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  1. They didn't even mention the Source engine anywhere? Where in the world did that assumption come from?
  2. No. In fact, never. Why would anyone want ClassiCube in the Source engine???
  3. Make a file called config.properties in the plugins\VenksSurvival folder.
  4. That's because you have this enabled: And also there is proof of botting.
  5. It's probably not a plugin, but several already existing plugins lazily mashed up using message blocks and portals.
  6. Whose? Because none of these IPs look like mine.
  7. Ah yes, raging over dumb reactions because you got banned for bigotry.
  8. Classic+ is a mod, not a demo?
  9. The server isn't sending any level data, something has gone very wrong on the server-side.
  10. Then you paste in the copied link in the direct connect window.
  11. Does it have a graphics card? You may also try reinstalling Windows.
  12. What are the specs? Also, wrong category.
  13. Weird, if I try connecting to this IP it connects to my own server which is hosted on my local network. Are you sure you copied your public IP and not the local IP that comes from ipconfig?
  14. I actually don't know. Garry's Mod?
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