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Found 5 results

  1. hey there do u not have a minecraft account, and ur parents are veri mean and u rlly wanna play hypixel well introducing hammerpixel we only have 1 gamemode and thats freebuild and we are adding zombies soon (but its gonna be crap) thats it and its called HAMMERPIXEL
  2. Idk why I have not posted about this yet.. but, I have made a Server! (A long time ago...) Main Server So in my Main server you get to have realms, do parkour levels, freebuild, and survival (i will talk about MCGalaxy games in a later section). If you want updates or chat about the server goto my discord! (Link here) Games Server In the Games server you get to Play MCGalaxy Games, play with Custom Popular Game Model (Like Kirby and Mario), Zombie Survival, and Lava Survival. (same discord link as my main) FREE OP Server (Mabye If Eddynet will give me the server...) In the Free Op server you get to... well, have free OP (ALSO same discord link as my main)
  3. Hello everyone, this is an Introduction to my server Corrans Awesome Server This is a server where people can hangout, build, and more! In this post, I will talk about a few things I have made for you guys to try out, and even how to do a few things that can make your realms very diffrent from other servers. -- Ranks -- Ranks give you more realms, draw blocks, and new commands but also make you stand out more. For me, I will show up as "Owner | Corran" because Owner is my rank. This is because I set up the prefixes on the ranks to be "{rank} |". This means everyone can see your rank without /info. This was done to avoid saying you have a rank even though you don't have it. Ranks and how to get them: Banned: Get banned Member: This is the base rank, if you haven't joined my server, you have this rank. Discord: Join the discord Builder: Get the award or Purchase AdvBuilder: Get the award or Purchase Active: Get the award or Purchase AdvActive: Get the award or Purchase Ultra: Get the award or Purchase Master: Get the award or Purchase JrMod: Sign up for Moderator SrMod: Sign up for Moderator and be trusted Admin: Sign up for Moderator and be extremely trusted Owner: Only I get this rank Moderator Ranks: JrMod gives you access to some moderator commands SrMod gives you access to more commands and higher rank permissions (more realms and draw blocks) Admin gives you access to even more commands and even higher rank permissions and even the Console (You must even have an account at games.eddyn.net, this is also why you need to be extremely trusted) -- Plugins -- Plugins are what adds on to my server, my server runs on McGalaxy which has a built-in plugin loader and compiler. On this page I will explain everything you will need to know about these plugins. BetterPing - This just makes the ping smaller Advanced Compass - I made this plugin, on the top right of the screen you get a compass with North, East, South, and West CustomModels - This allows you to upload custom models for bot and you DailyBonus - Gives you bonus coins for loging in daily DayNightCycle - Adds a day and night cycle by putting "+daynightcycle" in the motd GoodlyEffects - Adds particle effects, and it was made by Goodly HoldBlocks - Shows what you are holding in your hand to other players (In other servers with this plugin, you may need to put "+hold" into the motd) RoamAI - I'm not sure what exactly this does I think it adds new bot AI's to the server VenkLib - Adds a few commands like /announce and /boost Venk's Survival - Adds the ability to turn on PvP, you will need to ask me to enable this on your levels -- Freebuilds -- Like most servers, there are freebuilds, these either follow the server rules and/or freebuild specific rules. My server follows the server rules so be nice. My server has some cool freebuilds which is what i'm going to talk about in this post. Flat Freebuild - This is a very basic freebuild, it's flat making it easier to build Terrain Freebuild - This is another very basic freebuild but it has terrain so you can build stuff like its a survival world if you want Pixelart Freebuild - This is a single layer freebuild with 8 colors and you can create art very easly PvP Freebuild - In this freebuild, it uses a function of Venk's Survival which allows you to add PvP into a level like this one. -- Misc. Levels -- Some servers have more than freebuild, like Parkore or a minigame. My server doesn't have much in this category but there will be more to come. Duel - Taking the function from Venk's Survival, I use the PvP to make a play to just kill other people. Maze - Go through mazes and earn money, I will need to spend more time making these though. -- Realms -- Realms are a thing on many servers. My server will give you realm slots depending on your rank, to see how many realms you get, you can use /ranks and it will give you all the ranks on the server but also additional information like realm slots. What can you do in realms? A lot, you can build, you can make maps which can become featured, and much more. You can add a motd which will change what can happen in the realm. -hax - Disables the use of Hacks +OPhax - Allows JrMod+ to use hacks -fly - Disables flying (-hax also does this) -noclip - Disables noclip (-hax also does this) -speed - Disables speed (-hax also does this) -respawn - Disables /spawn, /tp, and the respawn buttons (-hax also does this) +daynightcycle - Enables day and night cycle (Kinda buggy) mining=true - Enables mining blocks (This works for all players so be careful enabling this) [Also disable deleting with /os map deleting] -speed maxspeed=1.48 - Enables default sprint speed (you can change 1.48 to whatever number you want but this will be the sprint speed) How do I allow players to build on my level? You can do that by using /os perbuild +{player_username} -- Misc. Information -- If you ever want to suggust anything, come join our discord! You also get information on server updates by joining our discord! We will also host event on our server but they have been put to a close because of lack of activity. This server has been open for a while but eventually had to of been reset completely so if you created a level, It might have been lost. I'm sorry if that happened to you but I have moved host services after the indecent. -- Closing -- That was everything I have to say about my server, I hope you guys enjoy this server, there is always more being added every week or two (or less!). Enjoy! =)
  4. On the Project Server I made a custom game called Block Battle. A strategy game where the point is to kill your opponent with various blocks. (Note that the game is in beta I will be adding more blocks,biomes,add UI and fix bugs over time) To play, go to blockbattle world in the Project server When it's your turn you have 3 buttons: Move - Move the player to the desired spot Build - Use/Place a block on the desired spot End Turn - End your turn (Buttons can be used once per turn) (Right click on the block in your deck to see what it does) I want to thank UnknownShadow200+, Venk+, deewend+ and others who helped me in the discord server and CorranEveryone+, AhmedBro12344+ (and others) that helped beta test the game. You guys are are awesome! Some images
  5. I made a new server called 77b77t which is an anarchy server, where you can do anything as long as my hosting provider doesn't get angry. That means you can grief, build structures and annoy other players just like 2b2t!
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