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    so you know that? what's the point of this conversation then?


    damn, you just broke a rule "Don't get upset over ratings. They don't matter. Getting upset over people rating you dumb will just result in you getting rated dumb more." hmmm, i wonder what will happen? :thinking:


    are you able to read? i just told you that classicube isn't a remake of minecraft beta, it is a remake of minecraft classic


    since when was classicube a remake of minecraft beta? what you said doesn't matter, since classicube isn't supposed to be like minecraft beta
  5. i would buy a kubuntu focus m2 and an epic gamer mouse
  6. for a server to be on a chromebook (not the best idea btw) you'd have to use the "linux" feature which gives you access to a bash terminal. download some server software and run it
  7. that doesn't help, tell us your problem
  8. ah yes using a different website fixes things, the link that cappedyo sent gave me a 404, maybe cappedyo id using the wrong link
  9. i am very proud of you. you are truly a hero to the clAssicuve community
  10. it is so full of nvidia drivers that it pops
  11. i never knew i could speak another language
  12. i am so much more superior as i use debian linux
  13. what server with hanpy+2? all of them?
  14. you can but you need mono
  15. you can buy something called a VPS (virtual private server) which is like a virtual machine with its own ip address in the cloud. you can get one pretty cheap with OVHcloud (£4.80/mo with 2GB RAM, 1 cpu, 40GB storage) and they can run ClassiCube server software fine. for RAM, I'd recommend 1GB/2GB
  16. i'll tell you what you can do stop pretending to be a youtube user to gain attention, nobody falls for that shit
  17. how would script errors make it slow? python is slow because it is interpreted, there are probably other reasons that it is slow since other interpreted languages such as Javascript and Lua are much faster C, it's pretty simple
  18. the website says it runs in Docker containers, it does not run on the user's browser
  19. that doesn't really answer the question since it doesn't run in Chrome.. then again there is no correct answer for the question as it is not possible
  20. i can't because you aren't explaining anything
  21. thats a very hard question to answer as it is, why don't you explain more? what platform are you on?
  22. sorry i got it wrong the correct way is what AndrewPH said, delete server
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