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  1. wow it's the same idea as every effortless freebuild server
  2. your server is only unique for the amount of chaos it's caused everything else is typical eddynet freebuild stuff
  3. is looking at maps the only thing your server offers there's a reason why museum servers are completely dead
  4. there are 2 builds on your main map and they're just large blocks
  5. so it has everything that every other server has nice work over the past 3 years
  6. that's an ARG server so its not real
  7. it would help if you posted the error
  8. https://www.mono-project.com/
  9. personal preference is what this poll is for
  10. pretend that this reply is me giving you attention for leaving
  11. goodly has the texture pack the backups started on the 23rd of september 2023
  12. seasonal greetings ClassiCube forum my chosen next name is "Ned"
  13. hosting became too difficult
  14. world files (including set 3 of backups) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vKfAf21GtdzefV26x917RLxAJ5mC9wlo/view?usp=sharing i'll try to get set 1 of the backups on here soon getting set 2 is pretty much impossible
  15. I have 2 favourites the chemical brothers - galvanize the kinks - apeman
  16. yedit ycraft The Genesis Story ygttt ygpong Star City
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