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  1. Thanks I will do that now! It was my first time posting anything on GitHub.
  2. I made a simple plugin that turns your world to hell with /Hell [true/false] [redacted] If you have any feedback / ideas be sure to tell me (this is my first plugin)
  3. @ikkebinz and me made the first (to our knowledge) playable Tic Tac Toe with only redstone (No Message Blocks, No Plugins, No script only Sand Wool Lava etc.) it is playable in "game" world in unicode lounge server (Updates will be posted in this post).
  4. scratch then upgrade to python then java and then pick JS C C++ C#
  5. Invasion mod (aka tower defeance its real fun)
  6. Donate to charity and poor I don't need money 🙂
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