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  1. I don't know if you are ignorant or purposefully rude, but the server is designed to be a fairly Vanilla experience. We use the Minecraft Alpha and Beta textures for all of our blocks. We have put effort into building the server and ensuring it is a safe and happy place where people can talk together and build. The server is intentionally and boldly Vanilla, so I think it is wholly unfair to say that the server is just an "effortless freebuild server."
  2. As stated, New The30s is a Classic freebuild server dedicated to improving upon the original Classic experience from 2009 to 2013 without drastically changing upon it.
  3. Again, New The30s does indeed have content and a unique theme that is not found anywhere else on ClassiCube. Now, the "chaos" you are referring to is never caused by New The30s, rather by others using our server as an outlet for their hate. If you want to discuss this topic privately and are willing to backup any claims you make rather than using anecdotal evidence, then that would be preferable.
  4. No. I would ask you to read (or reread) the initial post before commenting.
  5. Nice try again! Aetheria, or World 19, is the newest main freebuild and has been for a couple of days. However, at spawn, there is a portal to go to Azurea, or World 18. Azurea was the main freebuild world just a couple of days ago and has many builds for you and others to explore!
  6. Nice try! New The30s has many dedicated builders and maps that cannot be found anywhere else on ClassiCube. We offer a unique experience that improves upon the original Minecraft Classic without deriving from it too much. We offer an archive of maps from New The30s among other servers.
  7. Welcome to New The30s! New The30s is a freebuild server and community dedicated to improving upon the Minecraft Classic experience from 2009 to 2013. New The30s began on the 29th December, 2021 as a successor to The30s using the MCGalaxy server software. Since then, New The30s has been continually expanding upon it's content for all users to enjoy. We are tirelessly committed to a creative, free Classic experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the new updates to the server. What does “New The30s” mean anyway? “New The30s” is short for “New The0.30s.” Classic 0.30 was the final version of Classic to be released. Classic 0.30 is the main version that the ClassiCube client builds upon using CPE, or the Classic Protocol Extension. This allows our server to have custom textures, blocks, models and so much more! The “New” tells you that this is the New server running MCGalaxy, NOT to be confused with “The30s,“ running an older software without any of the custom features. The freebuild Worlds Azurea, Aetheria and Xenaria are our newest freebuild worlds! Azurea already has plenty of cool builds and content for you to discover, including a racetrack built using MBs! Azurea and Aetheria also both have amazing displays of 2D and 3D pixel art for everyone to enjoy. Glowstone has been added to the inventory! This will allow you to spice up your builds, light displays, pixel art... You name it! The block is available to build with in any of the open freebuild worlds for all server members. Go nuts! New The30s has updated its logo! The new logo is much more pleasant on the eyes and will help to keep our server recognisable and enjoyable. Create your own private maps and build in them with friends! Make custom blocks and texture packs! Build amazing creations and save them for years to come! What's not to love? Finally, meet our community! We have a great welcoming and friendly community where everyone is free to remain with us. We have an active Conference and moderation team who ensures the server is safe for all. Come on down to New The30s! Have great fun! You won't regret it.
  8. _Hayden_


    wagwan pifffting u lookin hella fine today bby sorry I posted that by mistake
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