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  1. If you are talking about your os map then its /os map texture (direct url) Nividim said the other way also make sure the url ends in a .zip
  2. I'm guessing that you restarted the router and your ipv4 changed. You might need to port forward again
  3. Honestly do not play around with this. Heartbeats don't make servers. Thats not how it works. They just send requests to the website telling it to add server the the list.
  4. megaboi

    i need help

    Be more specific. People can't help if you don't state the problem more specifically.
  5. The android client is basically the desktop client compiled for android so I think you can already load plugins thru Android\Data\com.classicube.android\files\plugins Not sure for the webclient though
  6. If I had a gun I would shoot the possums that keep eating the cat food
  7. tysm for the tutorial wish there were more like this.
  8. Wow I never knew the forums were back up
  9. There is a hide and seek server called Puissant Royale but it has other thing as well
  10. He must of recoded the client to do /client cuboid
  11. Um I would use a mobile browser from Google play. Then open classicube.net from there
  12. Heck classicube never existed it was just a dream
  13. No its basically the client recompiled for android Its pretty good since its only alpha.
  14. I agree this is totally unnecessary I literally just bought java edition and we the people didnt need to have it. Its mcpe all over again.
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