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  1. Basically i have ALOT of HD classic roblox skyboxes that i found in some blockland website and stitched them all together, then saved all of them within a .zip file which i have a download link to, and now im trying to find a place to share it online so people can maybe use them for their maps on cc, anyone know where to find any websites i can share my (11) skyboxes? edit: i made these weeks back and the .zip file is just sitting on my desktop collecting dust
  2. plus the classic leaves foliage too thx oh bad timing oh im a clown o wait is it ok if i could do the vanilla version of the bdcraft textures? because i know theres a version of bd with the textures just the default mc textures but in the comical style and keeps tje original appearance
  3. Im currently working on a texture pack (which is BDcraft for cc) and im trying to figure out what colour is the grass that matches the grass_block_side.png texture (which has the classic grass colouring im looking for) does anyone know what the hex colour/RGB code (???,???,??? for an example) the foliage colour for classic grass is?
  4. Yeah ive been wondering... Why is Third-person view and Zoom-views locked to Hacks? Normally on Minecraft on a game without cheats, its actually available to use and shits for taking pictures or comedic shits, its kinda useless n dumb ik but... It does actually bug me that on servers on cc like Mineland (rip ;-;) and ZS, third person isn't really available due to it being said locked to hacks. its so dumb that its locked to hacks holy shit
  5. wish granted, but everyone who you love, die during your 20 years i wish i could have a life without problems and bad choices i did in the past haunt me... Edit: Accidentally forgot to press the reply button for crush_ woops \/\/\/ ^^^^
  6. best deviant art masterpiece i've ever read
  7. yee ik, i was stating my thoughts but thank u so much doe!~ 💙
  8. oh ok thanks for letting me know good friend!~ ^v^ 💙
  9. Imagine if the cyan flower from mcpe was added as a extra thing to build with along with the crate and that one underated bathroom plate flooring block lmao xD
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