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  1. i think my brain has died reading this, I don't understand anything.. ...Or my brain may have been into the classicube void realm, who knows.
  2. My favorite word is probably "empty" as it fits who I am and my life online. Otherwise, it might be "artistic" or "nerd".
  3. Orcas, because why do they need to bully other sea creatures for their own pleasure?
  4. Acer Chromebook 315 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4020 CPU @ 1.10GHz RAM: 3.717 GB Graphics card: Intel(R) Inside HDD: Unknown Monitor: Built-In Display - 1517x853dpi Keyboard: Built-in Keyboard Mouse: pbx USB Mouse, main: Touchpad
  5. This is a nice texture pack, and i do enjoy it, but theres 3 missing pixels on the portal animation in animations.png, which is strange.. (I was using the "server-friendly" pack, by the way.) Here's the proof: i was confused at why there were 3 missing pixels and when i saw it for the first time, it sort-of triggered my OCD, but in my mind, if you have the time, would you fix this? Thanks.
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