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  1. Lol, sounds like my parents, they don't want to do anything for thanksgiving, but I want to go do crazy things like 1v1 my sister in soccer
  2. Have you restarted the computer? That helps my computer a lot, otherwise, you might just get a new computer cus I don't know any other way to change my skin. It would help a lot if you could also take a screenshot of what your are seeing with the URL too. I might be able to know whats going on.
  3. Post what you did for thanksgiving. I finished my battleship on NA2, and got a Nintendo switch online from my dad's sister. Had our house invaded by 12 guests as well.
  4. I would get rid of war. Its just bad, and basically a crime in some ways.
  5. Just go to https://skin.classicube.net and then you can change your skin from there. If you are trying to upload a skin, then idk any other method to upload. If classicube skinswatch still doesnt work, then I would consider getting a new computer.
  6. A ghost skin would look cool and i think that it would also be a good skin to start trolling people
  7. hey hanpy. u probably dont know me. lol
  8. Probably an airline pilot. The only thing that I think is good for me. otherwise, ill go to the USAF.
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