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  1. LMAO this game is opositive of holy
  2. Tip: sound can randomly crash to fix it just exit the game and join back in
  3. Rulja1234

    im new here

    WELCOME and have fun :)
  4. saying OwO and UwU and saying n word
  5. OK OK OK i am not joking I MADE FOOTBALL IN CC go to NA2 and /g rulja1234+3 TO play just midle click the ball named footballballb (BDW if you want to make the stadium batter just ask me to perbuild you)
  6. A) you have a Gun game in NA2 B) and you have CTF on CTF server
  7. You know /lb command.If yes just cange the texture of the lime wool and TNT
  8. dude just /maphack and you won in 10 s
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