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  1. As long as you aren't using a school chromebook, you should be fine.
  2. I have three questions 1. what time, timezones exist 2. what server 3. what prize
  3. >:(((((( sqid gam is not a batle royel and has godly plot. theeres lore too btw :(((((
  4. Update: I like java much better now as I got a new computer However I do play multiple versions 1.8.9 for pvp 1.9-1.16 for survival singleplayer beta 1.7.3 for survival multiplayer Alpha for whenever I want to indev for fun I mostly play 1.8.9 since I am sorta good at pvp but not really lol I have completely stopped playing bedrock edition and haven't been playing it that much (only if I want to play with my younger siblings)
  5. Yes. I use labymod. I got a new computer anyway since this post.
  6. Bitch (batch) C Shart (C sharp) Hython (python) Hyper sext markup language (hyper text markup language) That is it for me
  7. What is your favorite version of minecraft. The console editions? Java edition? Bedrock? etc. mine would be bedrock for now because my pc can't handle java lol
  8. classic combat because it makes gameplay feel better
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