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  1. this can be true if closer you can zoom with the c key on your keyboard
  2. its not gpt i used 20 days to think of this 😞
  3. i like freecam and bot control to be to the client that would bbe the best Here are some potential ideas for a Classicube VR mod: 1. Block building: Use VR controllers to build in Classicube with 3D blocks. This would allow for a more immersive building experience in the game. 2. New texture packs: Create new texture packs that are specifically designed for VR. This could allow for a more realistic and immersive experience. 3. Motion controls: Allow players to use motion controls for certain actions in Classicube. For example, players could use their hands to swing a pickaxe or hold a sword. 4. Multiplayer support: Introduce multiplayer support in VR, allowing players to join other individuals or groups who are also playing in VR. 5. First-person view: Enable first-person view in VR mode, allowing players to see the world around them from their own perspective. This would provide a completely new gameplay experience in Classicube. 6. Improved physics: Use VR to enhance player interaction with the game environment. For example, players could physically interact with objects, build bridges, and cross rivers. 7. Movement system: Implement a new movement system that is more suitable for VR. Perhaps a teleportation system with a short animation or a grab and move system that allows players to reach and move objects at a distance. These are just a few ideas. A VR mod could be a big project, but it could also offer a unique and
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