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  1. I have three questions 1. what time, timezones exist 2. what server 3. what prize
  2. >:(((((( sqid gam is not a batle royel and has godly plot. theeres lore too btw :(((((
  3. megaboi


    its not possible via the vanilla singleplayer game but on a mcgalaxy server you could set ice to be destroyed by water with physics set to 4. sux 2 be the 3 posters rn who decided to respond
  4. goddamn sorry partner I just so happen to be a some states north of ya prolly doin the same thing
  5. megaboi


    no u
  6. LOL you might as well just have installed plain ass ubuntu with gnome instead xD
  7. Why did the ghost go inside the bar? For the boos.
  8. Lmao why did you idiots give the kid console.. Your friend is the reason it even happened. Why the all caps. Not hacking. Just idiots giving the guy the password to the eddynetweb console. Moral of story: dont give your password to people online
  9. This is no joke. It's legit h*ntai
  10. I enable my hotspot and go back to what I was doing before
  11. I love sandwich with big meaty balls meat ball sub 🤌
  12. Update: I like java much better now as I got a new computer However I do play multiple versions 1.8.9 for pvp 1.9-1.16 for survival singleplayer beta 1.7.3 for survival multiplayer Alpha for whenever I want to indev for fun I mostly play 1.8.9 since I am sorta good at pvp but not really lol I have completely stopped playing bedrock edition and haven't been playing it that much (only if I want to play with my younger siblings)
  13. with the webclient it check if the server is your ip and if so then it automatically sets itself to localhost but its weird how you were able to join it
  14. megaboi


    gramer an offline and online system would be cool even if you could see what server they are on but it seems like a ton of coding and networking would be needed. messaging friends already exists in the forums ig and you could already follow them as well. I just don't seem to get the point of adding something that is mostly already there.
  15. There's always a reason for someone getting banned. A. pissing the owner off (this includes elsewhere tho this is a bad thing but that's just the perk of having 5 year old server owners) B. Breaking the rules etc. I ban people permanently most of the time simply because I do not want to deal with them in the future. ofc I warn them if they do break the rules then ban (or mute or even a tempban) them if they continue. This just shows that some people don't learn. Tip for you all: if you don't want to be banned from a server you like then simply don't break the rules or purposely be annoying. (be cautious about jokes as they might piss off the owner if he's a child and very mental about certain things, Trust me I have done it before lol)
  16. Yes. I use labymod. I got a new computer anyway since this post.
  17. megaboi

    Help :(

    Its already sus that its a .json file it should be a .bbmodel
  18. Sorry, my bad. I posted this post under ClassiCube central instead of Tutorials. I was thinking of posting about my server that I host on my tablet but then changed my mind and decided I'd post a how-to instead without realizing that I forgot to switch the topic.
  19. I am not sure of anyone managed to do this before but I found out how to host a MCGalaxy server on android. Though it is not recommend to do so on a cheap amazon fire sixth gen (the one I used to host) or any tablet or phone at all. If you have a old chromebook or something that doesn't support linux but does support android I guess you could host for friends but I just don't recommend hosting on android devices in general. To put it in simpler words, this post is for educational purposes only. I do not support anyone that hosts using their own device and I also do not support the chromies hosting on their chromebooks. If you want a server then go to eddy or just get a real computer. With that out of the way, lets get started. --what you need an android device with decent storage (I suggest android 6 and up) Termux (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux) Anlinux (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=exa.lnx.a) A brain Linux knowledge ------- (if you already know how to install ubuntu you may skip this step) Aight so the first thing you need to do is start up Anlinux then click dashboard Then click choose then ubuntu press copy then press launch press and hold then select paste and when you press enter it should begin downloading It will take a while but will soon get there ------- Part 2: starting ubuntu/Downloading mono ------- After its done downloading and installing it should already state the instruction to start ubuntu with ./start-ubuntu.sh after typing that in you should be greeted with a nice [email protected]:`# that means it worked if it didn't then.... I guess your device isn't supported or something I don't really know Now that you have ubuntu open its time to install the mono framework how I installed it was with a apt-get update then a apt-get install mono-complete. If there is another way please respond to this post and let me know. ------- Part 3: downloading Mcgalaxy/running it ------- Now that you have installed both ubuntu and mono, you have to download mcgalaxy. ------- however on some devices there's an issue where you can't see the termux directory from the file explorer. If that is the case then I suggest doing apt-get install wget and apt-get install unzip. After head to https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases and you should see a, Download MCGalaxy from here, I would press and hold then copy the link then paste it in termux next to the command wget. (wget [link]) After that I would use the unzip command from earlier to unzip the zip file. If you don't know what the name of the zip file is then just type dir. Now that you have the zip file unzipped there should be a bunch of files just chillin in your directory ------- Part 4: editing the server files/running the server ------- To edit your server you must edit server.properties in the properties folder (theres more files in there but I am just going to use server.properties as an example) if you have a text editor and can access termuxs files go right ahead and skip this part. if not then continue. ------- to edit the files you have to get into the directory by using cd properties then type nano server.properties To edit you ctrl+e and change whatever you want. after exit and save then type cd to head back ------- After all that work finally its time to run your server by typing mono MCGalaxyCLI.exe your android server should start to run. if it doesn't idc don't be complaining in the thread you clearly have done something wrong. In conclusion, don't try to make a na2 clone and host it on your android potatoe. Its just not gonna work out well and it will just run out of space. also one more thing if you plan to actually make a server off your android device please make sure to turn off blockdb as it takes a shid ton of space. (/blockdb disable [level]) No one is gonna join your stupid na2 clone anyway and you should probably read venks guide (or you can't do that?) Thanks for reading my first big ass post and I hope you benefitted from this idk.
  20. I regret letting little kids join my block game server called classicube. should've xbanned them after a day of building LOL.
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    My account

    It does that just in case someone gets hold of you're password they can't login as you because they don't have your email account. Its called 2 factor authentication.
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