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  1. I need to know what happened to him and why did he exactly get banned can anybody tell me please i seriously i need to know he was pretty active on the forum and was a nice guy but recently he just got banned might've been a false ban or not i dont really know i just need answers!
  2. alright lets start the best flavour that you would need to use on the grass will be stone next you will need to add bookshelf in the bookshelf there will be more flavours such as tomato cabbage and blueberries you will have to mix it all together creating an magneta wool next you will have to use lava to cook the magneta wool then you will be done with the magneta cake it is really delicous and pretty also dont forget to set the lava to like more hours so the magneta wool will be more warmer and tastier please comment down below so i can know how it was honorable mention you will need to do this all in classicube
  3. what a hero bro i rate the army skin you created 10/10
  4. Even thought i have found this launcher recently and its the only one that worked for me unlike betacraft or others this was actually a great launcher expect that feeling of dread seeing the servers so lonely i mean like you can get more players if so example 2d2t i think the anarchy server is kinda of dead but still some of the bots runned by the moderators in the server are keeping the server somehow alive or maybe because i love in a different country with a different time the servers might be semi active or if so but its seriously just sad to see that but i know that ClassiCube is still alive somehow or another.
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    The thing i only fear the most is grass.
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