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  1. koy

    Server is down.

    "port forward manually" - AndrewPH, 2023
  2. Did you connect from the Direct Connect screen on the launcher?
  3. Good advice. Moderators who are invited to a server right off the bat can have severe consequences. Servers can go to shit if you hire bad people for the moderator role.
  4. Sorry to necropost, but this is the worst thread I've made by far. You're a real one if you know the iamreallycube+ 2019-2021 saga. https://www.classicube.net/forum/viewpost/10229-bstop_doubting_my_cubeness_on_na2/
  5. Try contacting HMX, usually they give you beta access in a week from what I've heard.
  6. you could've replied to this post way earlier just saying (EDIT: you also did this on the 13th the fuck?)
  7. I cannot give out pirated copies of Rock Band 3's ClassiCube Mode Beta. Why, did you not receive beta access yet?
  8. That's up to the servers/server softwares to add signs/message blocks. Most server software comes with MessageBlock functionality.
  9. ReShade is not a roblox thing. You called my FAITH drawing on the ClassiCube discord a "Roblox" drawing, too, do you just think everything is Roblox-related?
  10. this post is irrelevant, why are you commenting on it now?
  11. interesting, are these ReShade shaders? if so, what are the shader(s)?
  12. no, they're not adding survival (lesson to consult https://f.classicube.net/guidelines/ before posting)
  13. koy


    uh.... what
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