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  1. well yes but actually sometimes it does the itch.
  2. bats and blind spiders, along with bears, caves are dangerous with bears.
  3. Pretty much the same for me, even though they looked cursed, their actually pretty good to look at.
  4. Thats nice, you made it with SkinSwatch, perhaps?
  5. upload the terrain file via dropbox and copy the link, then do /os map terrain <copied link's url>.
  6. Desaxu


    IRL logic doesn't apply to ClassiCube logic, hence why ice doesn't break on contact with a water block in-game than IRL.
  7. very nice of you, non-existant person!
  8. Heres some Minecraft Java edition screenshots that i did on a sever named "4bit". ('sever' was intentional, btw.)
  9. well yes but actually yes.
  10. Account Settings > ClassiCube > Update preferences Thats how I change it, accordingly.
  11. Well that was rude. Both are different, the wording is different and on Caoannitta's about me, the font size is bigger then your's. Its confusing how you assumed she did even though its not an exact copy of it.
  12. You can make custom models using Blockbench: https://blockbench.net/, you can either install it or use their web application. Here is a tutorial from ArtsByKev on Youtube on how to use Blockbench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9FLteWmFzg Hope this helps!
  13. nice, nice, very cool, stevebrine.
  14. Then... whats the point of making the question, anyway?
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