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  1. maybe it's more like it blocks ports other than 443 and 80
  2. Use the /import command. It will let you use .cw files.
  3. C isn't C#!!!! It won't work in the modern ClassiCube codebase.
  4. There is no anticheat, since the protocol is very primitive. You have to implement the anticheat on the server side...
  5. It still won't help with the fact that one of your staff members tried to dox me.
  6. literally went into damage control mode lmao
  7. how about you kick whatever_ out of your staff team? they tried to fucking dox me.
  8. it's probably the server still thinking you are connected, wait for a while until the connection times out.
  9. icanttellyou


    you need to enable pvp on the map you want.
  10. You open up `properties/lavasurvival.properties` in a text editor and change `zombie-model-while-infected` to a different model, or set it to none if you want to use a Minecraft skin which is set in `zombie-name-while-infected` to any Minecraft skin you would like.
  11. it's just a standard install of nas, nothing special, nothing cool.
  12. A whole year has passed since I posted my specs, but I got a real upgrade Processor: Intel Core i5-10400F RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX550 2GB HDD: 1 480GB SATA 6GB/s SSD, 2 7200RPM 500GB HDDs and 1 5400RPM 500GB HDD Monitor: 1336x768 monitor and a 1920x1080 monitor
  13. ????? MCGalaxy since supports protocol versions 3-7
  14. you don't, in other words tell your server list that the server is for that protocol version.
  15. This, is amazing. Will look forward to the finished product.
  16. I downloaded the latest version of the plugin from the GitHub repo, and it works. So I'm not sure what you are doing wrong.
  17. /cmdset [command] [rank] [extrapermnumber] You can find the extra permission number in /help [command]
  18. Remove the KickNoCC plugin and enable CPE in server.properties. Also please sanitize your logs before uploading them to the internet, since you just leaked IPs of people.
  19. Nas is down for a long time, however there are servers running the Nas software, maybe you should join one of those. MasterLazorX rebranded their server to ClassicHaven. And ClassiBuild is down for a long time as well.
  20. if i recall correctly, you can't convert any other formats to .dat.
  21. Replace AlwaysClassic with ClassicalNuts, and I will vote.
  22. This tutorial shows you how to set up a server running MCGalaxy to allow players to connect from BetaCraft, or other services. Step 1. Open up server.properties inside the properties folder, and under "Other settings" you should find a variable called "HeartbeatURL". Step 2. Change HeartbeatURL to http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp,https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp After doing that, the following area should look like this. Step 3. Save the file, and do /server reload to generate the necessary configuration. Step 4 (MCGalaxy Open up authservices.properties inside the properties folder, and look for a line that says URL = http://www.classicube.net/heartbeat.jsp Under it change name-suffix = to name-suffix = + And under URL = https://betacraft.uk/heartbeat.jsp change skin-prefix = to skin-prefix = https://minotar.net/skin/ The file should now look like this. Doing these changes allows the server to know and properly store player info for each player on each authentication service, and allows ClassiCube players to see Minecraft player skins. Step 5. Save the file and do /server reload, and wait for a while. Step 6. Check both of the server lists if your server is listed. Step 7. Join the server using the same username on both BetaCraft and ClassiCube to see if everything works.
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