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  1. im not the only other person on this forum
  2. nobody will help you unless you show what the error was
  3. because some servers are for betacraft and classicube and classicube users only have a + after their name so people know they are from classicube
  4. no the money goes to minecraft_1589 dream smp
  5. is this another way of saying "i have no way to recieve money online"
  6. i wont give you all of the commands, but ill give you a useful one: /help
  7. to put a different type of ram in your computer you would need to replace the motherboard lol
  8. Ya Bro Ya Mans Relly Done It


    what mod
  10. in mcgalaxy you dont have to pay anything ever as is the case with every server software ive seen in my life
  11. this is complete and utter lies the correct answer is /os map motd -fly -noclip
  12. WTF curtis ur no longer my favourite forum poster
  13. "This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation."
  14. try connecting with direct connect
  15. you cant just compare a server software to a server hosting service
  16. when has anyone ever asked someone to ask a question
  17. whats with people on the internet and saying nothing useful
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