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  1. This was originally supposed to be in the ModernLighting branch but it got scrapped over performance and resource issues. Additionally it didn't look good in most cases which is older classic maps.
  2. I recommend against doing this. Using direct connect requires disabling authentication which means anyone can impersonate as any player. Instead what you can do is copy the link provided and send it to your friends. They can join using the link in 2 ways. One being by simply clicking and using the web client. Second being by pasting the URL in the "classicube.net/server/play/..." box (see attached image) and clicking connect. Otherwise you can make the server publicly listed and enable a whitelist instead.
  3. You mean to set up a Discord bridge? If so it's pretty simple to set up. Go here to learn how to set the bridge up.
  4. /os add is if the server is running MCGalaxy (which is yet to come out, some servers run development versions however) or newer. If the server is running then you should use /os map add instead.
  5. You need to use a HandlePlace delegate instead and set that for the level you want the logic to work on using the following code //You want this to be called when the level is loaded. //BLOCK_ID is the block id you want to target. To target all simply make a for loop of range [0, 1024) level.UpdateBlockHandlers(BLOCK_ID); //This is an event which takes OnBlockHandlersUpdated delegates, you want to register this in your plugin //You may want to add a check to make sure this only sets the proper place handler. void OnBlockHandlersUpdated(Level lvl, BlockID block) { //Ensure if the map this event is called for is the one the plugin is targeting //Remove this if you want to target every map. if (lvl != pluginLevel) return; //You may want to retain the original place handler, so you might use a lambda here to invoke the original place handler. //I'm unsure if there is a different method to basically override the placement handler whilst retaining the original logic in place. lvl.PlaceHandlers[block] = PlaceHandler; } Some other advice to look through Zombie Survival code to see how they did finite blocks.
  6. The “requires latest version of MCGalaxy” comment is false as is not even out yet, and to be more correct is to specify that it needs a development build which version themselves as annoyingly. A minor nitpick but whatever…
  7. Why are you running the server as admin?
  8. This is no other than some chrome server with a crappy PVP texture pack, unimpressive main, built together with only plugins found on public GitHub repos and advertisement of features that don't even exist
  9. Look into /help newlvl and /help os map
  10. They won't do anything as the rules allow that. Basically it's best advice to not play on that server as it's a platform for hate speech.
  11. The server has verify-names disabled which means anyone can join under any name, and thus you should know just because someone is playing under their name doesn't mean it's them. In most cases it's probably someone impersonating them.
  12. This server seems to be poorly managed, and has verify-names disabled on the server. And the rules state that "Everything ( literally Everything ) is allowed except griefing", which implies slurs, bigotry and harassment are allowed alongside things disallowed by ClassiCube ToS.
  13. Yes. As the post you're replying states you need to add using MCGalaxy.Modules.Awards; to the top of your file. (Why does Invision not support small code blocks like Markdown or HTML's <code> block?)
  14. The V1 server list is static. I will have to write a new guide once the V2 server list API has been finalized alongside the release of MCGalaxy
  15. The server might be down at the moment, check the server list sometime later.
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