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  1. Is this with the iOS build, the Android build, or the mobile webclient?
  2. It was a mistake with changes made to the game yesterday, it should be fixed now.
  3. Are you referring to the Hotkeys menu? If so that has been fixed now.
  4. Hmm, that's a bit tricky. The place where the crash is occurring isn't directly in the ClassiCube executable itself, but somewhere in libc (probably memcpy) Unfortunately, that does mean there isn't currently enough information to work out what is causing the crash. Is compiling ClassiCube yourself and running it under gdb something you are fine with doing? Otherwise I will look into adding more crash details to client.log
  5. client.log doesn't appear to be attached here, could you please attach it so I can investigate the crash?
  6. It was a mistake in some recent code changes, but it has been fixed now. If you download and then install it again, the issue should not occur now.
  7. Are you running the server with any custom commands or plugins?
  8. ClassiCube does not come with a cow model, but it can be provided by a third party plugin such as MoreModels. If you look in the plugins folder where you are running the 64 bit version of ClassiCube from, do you have a 64 bit MoreModels plugin DLL in there?
  9. What is the system date and time set to on the 3DS? (the system time being incorrect is one of the two most likely reasons you would receive this error code)
  10. Can you please try again? I removed all of the unnecessary external JavaScript from that webpage
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