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  1. p1glynlol


    click the "show more" button and click "Keep anyway"
  2. p1glynlol


    go to the 3 dots and click at the "Keep" button, and don't forget to put the file in the folder
  3. add +ophax if you want to enable hax for operators or use /referee for urself
  4. p1glynlol

    floating text

    how to make floating text like example in this one:
  5. is there a plugin to disable tp in maps like na2 did by default using -tp motd didnt work so i need to get the plugin
  6. or disable admin verification in mcgalaxy app>settings>security uncheck admin verification
  7. It worked thanks
  8. i'm currently hosting a private server so now i know the /portal command but how to make a lava survival portal that go into a live round like when the lava survival round is ended the portal go into another lava survival maps
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