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  1. i tried to make the logo
  2. The ClassiCube logo is great. It has been beloved since 2013, the date of the game's creation. But, not saying that it's bad, but I made a new logo for ClassiCube.
  3. lots of people have gotten this error, and i dont know why. everytime i make models for people and give them the skin with the link it never loads. why is this? edit: i have not been experiencing this error
  4. this isn't for me, but lately, some people have been experiencing texture errors and saying that its not loading. what causes this?
  5. guavRRa

    na2 ddos

    na2 is down soliders 🔥 i hope Goodly is doing good up there with the ddos oh wait its back i think Nope, it's gone. also i think i put it in the wrong forum
  6. literally nobody cares but just wanted to remind you guys on the forums if someone sees this idk what to tell you ! ;'-)
  7. making quotes on na2 join up to get quoted or make your own quotes here i dont really care but make it good enough and not bad 🙂 (dont make it something that violates the cc forum tos please, just wanted you to know)
  8. wow so many people are pulling up i just sent a link i didnt expect people to click
  9. How did Goodly get in the chat.
  10. I thought most people in ClassiCube rather play Minecraft over ClassiCube. But, ClassiCube is a represtation of Minecraft Classic. So, everyone that plays ClassiCube technically plays Minecraft
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