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  1. i wonder what turning on griefing means
  2. here is a launcher for Player2's launcher: https://sites.google.com/view/player2-launcher-la/home
  3. you don't need a credit card for dropbox
  4. the server hash will only change if the ip and port of the server changes
  5. why are there 2 "ClassiAnarcy" buttons


    this "bang" was very underwhelming
  7. if you have no money but have a credit/debit card then get a VPS from oracle cloud
  8. first of all the banned from placing blocks is caused by the ClassiCoomer bot which I don't control the plot stuff was with Vexyl's bot (I forgot the name) and it didn't apply to the whole map, just a small area
  9. i love 2d2t because the admins and moderators are very nice people and the builds are spectacular
  10. i spent many weeks on this artwork, putting so much work into making sure each and every pixel was perfectly placed just for you to say it was made with "low-to-no effort" i will never forget this insult to my creation, it will stay with me forever you have ruined my life
  11. it's already in the hall of shame Edit: I didn't notice you were talking about a different post
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