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  1. What web browser and device you are using?
  2. Which browser are you using? Does this happen in singleplayer or multiplayer?
  3. What operating system are you using? Are you able to play audio in other applications without any issues?
  4. Are you using latest release or latest dev build? A change was made 18 days ago that may address your input issues, although the change is only in dev builds (https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/commit/57504bf22e25e4eea01870966f39f3390c929d99)
  5. Which operating system are you using? Are you using webclient or native client?
  6. This should be fixed now, it was my fault for not testing a recent change thoroughly enough
  7. You need to define r as a valid colour code first using /customcolors add r
  8. The classicube-account-plus option applies to all accounts and regardless of name verification mode If you're only seeing + at end of names just now after name verification mode was enabled, this would likely be because in authservices.properties, name-suffix for players connecting via classicube.net is set to + (as to why this would be done, it's so that the ClassiCube account "Test" is treated as a separate player from the Minecraft account "Test") Setting name-suffix to blank and then doing /server reload will turn off that behaviour
  9. What is the URL of the texture pack you are having issues with?
  10. On lines 461-462 replace BlockID raw = p.ConvertBlock(block); p.Send(Packet.HoldThis(raw, locked, p.hasExtBlocks)); with if (!p.Session.SendHoldThis(block, locked)) { p.Message("Your client doesn't support changing your held block."); }
  11. If you are trying to maximise performance 1) Make sure view distance is turned all the way down to minimum 2) Do /client rendermode normalfast (sacrifices fog/clouds for better performance) What is the output of /client gpu ? Would help to know what GPU etc the laptop has
  12. Are you using desktop or webclient? Do you see a message box of ""default.zip is missing, try downloading resources..." when starting the game? Are you seeing any messages (if you scroll to top of chat history) about error loading texture pack?
  13. Can you provide more detail on what you mean by it doesn't work? For both browser and native application?
  14. Main difference is: 'classic walk anim: on' - arms of players appear to flap around when moving 'classic walk anim: off' - arms of players mainly just swing back and forth when moving
  15. In navigation bar, Other stuff -> Staff Hello potential developer applicant, All candidates are required to possess the following experience at a minimum before applying: 15 years experience in Memory Leaking (C) 20 years experience in Microsoft Java (C#) 25 years experience in YourSQL & SQLime 30 years experience in Subjective C 35 years experience of Scripting in Java (JavaScript) 40 years experience in snake taming (Python) 45 years experience in violence (bash) 50 years of committing to the client github After a 100 year unpaid internship, you may be considered for the developer role.
  16. denzy's account previously did /reach 0, and therefore will be unable to modify blocks more than 0 blocks away from them. Doing /reach 5 on that account will revert block modification range back to the default range of 5 blocks.
  17. You need to install DigiCert Baltimore Root SSL certificate to the root certificate trust store, as without this the SSL certificate of classicube.net is unable to pass authenticity validation Simplest way to generate a .cer file for Baltimore Root SSL certificate is by exporting the root certificate from Chrome Then follow the tutorial from https://support.globalsign.com/ca-certificates/root-certificates/update-globalsign-root-certificate-windows-xp-windows-2000, but install the previously created .cer file instead of Root-R1.crt If that still doesn't work, then try adding https-verify=false to options.txt to disable SSL certificate validation (this is still a bad idea security wise) This should only be done as an absolute last resort, because turning on this option means your account password is transmitted over the network in plain text
  18. In Escape -> Options -> Nostalgia Options (or ... -> Main Menu -> Options -> Nostalgia Options), have either of the following options been turned off? Allow custom blocks Use CPE
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