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  1. I see you're on Windows, I can help with it on Windows. Open command prompt, type ipconfig Find the IPv4 address listed, copy that and go to Direct Connect in the ClassiCube launcher, in the ip paste the IPv4 address, then put a colon and type the port. Also put you username in the top box.
  2. 1 it does work 2 i can only edit switch settings, I cannot edit integer based settings
  3. yeah i can't place blocks or edit integer settings
  4. You just go on the game from mobile browser It's not the best but it's good (btw this is on a server l
  5. Every time you take a step, a random person in the world says "cheese"
  6. To fix this, you must connect via Direct Connect on your game client First you must find your Ipv4 address, which you can do by opening command prompt and typing ipconfig , remember the ipv4 address it lists, you type the ipv4 address into the direct connect 2nd box, then add a colon and then type the port (DO NOT use spaces) In the top box type your username and leave the third box blank, now click connect
  7. life speedrun in 5mins (glitches) (rope)
  8. lol a scratch port of ClassiCube would be some remix of a poorly made Minecraft game and just renamed to ClassiCube Scratch users don't like effort
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