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  1. Yeah i had to shutdown it for reasons. Sorry but i am no longer will host the 2S1M Server. And it is shutdown permanently.
  2. Hello! I am the owner of SuperZPMax's Server. And i wanted to say, that i am opening a anarchy server, which will run 7/24! This server doesn't have any rules (You still need to follow ClassiCube's Terms of Service). Still no one said it will be easy. Hax will be disabled, and you cannot use any drawing commands. Feel free to join the server! Name: 2S1M (Anarchy) You know. It will be never easy to survive, or keep a base for long.
  3. Hello! I set up and crossplay between Betacraft and Classicube on my server (thanks to icanttellyou.) But theres a problem with something, my goal is that every betacraft player needs to be sent to a specific map, that has classic blocks. I know how to setup the classic fb map. I just don't know how to make betacraft players join there. Does anyone know how i can make that?
  4. Thank you for sharing the steps, but it doesnt work. The thing it returns in chat is "File specified doesnt exist", then i decided to keep the discord.txt in extras folder and text folder. Doesnt work. (the discord:view discord is in aliases.txt) Im sorry for what i send. It is working. I thought you mean to put it in text or extras folder, i didnt notice the "text" folder inside extras. It works. Thank you!
  5. Hello! I found out that people were adding /discord commands to their servers. like NA2. And i was wondering, how could i create a one? Is it possible by using the built-in commands? (MCGalaxy commands) or is it a plugin? I just wanna know if its a plugin or i can create it with commands.
  6. Your trying to use the graphical interface one, use "MCGalaxyCLI.exe". mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe
  7. Run it with mono. But here’s a thing, it might be hard to edit the files. Here’s Mono help link: https://www.mono-project.com/docs/getting-started/install/mac/ download link: https://www.mono-project.com/
  8. Well, I’m pretty sure I can post this here, but when I was playing I have encountered a “blue” screen which was Classicube (Not BSOD). It showed the gui,png thing and immediately turned into a cyan screen. I received no error messages from Classicube. It just turned light blue screen. If anyone has ever witnessed that, I would like to know what could have happened and why it happened.
  9. I know it’s too lateto reply. Well if you mean manually pixelated, you would picked what colors seems the closest to you, in my opinion I would use Maroon (Color). It might make a shade of Brown, also I forgot that I was making this texture pack/I moved on a different computer.
  10. I know, just firstly, I actually used GIMP to make it 16 color limit. I didn’t do it manually, I might use the 808000(hex code) color which you mean as Dark Yellow (Correctly it’s called Olive). I might rework on some textures. I might rework on the dirt textures, used GIMP to automatically make it 16 color.
  11. Well, You’re asking for Web Version? It’s already here, Just enter the website and press Play, then you select server, (you need to have email verified) or you can play it single player. Sorry if I don’t get it right. You said “I mean you can play Classicube online via web browser”, You can play it on classicube Website.
  12. Hello guys, I got an idea a week ago, about making a 16 color texture pack, I was thinking how I could make it, but I realised that GIMP can help with that. I haven't did other textures like animation of fire, this is how it looks. I thinking of making the sky color of the original Aqua color.
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