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  1. Im betting this tournament is gonna be a good one, spleef is a classic minigame out of the bunch, and i hope it turns out well!
  2. which category of death speedrun will you do, or you want to do it world-record style?
  3. The mobile games on the google play store that literally has the worst ad setup possible, such as Gardenscapes, King of Avalon: Dominion, Bridge Race, etc. somehow people get baited by these fake ads that somehow doesn't break the law.
  4. Unfortunately, as Andrew and azbacho10 said, thats now making a server work. You'll need to install MCGalaxy and the Mono framework via the Linux desktop environment prebuilt into your chromebook, which only some chromebook models depending on your manufacturer support Linux, if you use a school chromebook, otherwise known as a managed chromebook, you cannot access Linux, thus far, its impossible to get MCGalaxy and Mono without getting inside your chromebook.
  5. This is a nice texture pack, and i do enjoy it, but theres 3 missing pixels on the portal animation in animations.png, which is strange.. (I was using the "server-friendly" pack, by the way.) Here's the proof: i was confused at why there were 3 missing pixels and when i saw it for the first time, it sort-of triggered my OCD, but in my mind, if you have the time, would you fix this? Thanks.
  6. For me, i would sit there and do nothing until it comes back up. What do you do if that happens?
  7. ..why thou give a sentence so rasping, yet so bitter that you ask thy poster to not exist from this plane of existence.
  8. "everything is so sussy, oh no."
  9. The only way to change the door into a block (to my knowledge) is using the console, i dunno about the rest, though.
  10. Mine are Slowking, Charjabug and Farfetch'd (cause he fits my personality), what are yours?
  11. good luck with that, thats gonna take long (obviously.)
  12. Im curious, for me, it would be a cheeseburger-style with ham, cheese (obviously) and mayonnaise. Now, what will you put on it if you were to make a sandwich?
  13. pull a "guess I'll die" and sit there for 10 hours straight doing nothing.
  14. I would save it for what i want and need, I wouldn't be wasting it because, who would waste that amount of money on stuff?
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