Stat Added /gunplus START Added /gunplus END Added 5 seconds of Invincibility Fixed Default rank for /gunplus is now Guest /help gunplus "Gun Modes" now have / Made Sepctators Invisible Default Weapon is now Pistol
  10. I made a MCGalaxy Plugin that adds better guns and more! +6 New guns+3 New Teams+Team Respawning+Health And more! To play load the plugin and and +gunsplus in the level MOTD For help about plugin do /help gunplus Download: https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.0
  11. After many days of codding I finally made ClassiCube in ClassiCube on Project Server (with all 65 blocks). To play go to classicube world. How to play: Right Click to Place blocks Left Click to Break blocks W,A,S,D - to move Space - to jump
  12. /lb is for specific world/level/map did you do it correctly? Did you stop the server while doing it? Did you restart the server?
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