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  1. there are a multitude of termux+wine scripts out there - mobox, box64droid, etc. try whatever works best for you, or wait for Cassia to be released winlator and winulator are two different apps
  2. The original thread was archived, so I'm announcing this update in a new one. Classic64 is a plugin for ClassiCube which uses libsm64 to insert a playable Mario from Super Mario 64 into the game. This includes his entire set of animations, his moveset, model, sounds, textures, everything 1:1. Changelog: Fixed bug where playing SM64 music would make sound effects stop working The plugin is now available for these platforms: Windows 32-bit Linux 32-bit macOS 64-bit (Intel) There is also a server plugin for MCGalaxy which will enhance the Classic64 multiplayer experience by synchronizing custom Mario colors, changes to Mario's cap and Mario inputs (to display crouching and punching). Download the update here!
  3. "usually" so you're implying some of these sightings are not fake?
  4. you're right, i should've asked first, my bad i will delete the image from my post but i don't think that'll help much since it was quoted
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