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  1. Show your whole YouTube page, then I will be able to decide for myself.
  2. Lmao. I don't even use Twitter due to Melon Husk's Genius! moves, you're fucking hilarious... What's next? Calling me something that I'm not?
  3. No, your acting is hilarious and I can't wait to see more about how you're denying that you're not redpcat because I keep talking about that. You cannot prove me wrong that you're not redpcat.
  4. Damage control mode activated! Seriously? Why are you not posting other shit songs for comedy instead? If you weren't redpcat then you wouldn't be "laughing" out of your own crap, and instead be shitting on other people's work!
  5. Because you said that you made this, and also you're the only one who has brought him up after the drama.
  6. >RedPCat Hold up, are you ban-evading? Not cool.
  7. It's just links to servers, which are BTW not long-term and can change at any moment.
  8. The plugin has been broken since MCGalaxy and nobody has bothered to fix it. But if you want it fixed now you simply go to line 115 and remove the part that says null, null and make it be like this "ItemPerms(LevelPermission.Operator)"
  9. This assumes they are an adult. That can't work out if they are a minor since Oracle Cloud requires you to be 18 or older.
  10. If you have the money then get something like a VPS, if you don't then https://eddyn.net/projects/games/.
  11. Ah yes, linking people to a ROM download of Super Mario 64, what could go wrong!
  12. Use something like Paint.net or GIMP. If you already have a tool to manipulate images then you use that instead
  13. What version of Internet Explorer do you have? If it's 8 then you will NEED to install updates.
  14. Those songs don't fit in with Classic at all and will also cause the size of required assets to grow, causing people to require to download more.
  15. icanttellyou


    The version you download onto your computer from ClassiCube.net.
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