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  1. megaboi


    its not possible via the vanilla singleplayer game but on a mcgalaxy server you could set ice to be destroyed by water with physics set to 4. sux 2 be the 3 posters rn who decided to respond
  2. goddamn sorry partner I just so happen to be a some states north of ya prolly doin the same thing
  3. megaboi


    no u
  4. LOL you might as well just have installed plain ass ubuntu with gnome instead xD
  5. Why did the ghost go inside the bar? For the boos.
  6. Lmao why did you idiots give the kid console.. Your friend is the reason it even happened. Why the all caps. Not hacking. Just idiots giving the guy the password to the eddynetweb console. Moral of story: dont give your password to people online
  7. This is no joke. It's legit h*ntai
  8. I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
  9. I love sandwich with big meaty balls meat ball sub 🤌
  10. Update: I like java much better now as I got a new computer However I do play multiple versions 1.8.9 for pvp 1.9-1.16 for survival singleplayer beta 1.7.3 for survival multiplayer Alpha for whenever I want to indev for fun I mostly play 1.8.9 since I am sorta good at pvp but not really lol I have completely stopped playing bedrock edition and haven't been playing it that much (only if I want to play with my younger siblings)
  11. with the webclient it check if the server is your ip and if so then it automatically sets itself to localhost but its weird how you were able to join it
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