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  1. Hi, everyone! Stampy is one of the most, if not the most iconic Minecraft Let's Play YouTubers. You love him, I love him, we love him. There's no one who doesn't love Stampy. Now unlike Stampy, no one really loves me, but what you will love is my recreation of Stampy's House in ClassiCube. I've been working on this on and off for near enough 12 days now, and I'd finally like to share it with you all. Currently consisting of Stampy's Bedroom, the Main Area, Hilda & Henry's Room, the Store Room, the Crafting Room and the Love Garden, I've carefully crafted this accurate recreation of Stampy's House for you all to enjoy. It's not finished yet, and I still have a lot more to go, but I finally wanted to get this off my chest and share it with the world. The build is located on World 15 of New The30s, at 315, 73, 143. World 15 is the current main world of New The30s, but in future, use the command '/j world-15' to visit the world. This build is based off the old version of his house from when Stampy played on Legacy Console Edition and no further. Please report any inaccuracies to me, not pertaining to the unavailability of certain blocks due to it being Classic. I could technically just make more custom blocks for the ones that are missing, but improvisation is a good life skill and I consider the former option cheating. Screenshots of the build can be located below. Now, let's remember that Stampy built the Love Garden for a reason, not the Hate Garden, and that just because it's me posting on the forums instead of somebody who you're friends with doesn't justify hate comments or harassment to me or any other player of New The30s or supporter of it or the C.F.A. If you are a person who thinks that is acceptable, please leave the forums and do not come back until you have learned how to show respect for one another. Peace and love, guys! Peace and love! God bless!
  2. As I have said previously, we are genuinely sorry for the events that have, but do note that happen3's comments do not represent New The30s & Co. or the CFA. He is no longer Moderator and his comments do not represent us or the CFA at large. happen3 is the opposite of what the CFA has embodied and stood for this entire time.
  3. No, it wasn't as bad as what happened today. happen3 was really just making micro-aggressions. We didn't want to demote him because he was really active, and seemed like a great guy. Therefore, we decided to stick with it and just let him off with warnings. Again, we're truly sorry for what happened, and I give my sympathy to everyone who was disrupted by this. We should never have ignored the problem.
  4. Dear our beloved community and whosoever else it may concern, Recently, our server, New The30s, has been under fire recently for one of our ex-Moderators — happen3 — sending death threats to a player within the ClassiCube community. On behalf of our whole community: our players, our Conference, our moderation team and beyond, I'm sorry. We're sorry. We have been ignorant to this problem for longer than we should have and now things have been taken too far. We send our condolences to those who have been affected by happen3, and we can assume you that he will no longer be in our community. He is gone, and he will not be coming back. Again, we're genuinely sorry for what's happened, and we don't condone what happen3 has said or the threats that he has made. We'd like to ask if you can forgive us as a whole community for the events that have occurred, and help all of us to lead a brighter future together, without the exploitation of others. I know there have been tensions between us and the other communities, and there have been unwarranted actions on both sides, but we want to declare that this is not what we stand for. We stand for liberty, equality and fraternity. We want to ensure that all of us, even those who we may disagree with, feel safe and comfortable within our community and are given the chance to play in our community and servers under the CFA and beyond. We are all sorry for what has happened today, and we look forward to a brighter future, recovering and strengthening from what has weakened our integrity. Let's put down our differences, apologise for what we have said or done in the past, and move forward together. We are stronger united, and weakened divided. Let's give the power to the people! Thank you, Hayden.
  5. [Member] <GAY> gay4: lets all change our nicknames to "black" so happen3 becomes racist Again, the face of discrimination. Is this really you? Is this who you aspire to be?
  6. Mate, whether or not someone else asked them is another matter. I'm not playing Hocus Pocus; your actions have consequences, and you perpetuated the raid. You are held accountable. No one else is held accountable for your actions. Neither am I holding someone else accountable if I do something stupid. It's mutual to every human being on the face of this Earth.
  7. Are you sure about that? Are you really sure about that? [Member] [boykisser] Arstao: i was asked to join in [Member] [boykisser] Arstao: didn't know this shit was a raid LOL [Member] [boykisser] Arstao: i was asked on discord to join in LOL [Member] [boykisser] Arstao: and changed my nickname to gay and shit
  8. So, it wasn't organised, but you asked a group of people to join our server and spam it? What is the definition of the word "organised"?
  9. Again with the nonsense insults. I'm not deranged enough to organise a raid on some else's community that has done nothing to affect yours. Nothing.
  10. No, I never claimed that. New The30s will almost certainly never be as "great" in terms of development than servers such as NA2, New Blood, etc... That's because they are much older. But we don't want another NA2 clone, that's what NA2 is for. We like our server for what it is, and we like NA2 for what NA2 is. All I'm saying is the servers would be much happier and would have developed so much quicker if the democratic system was put into place. And there'd be a lot better selection of servers to enjoy.
  11. Again, if you have valid arguments that the system is flawed which I haven't already responded to, then go ahead. But this system has been functioning in a well-developed community for about two years now, and the server certainly isn't going to collapse as it grows. The system only gets better and better. Yes, servers can choose which features they add, and if one chooses a feature and another doesn't, then so be it. That's their democratic system at play. It is better if there are democratic systems everywhere than for people to just keep creating servers because they don't like any of them. And if most servers did actually know what their players wanted, then there'd be more than a handful of servers which people would actually enjoy.
  12. Again, I'm not trying to fulfil a dick measuring contest — that wasn't the point of this post. Yes, the leadership of the server is arguably a better system because it gives the ordinary people the rights to vote on the issues that matter in their server. The Republicans have nothing to do with our server and telling me that democracy is a bad system because some Trumpists in the U.S. are restricting people's rights (which is not a democracy) is an inherently flawed argument.
  13. That's assuming the Moderators will do such, which is not guaranteed unless in a democratic system where Moderators can just be voted off if they embody such harmful characteristics.
  14. You are correct, good builds do not quantify hard work. However, what I am saying is that the abolishment of autocracy and the rise of democracy within our community has done nothing but good for itself, and the rights of the Members, the Conference, the Moderators, the Owner and OD alike. The democratic system is the way forward to push change and eliminate harmful causes of toxicity and discrimination in a given community, and progress way faster than without.
  15. Yeah, looks like a chromie freebuild to me.
  16. Clearly you do not play our server enough to appreciate the quality of builds, and the great community assembled out of the ashes of violence. Our builders are like no other, our Moderators have an impenetrable yet forgiving heart that understand the needs of others and pour hours into a loving community, our Owner who has built the server from an inactive low-quality freebuild to a flourishing, vibrant community full of great maps, worlds, and myself, who is here, promoting freedom and through a thick smog of discrimination and reactionaries. No, our server is not just "another freebuild," and your characterisation of it as such tells me all I need to know about your stance on prejudice and accepting others.
  17. I mean this by less low-quality generic freebuild servers and more well-developed, democratic and prosperous servers where the people get the say in the decisions of their community.
  18. Yes, the American education system must be doing wonders if you can't comprehend that not everyone lives in the U.S.
  19. Replying to SpaceDot and icanttellyou, this system has already been on trial for just about two years in several servers in our community, so I can say our model means the people are happier, the server is freer, and there are less servers popping up overall because everyone is united in a democratic system. I did a census yesterday (which is why I was joining so many servers), and I found that 4 in 69 servers prohibit languages other than English from being spoken in public chat. That's 69 "actual" servers (not including ones who haven't even changed the server name or rules) on the ClassiCube server list. Only about 20 or 30 of those maximum are actually worth playing. Don't you think that'd be a whole lot less if the community was more united? And on the Ownership thing, no, you don't just give a random person Owner. It is through a democratic process in which you hold a referendum that players can vote on who they think is suitable for Owner. Then, an Owner will be sworn in with limited powers, A.K.A. they can't delete your server, they can't change the config or mess up any settings, etc... The point of the Owner is to hold the referendums for important issues that the people are campaigning for, not to be given unrestricted power like the Owner has on most models to date. Replying to matthilde, I'm not pretending to be anything. I know that this isn't "real" activism, of course, it's just Minecraft Classic. And yes, the community does care, just maybe not your little secluded area. Our communiity risen up against the old system and built a new one in its place, without discrimination. On the Great Liberation, this was given the name because it was a landmark event in seeing how the community reacted to fascist and reactionary propaganda. No, it wasn't literally destroying the swastikas that was the "Liberation," it was how our community banded together to show that we care about this. So no, you shouldn't be tired of this. And if you really are tired of change, you can join those conservative Discord servers. I'm sure their open to inviting more reactionaries on their server.
  20. It's not "ChatGPT generated." Again, the CFA is a mutual alliance; if you're not interested, we aren't either. How are these freedoms guaranteed? What "successful" societies work off authoritarian regimes? These are the questions I am asking.
  21. Sorry, wrong choice of words. Under the guidance of democracy, I should say. We are guided by democracy to make our communities better. The essence of the CFA is to provide the Members ("Guests") to rule the server in which they form the majority of. Not the Moderators, not the Owner. The Members have the right to determine the future of their server. Not to say that Moderators have less rights, of course. Everyone should have equal rights. You aren't forced to join the CFA, rather it is a mutual decision that benefits you, your community, the rest of the community and everyone as a whole. The Members, the Conference, and the Moderators propose ideas to the Owner which must (keyword, must) be voted on if such garners enough support. Yes, the Owner can choose what gets voted on, but he cannot suppress what the community wants either. Otherwise, that is not a functioning democratic system, and if the server is a Server Forming the Alliance, its membership will be revoked. Dank Memer does not accurately represent our community and their intelligence to use basic voting powers. Again, that's Dank Memer for goodness' sake. As for "Ownership," that is ridiculous. Servers clearly know who is and isn't their Owner, and they should vote on it accordingly, along with the Moderators. Again, the CFA is a mutual alliance, not a one-way system. I'm not forcing you to partner with the CFA. As for the last bit, that's just silly. In no way does the working people who formed this alliance as a result of the overthrowing of the oligarchs want their alliance and its white cross over a red banner to resemble the USSR or any totalitarian socialist state of the 20th century. That's not democracy, nor freedom.
  22. You've completely misunderstood the point of the CFA. Our alliance is there to guarantee rights to the regular players (the Members, "Guests"), the Moderators and Admins alike. You are not "overthrown" by the CFA, rather through a democratic process will your server enter the CFA, and under the guidance of democracy will it contribute to the community. You certainly don't have to "ask" every time you want to ban someone. Again, the CFA encourages unity through independence from tyrannical administrations, and Servers Forming the Alliance have the right to rule by their own jurisdiction aided by the CFA, not ruled by it.
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