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  1. What version of Internet Explorer do you have? If it's 8 then you will NEED to install updates.
  2. Those songs don't fit in with Classic at all and will also cause the size of required assets to grow, causing people to require to download more.
  3. icanttellyou


    The version you download onto your computer from ClassiCube.net.
  4. icanttellyou


    Try using the standalone version, since you have a proper computer and not a Chromebook.
  5. It's an anarchy(?) server with free OP, no wonder someone could do these things to you. That's simply how anarchy works at times.
  6. ClassiCube has no shader or PBR support?
  7. since when did someone mistake aphex twin with fucking half life
  8. This won't contain data for message blocks, portals, zones, bots and blockprops.
  9. Portals are also annoyingly stored in the server database...
  10. You said you were playing for 3 months, but your account is only a few days old? Also it sounds a lot like a bot advertising a product and not having a clue what ClassiCube is.
  11. A programmer, obviously after learning the necessary things.
  12. Erm, how is this related to ClassiCube? From what I know Technoblade never played ClassiCube.
  13. They didn't even mention the Source engine anywhere? Where in the world did that assumption come from?
  14. No. In fact, never. Why would anyone want ClassiCube in the Source engine???
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