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  1. I have 2 favourites the chemical brothers - galvanize the kinks - apeman
  2. do you ever read a sentence so non sensical that your brain does literally nothing with it
  3. usually I see toddlers getting called cute but I've never seen it the other way around
  4. yedit ycraft The Genesis Story ygttt ygpong Star City
  5. It would be cool if you found anywhere where the account of registered users is shown
  6. i think https://www.youtube.com/@MasterMenClassiCube should play classicube
  7. well classicube probably supports 8-bit colour (which you can use in MS-DOS with mode 0x13) and im pretty sure there's a way to use opengl in it
  8. there are message blocks but they can't be chained (iirc) /help mb
  9. there's /help change map with /g mapname


    it's a shader


    well i found some GLSL in the classicube source code /* Generates source code for a GLSL vertex shader, based on shader's flags */ static void GenVertexShader(const struct GLShader* shader, cc_string* dst) { int uv = shader->features & FTR_TEXTURE_UV; int tm = shader->features & FTR_TEX_OFFSET; String_AppendConst(dst, "attribute vec3 in_pos;\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, "attribute vec4 in_col;\n"); if (uv) String_AppendConst(dst, "attribute vec2 in_uv;\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, "varying vec4 out_col;\n"); if (uv) String_AppendConst(dst, "varying vec2 out_uv;\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, "uniform mat4 mvp;\n"); if (tm) String_AppendConst(dst, "uniform vec2 texOffset;\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, "void main() {\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, " gl_Position = mvp * vec4(in_pos, 1.0);\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, " out_col = in_col;\n"); if (uv) String_AppendConst(dst, " out_uv = in_uv;\n"); if (tm) String_AppendConst(dst, " out_uv = out_uv + texOffset;\n"); String_AppendConst(dst, "}"); }
  12. >goes on month old post >says what everyone else said
  13. i already told you the "raid" wasn't organised
  14. your server is just a chromie freebuild but 10 times more deranged
  15. a good example being 2d2t - i have put no effort at all into it and it has some nice stuff on there
  16. i like builds when they aren't just big boxes
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