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  1. I actually doubt that the server is 1 year old. Can't really check "/top 10 oldest" since I got banned from that server for "oof"...
  2. You do /os preset sunset on your map.
  3. icanttellyou


    https://www.classicube.net/download/ Go here, and click on the button where it says recommended, you should get a ClassiCube.exe file or a ClassiCube.tar.gz file. If you get a .exe, just open it, if you get a tar.gz you have to first extract it and then allow execution of said file.
  4. icanttellyou


    Try using the desktop version of ClassiCube.
  5. icanttellyou


    Do a speed test then... It might be your internet line is fast but not your connection from computer to router.
  6. icanttellyou


    What are your specs of your computer on it which takes ages for you to log in, what operating system are you using, are sounds enabled, and do you have any audio output device plugged in? Or it could just be that you are using extremely slow WiFi and not realizing it could be why it takes so long to get the map, you could try using a different connection method like direct Ethernet.
  7. icanttellyou


    Where does it get stuck? Is it at the login screen, is it when launching the game or is it when you are connecting? If it is at the login screen, make sure you are connected to the internet or have fast internet. If stuck while launching the game just be patient. If stuck while connecting, get better internet.
  8. You either haven't installed your GPU drivers or your GPU is too old for anything newer than OpenGL 1.1.
  9. You can't delete accounts, just forget the password for that account or you just forget about that account in the first place.
  10. No one is willing to make you a server. Use eddynet when they fix registrations.
  11. I kept looking for this entity on my favorite server which is the DN server. I just can't find it.
  12. I think it came from an old ClassiCube server called Classic Revived. Not so sure where he got it from, file timestamps say it's from late-2016.
  13. Sure, here it is. https://mega.nz/file/gTJmETII#7Y17Bs7NWE2kyFGXv1XK2rlJb3WXsL5W7UdR57HI2u4
  14. If you are trying to make a texture pack, please make sure you add every single texture you have modified or made to a zip file.
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