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  1. well, I don't seem to tell anyone how to. it just seems like everyone has a custom skin. (to me of course)
  2. well, that everyone should know already. Everyone has a changed skin already.
  3. so, I'm still an Advbuilder in Cosmic's Galaxy. I'm trying to become operator. (Or SuperOP)
  4. oh, it won't say who promoted u if ur fakeranked. I wasn't fakeranked though.
  5. Hi, I'm AdvBuilder in a server. why does it say my rank is a member? I just wanna know why though.
  6. Ancolsonli

    UPnP enabling

    I cannot enable UPnP. Woiiiiiiii has helped me but it still won't work. Woiiiiiiii has told me to open control panel, go to network and sharing center, change advanced network and sharing, and enable network discovery, then Woiiiiiiii sent me a picture of enabling UPnP. I cannot find it. I NEED HELP!
  7. wow. THAT REALLY LOOKED LIKE GOODLY!!!!!!!!! LOL *hits deer in bumper cars*
  8. Hi all, I want the clubs back. I want to form an army though. Most people are here so it could be amazing to see so much players marching. But I'll like the clubs back though.
  9. lol, I don't know why i'm laughing s hard! I just couldn't port forward! Everyon has their own problems to solve!!! lol lol lol lol!!!
  10. Yeah, covid stinks. I have to get super sweaty with a face mask on. So it just stinks. If i could, I would destroy who started covid!
  11. I guess They just thought of Classic.minecraft.net and cubes so they added "Classicube." I don't know how it started though.
  12. UR WELCOME! Glad it helped! :)
  13. in order to make a server, you need to download McGalaxy on your computer by clicking here. Download it and then once your done, then click "McGalaxy.exe" Then you will see another window pop up. Now, click settings in the upper right corner. Change your server name. now visit all of the tabs and once your done editing them, go back to he first tab. Now below your server's name, click Port forward. Now you should follow what it said because I never got to that point. Now your server should be ready!
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