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  1. Maybe for the paletted bulk block update it should have a byte for how many bits should a block id have, the number should be log_2(count) and be the nearest multiple of 2, or 1. And thus instead of storing let's say 128 bytes for 4 bits per each block of indices it instead stores 32 bytes if it's only a single block in the palette.
  2. Bad idea, this requires you to turn off authentication, and the way you should be doing is copying the found URL and telling people to paste it into this box. Then they can simply click Connect.
  3. Could be caused due to slowdowns on your phone caused by planned obsolescence Android updates, malware or other shenanigans happening on your phone.
  4. That's because they put the server up before the script kiddies ruined the server list, and due to that they froze the server list. You'll either have to wait until it unfreezes or until Betacraft V2 is out.
  5. There's negative time? Wow! I learn something new today!
  6. what alert? i didn't hear any loud noises. i was only chilling at my home, and nothing happened.
  7. It infringed on Mojang's copyright and intellectual property? Didn't it?
  8. And yet you don't realize that they put up the whole Minecraft 1.5.2 source code up on GitHub, deobfuscated using MCP mappings, which in turns means it is violating 2 copyrighted pieces of work
  9. Will there be a client plugin of sorts so I don't have to deal with horrible latency to actions due to the high ping caused due to me being a European whilst the server is hosted in Canada?
  10. easy potatoes fetch easy potatoes. potato
  11. No. You need to have a ClassiCube account for 5 years.
  12. And yet they claimed your network of servers or model of leadership was inclusive despite them literally hating on and telling threats and insults towards neurodivergent people. Should anyone trust you and your staff's claims about the CFA? Should I trust them? That is the question, if you and/or your staff turns out to be a bigot or hateful then should we even consider the CFA as something good when all we hear is negative things about it. Just think about it.
  13. You didn't put in any effort into the server apart from self promoting it, adding backports of modern Minecraft blocks, creating a questionable leadership structure and an organization fulfilled by your LARPing. I however have put in effort into creating my server. I spent my time getting all of those maps for my server, setting them up, forking the server software and adding new features to the server and fixing issues with the server and you claim that your leadership structure is better than mine when yours requires people to be "democratic", which may end up horribly for the player base (just look at what the republicans are doing in the US and you'll understand why).
  14. I'd rather stick with a stable model I know is tried and true (which is basically that I'm the only owner, and moderators are only added to the team by me and only me) and not have a democratic system which could possibly lead to negative feedback, decisions or generally bad ideas being pushed and advocated for by the players that think they are good for only them and not the long time players. I additionally don't want to lose ownership of my server at times and making it so some rando by the name of Emily4122+ who may have crashed my server in the past or even is related with a banned CC community member own MY server.
  15. icanttellyou


  16. Probably Linux 2.x, not sure. If you can compile the dependencies for ClassiCube for such an ancient kernel and then compile ClassiCube itself then yea.
  17. My brother in Christ: I built a computer, know everything about them and use Arch Linux (btw). And yet all you do is talk bullshit about your computer when in fact you're using a Chromebook. And that's not a GameBoy color in the video, that is a the original GameBoy from 1989, hell the GBC didn't even come out until way later in the 90s. Here's my neofetch to scare you off.
  18. There are literally no Alternative Reality Games involving ClassiCube.
  19. ClassiCube uses system provided CURL to load webpages, which doesn't support the encryption standards ClassiCube.net requires.
  20. I'm not sure what could be happening, but it could be due to how old the distro you use is, try compiling it for your device, and if that doesn't help then try looking into more modern distros which support ARM and your somewhat unsupported SOC from what you've said.
  21. 1. No it didn't 2. My brother in christ, I've got a good computer that can run games and I run Linux on it, so obviously I know shit about computers 3. A Mac from the late 90s can run 10.4 certainly, but 10.4 is practically obsolete. 4. Not related 5. Oh shut the fuck up, you're not TSMC. You cannot swap the gpu with THE DIE LEVEL IGPU FROM A MODERN INTEL CPU INTO A MAC FROM THE Y2K ERA
  22. What... That's not possible. You simply cannot convert a PowerPC Mac into an Intel Mac, and even then such old 32bit computers can't even dare to address 5TB of ram, which is not even a thing, and if it was it would be only for data centers and stupidly expensive
  23. Did you make sure you have the latest version of Internet Explorer along side having the latest root certificates and have all modern SSL/TLS levels enabled?
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