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  1. What service is the skin hosted on? What link are you giving? Could be a problem with that.
  2. I tried recreating the portal mechanics once with an MCGalaxy plugin but gave up pretty early on; I'm sure it's possible with enough effort, but I doubt anyone is willing to do it
  3. Convoluted idea, but it may be a possible way to trigger step sounds: Have the player be stationary on top of a block with no sound, then replace that block with one that has whatever sound you want. If just replacing the block doesn't trigger the sound, then apply some small vertical acceleration so the player "lands" on it and hears the sound.
  4. im gonna play a game that actaully has class like MineCraft... oh wait, i cant on a chromebook
  5. You don't need my permission, it's not some innovative, unheard of concept, it's just the first thing that came to mind when you mentioned different teams having different tints. Go ahead, I would like to see the result.
  6. Most of these things are possible right now! Displaying an image can be done with a bot in many ways, the way I do it is using a skinnedcube model with a custom model scale so it looks like a flat screen (it's tedious work to calculate how much you need to stretch it for your image, but it is possible). You can also make click interactions with bots, so a shop shouldn't be difficult. Now, if you're talking about displaying a png or a custom GUI outside of the game world, then that isn't possible yet, but there's clever ways to mimic similar things - using CPE messages on the corners of the screen and controlling them using server-defined hotkeys. Both of these things you can do with MCGalaxy plugins. A GUI tint (from what I understand) is also possible, but might be hard due to MCGalaxy not directly supporting the ability to send each player a different texture pack, you'd have to write that functionality yourself. Make two custom texture packs with a different tint, and depending on the player's team, send them a packet with the texture pack with their corresponding tint. I hope this is helpful and inspires you to create something amazing, but it would be nice if some of your suggestions had a more streamlined process.
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