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  1. I don’t think this is an RTX Shader, I think it’s like something like ReShade? Well idk, I don’t really know how he got it working.
  2. I know, just firstly, I actually used GIMP to make it 16 color limit. I didn’t do it manually, I might use the 808000(hex code) color which you mean as Dark Yellow (Correctly it’s called Olive). I might rework on some textures. I might rework on the dirt textures, used GIMP to automatically make it 16 color.
  3. Well, You’re asking for Web Version? It’s already here, Just enter the website and press Play, then you select server, (you need to have email verified) or you can play it single player. Sorry if I don’t get it right. You said “I mean you can play Classicube online via web browser”, You can play it on classicube Website.
  4. Hello, 2 months ago my friend @CyraxX and me decided to start making WTC in ClassiCube. Firstly, we started making it in Omniarchive Classic, but there was a reason we had to move to another server. We moved to MCGalaxy with Cheese, by asking their admins inserting the saved world into their server. And we got ability to continue making it. It's been 2 months and we made a lot of stuff in it, we added a little of interior, Surrounding Buildings. We're not done with the project, feel free to ask if you want to help in our project. If you want to see it, Join the server "MCGalaxy with Cheese" and do /g wtc-project, since it's an overseer map. Here are some screenshots of it: https://imgur.com/0TpwIfA https://imgur.com/AsCrTKu https://imgur.com/N2sJXjY https://imgur.com/U99jKHU
  5. Cool. That would be a big change for ClassiCube if you release it!
  6. Hello guys, I got an idea a week ago, about making a 16 color texture pack, I was thinking how I could make it, but I realised that GIMP can help with that. I haven't did other textures like animation of fire, this is how it looks. I thinking of making the sky color of the original Aqua color.
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