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    I need a server

    ... or mcch or mchawk or mchawk 2 or mcyeti or procraft (i think i got that name right) or some other server software/server host?
  2. is this another way of saying "im on a chromebook from school"
  3. why cant you make one
  4. caving in my skull with a facepalm
  5. thank you for sharing

    Happy new years!

    i have a 4th resolution just for you 😊 4. learn to spell
  7. what is "hope off my case" supposed to mean
  8. i love how you say this while you give chromies who have problems with raging power
  9. i sure do love servers that give really stupid chromies power
  10. place lots of sponge blocks in the water a few blocks away from each other
  11. yes your 9999 day tempbans are true examples of good moderation

    Script error

    step 1 tell us what we need to know oh looks like unk already responded, sorry
  13. Yes Its Real You Should Hide From The Fbi
  14. sorry but i dont think i will use this advice
  15. haha bro that's hilarious! thanks for posting that bro. made my day. keep up the funny trolls! its really funny when i get to watch rick astley instead of what I was originally intending. i don't think anyone has made that joke before! seriously, bro. thank you. I might use this joke myself! its so funny and made me laugh so hard that it became mildly irritating! I have to admit, I was a tad frustrated that you didn't give me what I actually wanted to view and instead showed me the song never gonna give you up by famed 80s musician rick astley, but I'm willing to forgive you because of just how funny it was! I would still appreciate if you could provide a link to what you were originally going to send, as despite how funny the joke you made was and how much of a fool I am for falling for such a ruse.
  16. you're * "still impersonating staff" no he isn't
  17. that's not running it on a phone its running it in some container
  18. so you basically rebuilt a computer that's basically what I'm doing with my new pc
  19. my questions: why is the entire post in bold Why Is Some Of The Text Like This


    take a screenshot


    if theres a more details button, click it and then a "run anyway" button will appear, press that


    deleted this because i misread


    use https://speedtest.net
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