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  1. That's right. Have you heard of classi.cool.domain? In this server, I provide: Many custom blocks (327 to be exact) Freebuild, with and without custom blocks Pixel art Sandbox, to create contraptions in (VIP+ only!) 2 Zombie Survival maps 2 Lava Survival maps (1 Tsunami map) A /main alias, /hub, because I prefer /hub 3 Parkour levels Rank up by performing good deeds Different rank requirements for different commands Join in right now, by finding the name of the server in the server browser. Looking forward to see you there!
  2. MCClassic Hosting 2.0 (MCCH) | Comprehensive Hosting Solution Welcome to MCClassic Hostin 2.0, a revival of the original MCClassic Hosting! How do I get a server? Sign up to our Discord below and fill out the form in #our-services (after you’ve been verified!). We have a background checking system and can refuse server requests at our will. There are no forums and the only official form of communication for MCClassic Hosting issues is our Discord or email. Discord link https://discord.io/MCCH Services we offer MCGalaxy Servers - Free! ProCraft Servers - Free! Minecraft Java Edition Servers - Paid! (please join our Discord for a quota) Discord-IRC Relays - Free! Why choose us 99% uptime 5GB of Storage (larger servers can request more) 5TB Transfer Speed Hosted in New York Current portfolio ClassiCube Servers Puissant Royale [Custom Minigames] --=[ The-Golden-Apple 24/7 ]=-- [MCCH] Panda Anarchy. /BanAll [MCCH] Official Server Discord IRC Bots New Blood Relays MCCH Relays Minecraft Java Servers CiggyButtBrains Gaming - IP: mc.brycethompson.net BeepBopHeadPop's SMP - IP: Private Server Owner Terms of Service Dropbox Link (Server Owner Terms of Service) Don’t have Discord? Contact our support email: [email protected] Thanks, Toby and Panda This service was approved by 123DMWM.
  3. in order to make a server, you need to download McGalaxy on your computer by clicking here. Download it and then once your done, then click "McGalaxy.exe" Then you will see another window pop up. Now, click settings in the upper right corner. Change your server name. now visit all of the tabs and once your done editing them, go back to he first tab. Now below your server's name, click Port forward. Now you should follow what it said because I never got to that point. Now your server should be ready!
  4. If you are only planning on using IRC to connect your ClassiCube server to Discord and you are running MCGalaxy, you're better off just using its inbuilt Discord relay bot. More info can be found here. This tutorial is still valid, however, and you can still use IRC if you wish. Hello! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up a bridge between a ClassiCube server, IRC, Discord and back. Prerequisites: A server running software which supports IRC (MCGalaxy is the most common one) A computer which has a terminal prompt and supports Node.js/npm (this is unlikely, but possible to work on chromebooks) A Discord account (so you can create the bot) A brain 1. Set up IRC on your ClassiCube server On MCGalaxy, this is somewhere in properties/server.properties. Just enable IRC, keep the server and port as they are, don't put anything in OP channel and put whatever you want for channel. (Make sure that it starts with # though). I'll use #example for this tutorial. 2. Install npm (what is npm?) On Linux, you can use your package manager of choice to install npm. Examples: Ubuntu (and other Debian-based distros) sudo apt install npm Arch: sudo pacman -S npm Note: you may need to additionally install Node.js as well, haven't tried it myself. On Windows and macOS, you will have to download and install it from Node.js's download page. It is recommended that you use the LTS version, but "Current" works as well. 3. Create a configuration file for discord-irc Go to a new directory which you'll use for your bot and create a new .json file. Here is what you'll put in it (explanations for the numbers will be given below): { "nickname": "1", "server": "2", "discordToken": "3", "channelMapping": { "4": "5" } } 1 - Replace this with the nickname of the bot. This will be seen in-game and from the IRC channel. It is recommended that you just set this to "Discord". 2 - Replace this with the IRC server you're using. MCGalaxy uses "irc.esper.net" by default. 3 - Replace this with your Discord bot's token (NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE!). More instructions in step 4. 4 - Replace this with the Discord channel's ID. Essentially, all messages will be sent in that channel. To get a channel's ID, right-click it and click "Copy ID". If you don't see this, enable Developer Mode from the Advanced section of the Discord settings. 5 - Replace this with the IRC channel's name. If you set your MCGalaxy server's IRC channel to #example, put #example there. Note: you can expand this file with more options if you want. This is just the very minimal version. 4. Create a new Discord bot and get its token Creating a Discord bot is easy, you just have to go to My Applications on the Discord Developer Portal, create a new application, then create a bot for it. Once that is done, click the button to copy the token and insert it into the json file you made above. Once again, do NOT share your token with anyone, ever. 5. Install discord-irc and run the bot Open a terminal prompt (cmd.exe or powershell works on Windows) and cd to the directory in which the .json file is located, then install discord-irc using npm by writing this: npm i -g discord-irc and pressing Enter/Return. After this, wait until it's installed. If it doesn't let you install it, try putting sudo before npm. (so sudo npm i -g discord-irc). This will give you root permissions and works only on Linux, you will also need to input your user password. Once discord-irc is installed, make sure that you are in the .json file's directory and run this from the terminal: discord-irc --config <name>.json The bot should be running and should be relaying messages to/from the IRC, which by itself is connected to the ClassiCube server. To stop the bot, press Ctrl+C. You can also run discord-irc from different directories, just use --config /path/to/<name>.json as the arguments. That's it! If you have any questions, extra tips or have anything to say about this, please let me know. Have a nice day and I hope this helps you! ~Alex
  5. Before we start: * Welcome to the MCGalaxy guide. Before reading onward, please do note that this guide is initially made for MCGalaxy version, as such, some of the things stated below may not work in either past versions. If not, tell me and I will update it. * Starting the server Starting the server and actually making it so it's online is the most crucial thing you're going to need to do in this guide. Everything else will be informative and/or optional. To start the server, make sure you download your release from here, keeping in-mind I will be using to explain things. Once downloaded, you will need to extract the contents into a folder somewhere. Once complete, you will then need to run either MCGalaxy.exe or MCGalaxyCLI.exe. This will open up a GUI/CLI menu allowing you to edit the server. Next, you will need to port forward. If your router does not support UPnP portforwarding, you can find a guide on how to port forward here. If it does support UPnP port-forwarding then proceed to read on further. Upon opening the GUI, click the properties button. A menu like this should open (yours will likely be different): Next, you will need to enter a port in the port box (or keep it as 25565) and then click Server Port Utilities. Another GUI menu should pop up, here you will need to enter the previous port number into the box and then click Forward. If the forward was successful, you will receive a green Ports forwarded successfully using UPnP message. If not, then you will need to port forward manually by visiting the link above. Once you've done that, click out of that and press Save to save your progress. Voilà! Your server is ready to play. It should be around the bottom area of the server list, if it isn't try refreshing. Configuring your server Editing server properties is probably the most fun part of starting a server, you have full access to features and you can toggle things you want enabled/disabled on the server. To do this, you need to open up that folder we were talking about earlier and navigate to the /properties folder. In here there will be 8 files that you can edit customize. You can also edit things from the GUI, but this gives you a bit more options to choose from. The only one you really need to check out is server.properties, if you've never edited a .properties file, you can open it in any text editing program. A guide is already waiting for you inside the file. A great way to display information is via the use of text files. You can modify the text files by going to the /text folder. Here you can edit things like the server welcome message, rules, news etc. All files can be opened via text editing software as well. Using the console The console is used as a way of executing commands without having to be in-game. It also bypasses permissions so you can use any command from any rank with ease, though keep in mind, some commands purposely disable use from the console. Using commands is similar to in-game, which uses /[command]. If a / or ! isn't present at the start, it will be treated as a chat message. You should probably give yourself the superop or nobody rank to get full control of the server. See below for more information on assigning ranks. Ranks Ranks are the assortment of players into hierarchical groups. To modify ranks, you will need to open the properties menu and then click on Ranks. Here you will be able to edit permission levels and colours etc. To rank a player to a specific rank, you will need to use /rank [username] [rank]. This will give them access to all the commands and permissions the specified rank has. Commands and Permissions Commands are a great way of doing things in-game, but if everyone has the same permissions, the server could be come anarchic quite fast. One of the commands you will need to become familiar with is /cmdset which is the nobody rank by default. Using your console knowledge from before, typing /cmdset cmdset [rank name] will allow the rank of your choice and above to execute it from in-game. You can either keep the permissions as is (not recommended) or you can modify the permissions to your choosing. You can allow specific ranks to use a command by using /cmdset [command] +[rank name], this will allow the rank to use the command even if they are not above the default command rank. You can also do /cmdset [command] -[rank name] to prevent a specific rank from using the command. And lastly for setting command permissions is /cmdset [command] [rank name] [extra permission number] which will allow the rank specified and above to be able to use the command's extra permission. A full list of commands can be found via /commands all all and each are colour-coded to their respective rank colours. Information can be found for each command using /help [command]. Levels (or worlds/realms/maps) Levels are a world that players can visit/build on. By default the main level will be called main, but you can change that later by doing /main [level]. Most MCGalaxy servers support overseer levels which allow players to have their own private world that only they can build in. To allow this, just set the /overseer command to the lowest rank you want to be able to use the command. This will allow people to use /os map add and /os go as well as other overseer commands. To create a new level that isn't a realm world, you can type /newlvl create [map name] <width> <height> <length> <theme> <seed> (the ones in angled brackets are optional). If you're unhappy with the map size, you can change the size via /resizelvl [map name] [new width] [new height] [new length]. Keeping in mind, that decreasing a level size may remove blocks. Levels can be renamed via /renamelvl [map name] [new map name] and can be deleted via /deletelvl [map name]. Conclusion There you have it, you now know everything you need to about setting up your very own MCGalaxy server. Something not making sense? Still confused about something? I'm usually around the community and am quite happy to help. You can find me on Discord via @Venk#2020 or on ByteIRC via #PuissantRoyale.
  6. I am not sure of anyone managed to do this before but I found out how to host a MCGalaxy server on android. Though it is not recommend to do so on a cheap amazon fire sixth gen (the one I used to host) or any tablet or phone at all. If you have a old chromebook or something that doesn't support linux but does support android I guess you could host for friends but I just don't recommend hosting on android devices in general. To put it in simpler words, this post is for educational purposes only. I do not support anyone that hosts using their own device and I also do not support the chromies hosting on their chromebooks. If you want a server then go to eddy or just get a real computer. With that out of the way, lets get started. --what you need an android device with decent storage (I suggest android 6 and up) Termux (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux) Anlinux (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=exa.lnx.a) A brain Linux knowledge ------- (if you already know how to install ubuntu you may skip this step) Aight so the first thing you need to do is start up Anlinux then click dashboard Then click choose then ubuntu press copy then press launch press and hold then select paste and when you press enter it should begin downloading It will take a while but will soon get there ------- Part 2: starting ubuntu/Downloading mono ------- After its done downloading and installing it should already state the instruction to start ubuntu with ./start-ubuntu.sh after typing that in you should be greeted with a nice [email protected]:`# that means it worked if it didn't then.... I guess your device isn't supported or something I don't really know Now that you have ubuntu open its time to install the mono framework how I installed it was with a apt-get update then a apt-get install mono-complete. If there is another way please respond to this post and let me know. ------- Part 3: downloading Mcgalaxy/running it ------- Now that you have installed both ubuntu and mono, you have to download mcgalaxy. ------- however on some devices there's an issue where you can't see the termux directory from the file explorer. If that is the case then I suggest doing apt-get install wget and apt-get install unzip. After head to https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases and you should see a, Download MCGalaxy from here, I would press and hold then copy the link then paste it in termux next to the command wget. (wget [link]) After that I would use the unzip command from earlier to unzip the zip file. If you don't know what the name of the zip file is then just type dir. Now that you have the zip file unzipped there should be a bunch of files just chillin in your directory ------- Part 4: editing the server files/running the server ------- To edit your server you must edit server.properties in the properties folder (theres more files in there but I am just going to use server.properties as an example) if you have a text editor and can access termuxs files go right ahead and skip this part. if not then continue. ------- to edit the files you have to get into the directory by using cd properties then type nano server.properties To edit you ctrl+e and change whatever you want. after exit and save then type cd to head back ------- After all that work finally its time to run your server by typing mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe your android server should start to run. if it doesn't idc don't be complaining in the thread you clearly have done something wrong. In conclusion, don't try to make a na2 clone and host it on your android potatoe. Its just not gonna work out well and it will just run out of space. also one more thing if you plan to actually make a server off your android device please make sure to turn off blockdb as it takes a shid ton of space. (/blockdb disable [level]) No one is gonna join your stupid na2 clone anyway and you should probably read venks guide (or you can't do that?) Thanks for reading my first big ass post and I hope you benefitted from this idk.
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