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  1. Are you running the server with any custom commands or plugins?
  2. ClassiCube does not come with a cow model, but it can be provided by a third party plugin such as MoreModels. If you look in the plugins folder where you are running the 64 bit version of ClassiCube from, do you have a 64 bit MoreModels plugin DLL in there?
  3. What is the system date and time set to on the 3DS? (the system time being incorrect is one of the two most likely reasons you would receive this error code)
  4. Can you please run dxdiag, then go to the Display tab and see what's there? Particularly whether Direct3D Acceleration is enabled
  5. What is the output if you type /client gpuinfo into chat?
  6. Which version of Direct3D 9 do you have installed? My guess would be that your version of Direct3D 9 is earlier than 9.0c
  7. Because the java part of the android client can still technically run on Android 2.2, although it's pretty useless currently since all it can do is show a dialog saying that it can't load the native part It was left that way for testing purposes, I didn't really expect people to actually try running it on an Android 2.2 device in practice
  8. The ClassiCube version for Android currently requires Android 2.3 at a minimum, as multiple system libraries that ClassiCube depends on were only added in Android 2.3 (Although it might be possible to rewrite the code to avoid depending on those system libraries (so that ClassiCube would work on Android 2.2), it would still take quite a lot of code and research to do that, so is unfortunately unlikely to be worked on any time soon)
  9. Can you please try again? I removed all of the unnecessary external JavaScript from that webpage
  10. To be honest, I have just lost interest in making large scale updates to the game anymore I'll still continue gradually adding smaller improvements and new features though
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