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  1. Open Terminal, navigate to the directory which has the ClassiCube executable in it, then type ./ClassiCube into Terminal
  2. The game executable intentionally does not have a file extension on linux
  3. Are you not able to just run the executable?
  4. The reason why sounds haven't been implemented isn't because of any sort of technical roadblock, but because of a legal uncertainty. I don't know whether playing the sounds directly from Mojang's resource servers is considered acceptable use or not.
  5. It sounds like cookies are being blocked or not remembered
  6. What features are missing from the webclient when used on an iPad?
  7. The web version of the game should already work fine on most iPhone and iPad devices -- An iOS application is not really planned currently, mainly because unlike Android which at least offers the option of installing third party applications, iOS only allows installing from the app store. Publishing an application for the app store would require spending $100 per year for an Apple Developer membership, without even the guarantee that such an application would be accepted onto the app store.
  8. There is dedicated plugin for exporting to .obj, which can then be imported into say Blender. https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube-Plugins/tree/master/ObjExporter
  9. What exactly do you mean by that you can't download texture packs? --- Texture packs uploaded in 'Change texture pack' intentionally don't last. Once you close the tab, they disappear, hence why you see 'No such file or directory' the next time.
  10. Alas I don't know how that can happen, so I have implemented an alternative in the latest dev build. If you download http://cs.classicube.net/c_client/latest/ClassiCube.exe and add http-no-https=True into options.txt, the game should now be able to login. (Although enabling this option means your account password is now sent across the network unencrypted)
  11. How specifically are you opening and saving the png images from the game's texture pack? I can only seem to get it to open/save images from one specific folder.
  12. Unfortunately, the error you are getting suggests a system specific issue. Even just reinstalling IE6 might help there. IE6 should still be able to access classicube.net, although may have to enable 'Use TLS 1.0' in Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security first.
  13. Are you able to access https://www.classicube.net in Internet Explorer? (The game uses the same internal library IE also uses to connect to websites)
  14. UnknownShadow200

    Crash error

    I made a mistake in the last dev build, my apologies. If you update to the latest dev build again it should be fixed now.
  15. Please refresh the page, this should already have been fixed. If that doesn't work still, the browser should automatically redownload the latest version of the game (instead of using cached version) after a few hours.
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