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  1. aleksb385


    only done one playthrough but I think it's great
  2. what exactly are you trying to achieve? spreading information about this is good, but the way you still pretend to be a staff member even though you got tempbanned (and acknowledged it!) makes me think you're 8 years old or something
  3. They were wrong. Some versions of ClassicalSharp, an obsolete client, had a half-broken implementation of Survival Test that was never supposed to be used. However, the ClassiCube client does not have such thing. If you want to play Survival Test, use the old Minecraft client for it.
  4. You could probably use a linux terminal to get the desktop client of ClassiCube running. The reason why sound won't come to webclient though is because it's not sure whether Microsoft (Minecraft sounds are owned by them) would be fine with us doing that.
  5. Why are you stirring up things now? If you don't like me just ignore me. I'm not minimodding, just posting screenshots. And reviving a thread that hasn't been active since the 4th of January is, indeed, necroposting. Chill. The salt here is bigger than the ClassiCube server salt's length.
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