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  1. What is the system date and time set to on the 3DS? (the system time being incorrect is one of the two most likely reasons you would receive this error code)
  2. Can you please run dxdiag, then go to the Display tab and see what's there? Particularly whether Direct3D Acceleration is enabled
  3. What is the output if you type /client gpuinfo into chat?
  4. Which version of Direct3D 9 do you have installed? My guess would be that your version of Direct3D 9 is earlier than 9.0c
  5. Because the java part of the android client can still technically run on Android 2.2, although it's pretty useless currently since all it can do is show a dialog saying that it can't load the native part It was left that way for testing purposes, I didn't really expect people to actually try running it on an Android 2.2 device in practice
  6. The ClassiCube version for Android currently requires Android 2.3 at a minimum, as multiple system libraries that ClassiCube depends on were only added in Android 2.3 (Although it might be possible to rewrite the code to avoid depending on those system libraries (so that ClassiCube would work on Android 2.2), it would still take quite a lot of code and research to do that, so is unfortunately unlikely to be worked on any time soon)
  7. Can you please try again? I removed all of the unnecessary external JavaScript from that webpage
  8. To be honest, I have just lost interest in making large scale updates to the game anymore I'll still continue gradually adding smaller improvements and new features though
  9. Unfortunately, the very old mono compiler doesn't support method overloads with default parameters properly. So where there are cases like this: class Level { public void Blockchange(ushort x, ushort y, ushort z, BlockID block, bool overRide = false, PhysicsArgs data = default(PhysicsArgs), bool addUndo = true) { } public void Blockchange(ushort x, ushort y, ushort z, BlockID block) { } } .. lvl.Blockchange(x1, y1, z1, Block.Grass); lvl.Blockchange(x2, y2, z2, Block.Dirt, true); you'll have to remove the default parameters from the method overloads, and change any code that was relying on them to specify every parameter So the above example would now become: class Level { public void Blockchange(ushort x, ushort y, ushort z, BlockID block, bool overRide, PhysicsArgs data, bool addUndo) { } public void Blockchange(ushort x, ushort y, ushort z, BlockID block) { } } .. lvl.Blockchange(x1, y1, z1, Block.Grass); lvl.Blockchange(x2, y2, z2, Block.Dirt, true, default(PhysicsArgs), true); Unfortunately, what's worse is that the compiler in this case only seems to report a single batch of failures when run. So you'll have to repeatedly fix one batch of failures, run the compiler again, fix the next batch of failures, run the compiler again, and so on. (It can be done, it just takes a long time.. when I tried this, I still cheated quite a bit and deleted code that was causing compile failures rather than fixing it a number of times)
  10. I've fixed the crash that was causing the server to get stuck in a restart loop in the latest commit Alas, doesn't seem like the failure to load libgdiplus.dylib will be easy to resolve
  11. in Gfx_EndFrame in _GLShared.h can you please add: int err = glGetError(); Platform_Log1("GL ERROR: %i", &err);
  12. Try running MCGalaxyCLI.exe instead of MCGalaxy.exe, you'll probably have a much better chance with just the CLI
  13. I've added instructions at https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/wiki/Compiling-for-.NET-2.0 You'll also need to copy across MySql.Data.dll for the server to work (although MCGalaxy doesn't use MySql at all by default, the old version of mono does need the DLL to be present) Once I did that, I was able to get the CLI to successfully work on 10.4, although the GUI didn't work
  14. You'll also probably need to also pass -lexecinfo on the command line (And of the latest commit, I've also added builtin stacktrace functionality that may work which doesn't need an external library like libexecinfo - can be tried with -DCC_BACKTRACE_BUILTIN)
  15. Ah, well the good thing is that there's no unsurprising errors in that error logs. But I do need to create some clearer instructions on how to compile for .NET 2.0 framework with mono though, so I'll try to get that written up later today Is it able to create any folders/files? Especially the logs/errors folder I will try to get a Linux VM with mono 2.6 setup, although that might take me a bit longer Unfortunately, you have run into an edge case with the automatic restart on error (usually when there's a severe failure on server startup, it fails way before the restart on error behaviour gets enabled) If the server is able to generate properties/server.properties, then you can turn off the automatic restart on error behaviour in that file
  16. I'd be interested to see what errors you are getting (note that a bit confusingly, .NET core 2.0 and .NET standard 2.0 are a completely different thing to .NET framework 2.0) You could try this precompiled version for .NET framework 2.0: mcgalaxy_net20.zip
  17. ClassiCube downloads sound and music from Mojang's resources server, which now require a minimum of TLS 1.2 support to connect - but unfortunately TLS 1.2 support is not included as part of such an operating system. So two possible workarounds are to either: 1) Just copy already downloaded sound and music files from another computer 2) Use a more updated libcurl from a third party such as MacPorts. (I have never tried this myself though)
  18. MCGalaxy can be compiled to run on .NET 2.0 (just make sure to also define NET_20 defined when compiling it) - I could compile a .NET 2.0 build for you though if you want
  19. Maybe try resizing the ClassiCube window to be smaller, then press F12 to take a screenshot from in-game, and upload that instead? Not quite sure what you mean
  20. My mistake, I missed that bit While normally I would suggest installing the libgles2-mesa-dev package, I have no idea if that would cause issues with the nvidia proprietary drivers, so I probably wouldn't recommend trying that Based on the screenshots (non-textured rendering works fine, textured rendering is affected by fog, but all textures appear black), I'm guessing all texture creation calls are failing. Could you please try running this debug build, and screenshotting/copying the command line output? cc-rpi-dbg
  21. If possible, please compile ClassiCube from source code and run that, as the version from there is around 2 years old Newer versions of ClassiCube will provide more detailed error messages:
  22. Error 2 means 'file not found', which is certainly a strange error to see here Can you please try running ClassiCube from command prompt and take a screenshot of the command line output? (easiest way of doing that is going to folder when ClassiCube is in Explorer, then typing cmd into explorer's address bar, then typing ClassiCube into command prompt
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