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  1. The software is open source, so you can see for yourself that there are no viruses
  2. New Update for the Pluging! https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.2 Changes: - Removed CTF code * Changed Classic to Team Deathmatch + Adde new Classic Mode + Adde new DeathmatchMode - Removed /gunplus red - Removed /gunplus blue - Removed /gunplus gray - Removed /gunplus spec + Added /gp join + Added /gunplus leave * Changed /gunplus [gun] to /gunplus gun [gun] * Changed /help gunplus + Added Heart icon and color to hp * Changed createBullet fuction so it uses index of the gun in gunNames not name + The whole level now gets the message that the gamemode has changed * Added 10 second invincibility at start of the game + Added Ability so only Owner of level or admins can change spawn,gamemode,start and end + When you join a level with Guns Plus it tells the current gamemode Fixes: + Fixed players no getting tped to their spawns when the game starts * Fixed Default gun kill messages having invalid colors + Fixed reserting the player model + Fixed ability to start a game with 1 player + Fixed players chaning guns in Arms Race + Fixed player disconecting problems + Fixed player joing mid game + Fix to the gamemode change not changing teams + Fixed player adding Guns Plus to a level + Fixed kill messages showing globaly + Fixed /gp end not correctly ending the game
  3. Why do we need food? We don't have hunger
  4. "Args" is a string not string array
  5. Chat.MessageGlobal(message);
  6. New Update for the Pluging! https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.1 Added New Weapon Knife Weapon Reach Added Gamemodes Classic Gamemode Arms Race Gamemode Added Kill streak Added Kill Stat Added Death Stat Added /gunplus START Added /gunplus END Added 5 seconds of Invincibility Fixed Default rank for /gunplus is now Guest /help gunplus "Gun Modes" now have / Made Sepctators Invisible Default Weapon is now Pistol
  7. I made a MCGalaxy Plugin that adds better guns and more! +6 New guns+3 New Teams+Team Respawning+Health And more! To play load the plugin and and +gunsplus in the level MOTD For help about plugin do /help gunplus Download: https://github.com/Rulja220/Classicube-MCGalaxy-Guns-Plus-Plugin/releases/tag/r1.0
  8. After many days of codding I finally made ClassiCube in ClassiCube on Project Server (with all 65 blocks). To play go to classicube world. How to play: Right Click to Place blocks Left Click to Break blocks W,A,S,D - to move Space - to jump
  9. If the server has LockedReach plugin then in motd add reach=[number]
  10. /lb is for specific world/level/map did you do it correctly? Did you stop the server while doing it? Did you restart the server?
  11. Single player: Generate Level > Flat Grass Multiplayer: (If you have op) /newlvl [name] [x] [y] [z] (If you don't have op) /os map add
  12. On the Project Server I made a custom game called Block Battle. A strategy game where the point is to kill your opponent with various blocks. (Note that the game is in beta I will be adding more blocks,biomes,add UI and fix bugs over time) To play, go to blockbattle world in the Project server When it's your turn you have 3 buttons: Move - Move the player to the desired spot Build - Use/Place a block on the desired spot End Turn - End your turn (Buttons can be used once per turn) (Right click on the block in your deck to see what it does) I want to thank UnknownShadow200+, Venk+, deewend+ and others who helped me in the discord server and CorranEveryone+, AhmedBro12344+ (and others) that helped beta test the game. You guys are are awesome! Some images
  13. You can host your own server, but you need to port forward your wifi.
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