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  1. There is an actor named Bigben and he looks a lot like me, my red self. Even if I forbid it, it always comes back and if there is no owner, it happens again and says "I am from the other universe and I am always in you!" says.
  2. How can I open it? I use MCgalaxy
  3. Beratu77

    uncorrected map

    On my server, there are doors, zombies and sharks on the parkour2 map, but there is no movement on other maps.
  4. Beratu77

    animated bots

    Ok but after using the walk command I use reset, it doesn't work, it doesn't follow me.
  5. Beratu77

    animated bots

    it seems so difficult
  6. Beratu77

    animated bots

    I have seen bots moving and following us on some servers, I wonder how it is done?
  7. We will play with my friend via direct connect (on my server)
  8. So how can you combine blocks with a portal?
  9. I see it on all servers but I don't know how to do it
  10. I banned myself from my own server so my brother wouldn't disrupt my server. Don't ask why I did such a thing. app=MCGalaxy
  11. Let it be a texture pack, but let it be a texture pack consisting of blocks other than normal blocks.
  12. There may also be a texture pack
  13. answer this question quickly
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