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  1. Use message blocks. See /mb on how to use them. And to assist with filling in said portals use /t to basically repeat the command every single time you place a block.
  2. There is no game development involved in ClassiCube, especially on Andrews side
  3. I couldn't join that server anyways, as for some reason any traffic to the IP that the server is on is just blocked by any ISP or mobile provider in my country. But what they're doing is just... bad. A server MUST have organic players for it to grow an actual player base. Not some bots but actual players who are interested in playing your server. And as the fact that there are many freebuild servers the competition is very extreme for the top place on the server list to get all the attention of the players. So from what I'm assuming Mike wants to hold the top spot most of the time to gain peoples attention. And from my experience you're only successful if you bring anything unique to the table and not for just being at the top of the server list.
  4. For one, the Betacraft server list is entirely static so the guide is pointless. However there will be a new one once Betacraft V2 comes out. For the whole warping thing you use a OnPlayerConnectEvent handler to check if the players username ends in + and if not warp them to the classic freebuild map on join, also make sure to handle map joins with the HandleJoinedLevel event, if you don't like that then parse the command and check if it's /goto, and if so cancel the command with a generic message.
  5. Windows 8.0 has been out of support since 2016, I recommend upgrading to 8.1. However you could try enabling TLS 1.2 in internet options, which you can get to from control panel.
  6. 8.1 or 8.0? The .1 makes a huge difference in being able to help you
  7. Are you using Windows 8.0 or 8.1?
  8. Delete fontcache.txt in the working directory ClassiCube uses.
  9. Set the public flag to true in server.properties which is in the properties folder.
  10. You edit server.properties in the properties folder. There you can find a server name field. Change it.
  11. There's nothing you can do about it other than changing the font used.
  12. Install latest Internet Explorer version, install all the updates required to enable TLS 1.2 support. Once you have the updates installed then enable TLS 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 support.
  13. Press F12 on your keyboard, it should take a screenshot in the screenshots directory in the working directory that ClassiCube is running at, which is usually where the executable for ClassiCube is at.
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