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  1. You'll need the CustomModels plugin installed onto your server, in which you can get it here. Please keep in mind, you'll need to do /plugin load CustomModels once you've installed it and make sure that it's working properly. Then, to create it, enter in /cm upload [model name] .
  2. To put it simply; these change how the level looks. Textures and Texturepack control the textures of the level (and there needs to be a skybox texture in the texture pack in order to have a skybox.) Weather and it's speed and fade variables changes the weather, SidesOffset is obvious, it sets the side blocks (the blocks beneath the edge/horizon) offset either up or down depending on the value, MaxFog and ExpFog is the fog settings with maxfog changing how far away or close the fog is, and expfog.. turns on the fog on the edges, The skybox has some horizontal and vertical speeds, HorizonBlock and EdgeBlock allows you to change the edge and horizon blocks, by default; it's water (8) and bedrock (7), Then; you can set colors of the Clouds, Fog, Sky, Shadows (the circle or square below your character or under bots, and the shadow of blocks), Lights and the Skybox color. You can also change these variables with /env <variable value> in-game. Hope this helps.
  3. Orcas, because why do they need to bully other sea creatures for their own pleasure?
  4. My favorites are: Garry's Mod, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Classicube, Minecraft and People Playground. if you are talking about my most favorites, it is probably Minecraft or Terraria since those games are what i played back during the 2010's.
  5. Acer Chromebook 315 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz RAM: 3.717 GB Graphics card: Intel(R) Inside HDD: Unknown Monitor: Built-In Display - 1517x853dpi Keyboard: Built-in Keyboard Mouse: pbx USB Mouse, main: Touchpad
  6. This is a nice texture pack, and i do enjoy it, but theres 3 missing pixels on the portal animation in animations.png, which is strange.. (I was using the "server-friendly" pack, by the way.) Here's the proof: i was confused at why there were 3 missing pixels and when i saw it for the first time, it sort-of triggered my OCD, but in my mind, if you have the time, would you fix this? Thanks.
  7. I would save it for what i want and need, I wouldn't be wasting it because, who would waste that amount of money on stuff?
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