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  1. thank you I didn't know that was a thing. Is there also a way to stop /place?
  2. I was wondering if there is a way to prevent people from using draw ops(such as cuboid) in some levels but still letting them build?
  3. global.json should be in the blockdefs folder inside of the uploads folder along with the .json from the map you imported. so just open both with notepad and ctrl-C ctrl-V into global.json!
  4. I was having issues download the texture pack; if you have the same issues here is the download link so you can reupload it to something like dropbox https://github.com/MasterlazorX/CH/raw/cc/ClassicHaven_Pack.zip
  5. if you are trying to find your server on the server list but don't see it you most likely need to open port 25565 (lookup how to port forward a port) if you are try to connect to your server through the direct connect menu make sure you are using the public ip of your server and not the local ip (the local ip will be somthing like the cw maps use the extended block list so you will first new to follow the steps here https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/tree/master/Uploads (you should already have MCGalaxy_infid.dll but might need to update it) then to import the .cw maps into your server put the .cw's in the import folder found the the extra's folder Then in the console type /import (filename).cw this will make a level with all the custom blocks if you want the custom blocks on all the levels in your server first make a copy of global.json in case something goes wrong. then you need to find the blockdefs folder in upload copy the all the text in the lvl_(name of the level you just imported).json to the end of global.json Make sure you save it as global.json and not global.json.txt you might need to rename it to global.json. then restart the server.
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