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  1. The file you have uploaded is a level.dat describing the properties of a modern minecraft map, not a minecraft classic level.dat map
  2. Texture packs urls that are (http://textures.classicrevival.xyz/..) need to be changed to (https://textures.classicrevival.xyz/..)
  3. Can you please upload this .dat file so I can check it? (CCDED03E means the first few bytes of data read didn't equal 656127880, which every .dat file is required to start with)
  4. .dat files can be loaded directly by the client, just put the .dat in maps folder and you can load them
  5. Uh, could you screenshot what that looks like? Is the rest of the desktop affected? What does /client gpu say? (you may have to copy that from singleplayer.log inside logs folder)
  6. Did you see any messages about the apk being unsafe or untrusted? The apk is signed with a debug key, so it will likely by blocked by default, which would cause an 'app not installed' error. It should work on any device running android 4.0 or later. I tested on a device running 4.0.3 and it installed and ran fine there
  7. Map voting happens automatically in lava survival, but only after three maps have been added to the lava survival map list using /ls add.
  8. What specifically do you mean by it can't handle lots of updates?
  9. I updated the .apk with a potential fix for this issue. Can you please try redownloading then reinstalling the .apk and see if that fixes your issue
  10. There are no plans to release it on the play store currently
  11. Are you using the android version or just the web client on a mobile device? What exactly do you mean by word is doubled? I couldn't seem to reproduce this problem on either
  12. A port of ClassiCube for Android is now available - with some limitations however: It's only available as an .apk download (Not available in the Google Play Store) The .apk was compiled in debug mode, so it will be slower than normal It's early alpha. It will very likely crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc. Please report these to me so I can work on fixing them. (Also note that the in-game UI of the Android version is almost exactly the same as the UI when you use the web client on android)
  13. Which texture pack URLs are you having issues with? Are you using the latest dev build? Note that I only fixed this bug 4 days ago
  14. Please update to the latest dev build in Options -> Updates and see if that fixes it.
  15. There isn't a problem with the skins images here - they are definitely .png, and I have checked that they load correctly in-game. I would suggest opening the skin url in your web browser and then see if you're asked to complete a captcha, or see a 'firewall blocked' message, etc.
  16. UnknownShadow200


    If you run mono --version in Terminal it will tell you exactly which version
  17. UnknownShadow200


    Which version of mono are you using? Guessing a rather old version if running on 10.6
  18. UnknownShadow200


    What issues do you have with running normal MCGalaxy?
  19. Note that this game in completely written from scratch, so it doesn't have nor support .jar files
  20. This is normal behaviour - some routers do not let you join using your external IP address. While the web client will notice if you are trying to connect to your external IP address and instead connect to, the desktop client does not. So you need to use Direct connect instead.
  21. If you have enabled display scaling in operating system settings, that is not supported yet, so the game will just automatically get scaled up and look blurry.
  22. Better off having an incomplete life than spending the rest of life working on a pointless port
  23. Only zip files with up to 1024 entries are supported, this zip file has 4272 and hence will not load. So you need to delete some of the files in the .zip FYI though, modern minecraft texture packs are quite different from classicube texture packs, so this won't work properly anyways.
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