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  1. Welcome back, how was your break from ClassiCube?
  2. Orcas, because why do they need to bully other sea creatures for their own pleasure?
  3. What client are you using that causes the bottom layer of your skin to vanish when the UI is hidden in third person?
  4. This is really interesting, I do wonder how it will be after it is done. Also i got a question, will you be working on it alone or with a group of people?
  5. Welcome back hanpy, glad to see you again.
  6. A game developer or graphic designer, since video games and art are both my hobbies, it would be sorta easy to do, so long I'm prepared for it.
  7. Try copying your world (make sure you saved it via "Save Level" in the menu beforehand) to extra/import (in the server's files) and then go in the server and enter in /import <world name>. Hope this answers your question.
  8. For me? personally it would be Castle Crashers, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and a World of Keflings. So now, what's yours?
  9. Hmm.. it's a tough question to answer, but i would want a drawing tablet (for my laptop) and some touch pens for my phone, along with a new console to play on.
  10. I mean, it could be possible, but I'm not too sure since there isn't many bedwars servers.
  11. I can cook bacon and eggs, spaghetti, ramen and cooked ham, albeit it takes longer to cook spaghetti and ramen and you have to stir both of them occasionally, but that's just the jist of it.
  12. Desaxu


    Go to Options -> Misc options.. -> Block physics and turn that off, so when you reload a .lvl file in singleplayer, the water wont flood anymore.
  13. My favorites are: Garry's Mod, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Classicube, Minecraft and People Playground. if you are talking about my most favorites, it is probably Minecraft or Terraria since those games are what i played back during the 2010's.
  14. Honestly I have no idea. Lemehost is a sort of paid hosting service that can host many games, including Classicube, but at a cost. The $0 version gives you 1 GB of RAM, 1 gigahertz of CPU. 10 Memory and on the bright side, the storage is 30 GB SSD. But the major problem with these is that its not 24/7 and you can't save backups and it's not ad-free. But to answer your question, it's safe to browse, but not to use due to the paid stuff you need money for.
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