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    what the fuck
  2. Nope. Texture packs are only for textures of blocks, not the blocks themselves. Servers that run MCGalaxy or any software that supports custom blocks can create custom blocks using commands, such as /GlobalBlock or /LocalBlock (MCGalaxy). Textures can be applied to those custom blocks, although.
  3. Hello! This is a list on name-related commands in servers running MCGalaxy. They allow you to manipulate your name in cool ways. Notes before I go into the list: - Arguments are surrounded in [brackets]. You don't need to place the actual brackets when you do a command. - The commands I showcase are mostly MCGalaxy commands, although they might exist in other servers using different software than the aforementioned. - I use "argument" and "parameter" interchangably here. Don't get tripped up by this -- they mean pretty much the same thing. - Most of these commands by default are only usable by players who have the Operator and above ranks, though most servers have them set lower (usually member). /Colors The /Colors command outputs a list of colors that you can use to color your name. Here is what it outputs on a default MCGalaxy server: /Color The /Color command allows you to change the color of your whole name. The arguments for this command are [player] and (in that order), but you can use /XColor to apply it to yourself automatically. You can also do just /XColor or /Color -own (the -own parameter is what places your own name without the need of typing it yourself) to remove your color. That resets your color to your rank's color. Here is an example of what it does: /Title The /Title command places a "title" before your name every time you chat. A title is a string of text surrounded by brackets, and it usually goes before your name. Like with /Color, the arguments are [player] and [title] (again, in that order), but you can do just /XTitle [title] to apply it to yourself. Here is an example of what it does: /TColor The /TColor command is similar to the /Color command, except we can apply it to the inside of our title instead. It's a bit redundant to explain what the /Color command does again, because /TColor has the same parameters as /Color does. Here is an example of what it does: /Nick The /Nick command allows you to give yourself an alias of sorts. The arguments for this command are [player] and [nick], and you can add multiple colors to your nickname. This comes with a caveat, though -- only Admins can change player's nicknames. This permission is to mostly prevent impersonation, as some players are gullible and might mistake them for "the real deal". As with every other command, this one has a /X- variant too: /XNick [nick] Here's an example of what it does: /ShortName (plugin) The /ShortName plugin command allows you to make your nickname shorter. The arguments for this command is just [new name]. This also lets you add multiple colors to your name, just like with /Nick. Here is an example of what the command looks like when you're typing a chat message: Thank you for reading through this forum post! I hope you learned a thing or two out of this post! 😄
  4. Harmonix is located in Massachussets
  5. somewhere in Boston, Massachussets lmao dumbass
  6. You could probably get a virus from an APK.
  7. it's only like 10 sentences you should be fiiiiine there's nothing to worry about
  8. My original thread: So it seems like, after some months after, the mode got removed altogether. It seems like Harmonix was close to finishing the ClassiCube mode beta, but they shut it down right before. All I get is an error with "Couldn't connect to servers" and that's it. No error code or anything. The dudes over at MiloHax have now based RB3 Deluxe off the version with the ClassiCube mode, but it seems like they've taken out the mode altogether. I have tried contacting jnack and the MiloHax/RB3DX team about their removal of this mode, but all I got was a "I'm pretty sure this mode doesn't exist. Are you crazy or what?" response. I'm honestly stumped. Why would they remove such a mode from the game, when I know damn well they had intentions for adding in this mode in the first place. Now, I'm questioning if they even added in this mode in the first place. Did Harmonix have anything to do with it? Somebody at Harmonix adding in this mode without the knowledge of the other members (at first)? I don't know. It just seems weird and confusing.
  9. ok good bye sebi crafter see you next saturday
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