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  1. If you're using the desktop/android client, just delete options.txt from the folder where the ClassiCube executable is to reset all your settings. If you're using the web client, it's a bit trickier as you need to delete options.txt from IndexedDB. How to do that depends on which web browser you're using. For example, with Chrome, you can do that by: Opening Developer Tools Switch to Application tab in Developer Tools Select IndexedDB under Storage panel on left pane Expand /classicube, then expand FILE_DATA Right click the /classicube/options.txt entry and then click Delete
  2. It's a command, so should be using /compile and /cmdload instead of /pcompile here --- The issue here is that at some point, someone opened and saved CmdAnnounce.dll with a text editor - but .dll files are not text files, which meant that some of the bytes in the .dll file got changed and hence made the .dll unloadable. If you do /compile Announce (to regenerate CmdAnnounce.dll) and then /cmdload Announce again though, it should work.
  3. The error you have shown here is an unrelated error that occurred on January 15th when someone tried to do /undo from console
  4. What exactly do you mean by sounds can randomly crash?
  5. Open Developer Tools in your browser and see if there are any errors noted in Console or Network tab
  6. I tested on my own device but unfortunately I could not reproduce this issue. So without a screenshot/recording/something similar of the issue it's a bit difficult to investigate the problem
  7. What advantages would providing a chrome app offer compared to the way the webclient is already provided? Also, seems new chrome apps stopped being accepted back in March 2020 https://blog.chromium.org/2020/08/changes-to-chrome-app-support-timeline.html
  8. Can you please upload a screenshot of this issue?
  9. Open Terminal, navigate to the directory which has the ClassiCube executable in it, then type ./ClassiCube into Terminal
  10. The game executable intentionally does not have a file extension on linux
  11. Are you not able to just run the executable?
  12. The reason why sounds haven't been implemented isn't because of any sort of technical roadblock, but because of a legal uncertainty. I don't know whether playing the sounds directly from Mojang's resource servers is considered acceptable use or not.
  13. It sounds like cookies are being blocked or not remembered
  14. What features are missing from the webclient when used on an iPad?
  15. The web version of the game should already work fine on most iPhone and iPad devices -- An iOS application is not really planned currently, mainly because unlike Android which at least offers the option of installing third party applications, iOS only allows installing from the app store. Publishing an application for the app store would require spending $100 per year for an Apple Developer membership, without even the guarantee that such an application would be accepted onto the app store.
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