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    Super Mario War

    i misread 😭
  2. just get classicube on your phone and put it into a google cardboard
  3. not a single person cares about your ban
  4. is a server still anarchy if player IPs are banned from the VPS the server is hosted on (at least 1 person has been banned this way from 2d2t, but since the server move no players are currently banned)
  5. oh well it never has been and never will be
  6. it already works on windows 95
  7. i wonder what turning on griefing means
  8. here is a launcher for Player2's launcher: https://sites.google.com/view/player2-launcher-la/home
  9. you don't need a credit card for dropbox
  10. the server hash will only change if the ip and port of the server changes
  11. why are there 2 "ClassiAnarcy" buttons


    this "bang" was very underwhelming
  13. if you have no money but have a credit/debit card then get a VPS from oracle cloud
  14. first of all the banned from placing blocks is caused by the ClassiCoomer bot which I don't control the plot stuff was with Vexyl's bot (I forgot the name) and it didn't apply to the whole map, just a small area
  15. i love 2d2t because the admins and moderators are very nice people and the builds are spectacular
  16. i spent many weeks on this artwork, putting so much work into making sure each and every pixel was perfectly placed just for you to say it was made with "low-to-no effort" i will never forget this insult to my creation, it will stay with me forever you have ruined my life
  17. it's already in the hall of shame Edit: I didn't notice you were talking about a different post
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