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  1. Unfortunately you can't do this unless you modify the server software or use a plugin I think.
  2. It's almost like it was edited using MS Paint!
  3. This conversation with him proves so: [20:25:13] [NOICE] minecraft_1589: im 14 [20:25:50] [NOICE] minecraft_1589: im 14 in game irl im 15 [20:26:33] [NOICE] minecraft_1589: gys ingame in 10 IRL IM 15 He goes from a 14 year old to a fake 14 year old saying that he is 15, later says that he is a fake 10 year old and says that he is 15.
  4. You have to add 2 different blocks using 2 different min max settings, and name one of them BLOCKNAME-NS and the other BLOCKNAME-WE, and then you enable auto-rotate using F6.
  5. Try updating to the latest version of MCGalaxy which is which is at https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/tree/master/Uploads.
  6. /pervisit *map name* *rank name*
  7. Do you live in a data-center? I'm just joking. You are probably using a remote computer if you don't use any VPN's or proxies.
  8. icanttellyou


    Well someone has made a non exclusive version of /reward, and you can get it here: https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff/blob/master/MCGalaxy/Commands/CmdReward.cs
  9. This is an issue that can happen on the mobile version of the game, I'm not sure about iOS but it happens on the native Android version.
  10. Use rocket_head and rocket_start blocks using /rocket_head and /rocket_start, you need physics enabled for it to work.
  11. You can click on the arrow buttons on each part you want to change.
  12. If you ware an admin you could use /physics 5 or use Op_Air, or you use still variants.
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