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  1. if you haven't joined yet there is still time to make your build!
  2. Welcome to the opening of Meg's Server! We are running an event from 9:00 UTC Wednesday 22 To 9:00 UTC Saturday 28 where you will build in a 32x32 plot. Prizes: the top 3 builds will be featured in spawn. 1st place will be given 2k moneys and master builder rank 2nd place will be given 1.5k moneys and adv builder rank 3rd place will be given 1k moneys and adv builder rank
  3. Im a little late but guess what I made for you! https://github.com/LJplayswasused/classicube-thingys/blob/main/webtex.cs
  4. really anything can run a fresh out the box mcgalaxy server; an old pc or laptop will work fine. but I would suggest ethernet over wifi if you can.
  5. I was wondering how I would play sounds with a plugin (playing sounds from a folder in the texturepack.zip) edit for clarification:Im not asking how to turn on sound im asking how to have the server use a plugin to send a packet telling the client to play sound
  6. I have been trying to make a custom model, it looks fine in blockbench but when I put it on in game it is disjointed and weird. If anyone knows what im donning wrong I would love your help!
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