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  1. Wow I never knew the forums were back up
  2. There is a hide and seek server called Puissant Royale but it has other thing as well
  3. He must of recoded the client to do /client cuboid
  4. Um I would use a mobile browser from Google play. Then open classicube.net from there
  5. Heck classicube never existed it was just a dream
  6. No its basically the client recompiled for android Its pretty good since its only alpha.
  7. I agree this is totally unnecessary I literally just bought java edition and we the people didnt need to have it. Its mcpe all over again.
  8. Instead of making it in a new thread you should post updates in the one already made. Just sayin.
  9. It's different for different brand of routers with different software so if you need more help just ask me ig
  10. We should take this to discord just to save space for the forums Megaboi#2587
  11. Doesn't mean the router actually did it it just means your connected to the router
  12. Your router probably doesn't support UPnP try port forwarding manually
  13. You haven't port forwarded so basically the client is trying to connect from outside of the lan idk I'm not smart with this kinda stuff
  14. If you have the perms to set portals you should have the perms to do /z
  15. megaboi

    i need help

    Check the email you used to make the account to get the login code
  16. I've been playing it for months and nothing has happened I know the owner of the project and I know for sure that she wouldn't do something like that. I hope she comes back online soon and makes it open source to prove y'all wrong
  17. Then it shouldn't run much better if it's for linux
  18. Question: why was he banned in the first place? The fact he was even banned in the first place broke none of the rules lol
  19. He got banned by the owner so that isn't really helping
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