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  1. aleksb385


    Create your own in GIMP, Photoshop, Paint.NET or similar. You can make it up to 512x. Alternatively, you could search "minecraft skins" and steal the first skin you come across.
  2. You can look at /cm list or just ask someone.
  3. cool you can theoretically "sprint" like in premium, but you'd have to change up some controls and settings (mostly setting halfspeed and speed to the same key and adjusting the speed multiplier in hax settings)
  4. Hey Skating, if you have more texture packs I'd recommend you to make a collection thread with links and small previews of your texture packs, instead of making them all into separate topics.
  5. another way of doing this is by going to text/rules.txt in the server directory
  6. You can follow this guide here, and please don't bump irrelevant threads.
  7. In MCGalaxy, you can use the /ccols command. You can do /help ccols for more info.
  8. Could you please translate this "tutorial" to English?
  9. No, Andrew really can't delete your account either. As for the forum data, I already told you, just delete the posts yourself if that's possible.
  10. Deleting your account is not possible (no exceptions, it just isn't), however I'm pretty sure you can delete your forum posts manually.
  11. If you don't know what whitelist is and how to set it up, you probably shouldn't host a server. (Sorry for bump)
  12. Interesting... I've made several instances of this, however they would always have extra blocks or something, and I've never really released them.
  13. What is your device's model and resolution? When I open the server page in fullscreen, the buttons are awfully claustrophobic. SM-G950F, Firefox Fenix, Android 9, 2220x1080
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