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  1. Oh I didn't see that, I'll sort out something though Textures Revamp Update: Changes: Removed the "debris" pixels off the ore textures. Changed the Stone texture to be accurate to the ores and Bedrock. Changed the Brick texture so it's texture is less flatter and more static-ish like it's 16x counterpart. Changed a small detail above the crate texture Replaced the Dandelion to it's old and fitting version Yeah sorry if i keep on updating this texture pack all the time, I'm maybe planning onto revamping the "Server Friendly" and fixing things including missing pixels and etc, but I'm not sure when I'll do that. - Z Edit: wait I didn't meant to merge this woops
  2. Yeah I know this is starting to get annoying but i slightly updated the texture pack agian with adding afew finishing touches to the fonts agian. enjoy the texture pack - Z
  3. Last Teeny-tinyish update: Changes: Overhauled the fonts (default.png) Changed the Brick texture so it's "shadows" off the bricks are more varied than repetitive Yeah I think I'm done updating this pack sorta, for now, in the meantime, hope you guys enjoy the texture pack! - Z
  4. Teeny Tiny Update (agian): Changes: Touched up the Crate texture's details a little I do apologize if any incidents or troubles are caused shortly after doing this update. - Z
  5. Teeeny-Tiny Update: Changes: Made some accuracy fixes to the horizon lava texture I know it's kinda useless to do this update but oh well. - Z
  6. (hope this doesn't merge) Small Update: Changes: Removed the alternate Wool zip files and replaced the old wool with the new "tile" like ones back into the normal versions of normal and alternate because they were too unnecessary. Changed the location of and updated credits.txt. Added a new texture for non-animated/horizon lava to fit well with the non-animated/horizon water. Tweaked the Brick and Sand textures a little to be more accurate. (also no, this is not a april fools meme, i know it's bad timing on my part to make this) - Z
  7. Thank you so much I appreciate it! ^_^ Yeah I see your point, I modifed the faithful font so it fits well with the default cc's font. Yeah I borrowed alot of the textures from the Faithful 1.12 release pack and the Classic Faithful texture pack ages back, it lists in the credits.txt what textures i made too and made sure to credit them too, Oh yeah I tried to make a texture for the top grass one time to match with the grass side textures but all of the attempts were rough or pretty shit, i do see your point though and i'll try sorting it out sometime, the Bricks however are in a rough shape right now at the moment. Also thank you for noticing the Rose and Dandelion inaccuracies, I've fixed it in the new version I've released (which im gonna release the patch notes for in a second). It's great to see you though and I do appreciate this post ^3^ - Z -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Final Bonus update (For the time being) for the normal pack: Changes: Replaced the rough texture of the magma block to a new smooth, more accurate remastered faithful texture, Updated so that there is alternate terrain.png files for to add a new variant of the wool textures which is to match with the latest faithful programmer textures' tile-like wool textures, Now the file contains four zip files inside, requiring you to extract the file before usage the file contains as such: Fixes: Fixed the incorrect places of the Dandelion and the Rose flowers in the Terrain.png file - Z (edit: i accidentally merged this woops)
  8. Sort of a major update?: (News and Texture pack update) News: I'm back from break sorta to celebrate the NB 5th anniversary, onto the texture pack though, postponed the development on the Mo' Blocks pack for motivational and personal issues and moving on from the classicube community. Updates: Changed the terrain.png and icons.png is more closer to their original counterparts rather than copy and pastes, updated most block textures for consistency like Crates, Iron and Gold blocks, line-like pattern on the bottom of magma fixed off properly, and more, enjoy.
  9. Mini Update 2: (Mo' Blocks Pack and Normal Pack) Updated the Wool textures once or maybe twice so the wool textures are more accurate to the default pack, filled in the missing spot for the fire placeholder texture and made the sapling colour pallete more accurate to the default pack. And for the Mo' Blocks exclusive change note is a note for server owners that they are Officially allowed to modify the pack and personalise it for their own servers like swapping textures or adding more blocks to add the more fun to building for map builders and more, I'm actually tired now so this might be the "last" update to this for now since im gonna take a break, - Z
  10. Mini update: (Mo' Blocks Pack only) Added afew blocks/animations like the Portal frame and ruby block and ore (along with a placeholder diamond block texture i should get rid of) and slightly touched up the 2.0 Coal Block so its more accurate to the Minecraft 2.0 coal block texture, as well as adding the nether quartz ore in and the faithful version of the placeholder fire texture found in the default texture pack to go along with animation-less water and lava, enjoy! - Z
  11. Edit: I deeply apologize about this forum post everyone I didn't really had a good mood from yesterday due to me and a friend in one of my online friend groups on discord had a fight, which didnt help me that i got angry about it and made this dumb post here which got me banned again, and im sorry for everything what i said about the dumb stuff i said outside of cc fourms about andrew and the bans, i feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed of myself to say witty shit about him too, i take everything back about it along with everything i said in this forum post by now i do actually deserve being banned for this aswell. sorry if this is just shitty im just not ok right now with my mental health right now too (and sorry for deleting everything in this post though, im just stupidly embarrased) and I do apologize to Andrew about this too so... - Z
  12. maybe reorganize everything with /os lb edit or any other command depending on what server engine you're on, but swapping texture packs back could fix it
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