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  1. "usually" so you're implying some of these sightings are not fake?
  2. you're right, i should've asked first, my bad i will delete the image from my post but i don't think that'll help much since it was quoted
  3. "Edited Friday at 02:00 PM by Lithuani41sc00l"
  4. this is most definitely windows 7 (or vista), due to the placement of the "OK" button, and they have a classic theme and high contrast themes - this looks like the latter theme
  5. no wonder, you have file extensions hidden and it appeared as "sm64.us.z64.z64"
  6. you linked to a ROM file of an N64 game, what do you think is going to happen?
  7. how are you starting the game? by doubleclicking the exe directly or by a shortcut?
  8. Classic64 release trailer video Classic64 is a plugin for ClassiCube which uses libsm64 to insert a playable Mario from Super Mario 64 into the game. This includes his entire set of animations, his moveset, model, sounds, textures, everything 1:1. Download here!
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