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  1. Tysm mason for asking these! (i sound like a company's average text support lol) The textures I made myself are credited in a large list inside 1credits.txt, I hope I didn't do something wrong with that as i credited the original creators of other textures too lol. It's origin was originally going to be a placeholder for one of the blocks, can't remember what one but, I left it in because of how hilariously funny it was to me. (probably for the unused brick textures i was going to slot it into idk) Oh the wool textures are tiled yeah, It's mimicing pre-1.14 faithful wool textures to give more of that thinner wool type feeling, as I'm going for a 1.12 faithful style to the texture pack. I guess it might be that i ripped the textures from a earlier faithful 32x pack or it's the proper 1.12 texture pack textures, I'll check it out later though. I do thank you once agian for dropping this reply in and raising some points! and I appreciate the compliment too - Z
  2. Another useless update huh? Changes: Server-Friendly version updated to have the new brick texture added. Link to the main texture pack now fixed. Sorry haha, I forgot about people having hyperlink probelms with the main texture pack version download. - Z
  3. Useless Brick Update: Changes: As the first line of this forum thread suggests, I touched up the red bricks, mostly to make it look more "refined" and better-ish? (by making each noisy brick texture's more accurate while retaining the idea with it using ""small"" snippets from the unused varied brick textures in terrain.png) was busy to post this here, tis all anyways I'm going to NA2. - Z (Edit: Wait was this even necessary to notify and post updates like these on the forums like a pest at all?)
  4. Did a rebrand of the texture pack, because mainly people keep getting confused with the name of the texture pack, so for now on this project is now called; Zoey's Classicful-32x I know nobody will care but just needed to mention it just to clear out future confusion. - Z (Oh hey It's gonna be the One year anniversary for this too!)
  5. Small Block Changes with Normal and "Server-Friendly" version update: Changes: Grass top and Gravel textures have been updated, Big shout outs and credits to Lassebq on discord for premission for the textures to be added! Important update for blocks, mostly because of the heavy improvement for the grass top texture, Enjoy! - Z
  6. Block changes and "Server friendly" version resurrected update: Changes: Mossy Cobblestone's moss colours have been fixed to match the original. Anonymous contributor updated the grass texture. Server version is finally updated to the latest new textures. Enjoy. - Z
  7. Sorry if this might be annoying but I tweaked the Modern/Purple GUI textures a little more so they're like the classic gui textures. I hope this will be final though 😕 Grab the new version with these before it gets even more colder. - Z
  8. Useless update? Change: Refined the Modern/Purple GUI to have it's lines more cleaner and looking nice. Before this change the textures for it looked rough and "play-dough" looking and less faithful with the lines so I did a slight revision, Is this update to the pack, useless and dumb to do? depending on your opinion on the matter if you dislike the old faithful modern/purple gui textures or not. Is it annoying how the bottom of the "selection grid" thing is sliced off? - Z
  9. Textures and Pack Revamp: Changes: Alternate pack and binlat.png is now removed because of how unessisary it is to be in, you can get the textures from the server pack though. Both the missing gurple gui (gui.png) and the particles (particles.png) is now upscaled and added into the texture pack. Magma block had a redesign agian to better mimic it's 16x counterpart. Ice has now got it's appearance from Goodly's NA2 HDredux texture pack, the choice is based on how the default ice texture is exactly originated from the NA2 packs, credits to him. Crates texture got few little tweaks. and afew more things I may have forgotten about. Credits have been updated Will I ever update the server pack to the new textures? maybe not but lets see in the far future though, enjoy - Z I forgot to add the new link for the new form of the texture pack, sorry about that! Also too I forgot to say, don't worry I managed to get premission from Goodly to add in the ice texture.
  10. Small-ish Update: Updated font for both the Server-friendly version and the classic normal and alternate versions with missing font changes and fixes. Updated the wood log top/bottom texture for Normal and Alternate Eh I'll do another update for the server-friendly version sometime this or next week if I have the time to update textures for accuracy, come to think about it with the alternate version too, I should make a pointless texture pack for to add in the classic.minecraft.net textures in for classicube so stay tuned for that. - Z also yeah, a follow--up too, the update list on the forum post will be removed to make it less cluttered and more tidy, easy to navigate too, no worries though I will still post updates for the texture packs but they aren't gonna be pasted into the main forum post, also adding alternate links for map makers for the normal and alternate textures. - Z
  11. Server Friendly version Revamp and Normal+Alternate pack changes Update: "Server-Friendly" Version changes: Updated most of the textures to the latest textures of the normal packs Fixed the missing pixels on the Nether portal animations Normal + Alternate version changes: Changed the Metal block textures so they don't look like JPEG images slapped on a block, notably the side textures. Changed the Leaves colour palette to be consistent with the default leaves Changed the details on the sapling texture for complex reasons I can't properly type. Changed the Sand and Gravel textures because fuck it I mainly came back here and updated this because of high demand flooding both discord and cc forum dms and me slowly realising more fixes to do here, along with a fix for the nether portal animation. - Z
  12. Grass-topping update (What do you mean It's not a good pizza topping?): Changes: Changed the Grass top texture with a new one along with the unused one The new texture isn't really mine, made by someone who wanted to contribute to the texture pack on the discord I'm on, they want to be unnamed due to "numerous personal reasons" on quote, yeah I know I'm supposed to be gone until the summer, didn't want to deny the guy.
  13. Oh I didn't see that, I'll sort out something though Textures Revamp Update: Changes: Removed the "debris" pixels off the ore textures. Changed the Stone texture to be accurate to the ores and Bedrock. Changed the Brick texture so it's texture is less flatter and more static-ish like it's 16x counterpart. Changed a small detail above the crate texture Replaced the Dandelion to it's old and fitting version Yeah sorry if i keep on updating this texture pack all the time, I'm maybe planning onto revamping the "Server Friendly" and fixing things including missing pixels and etc, but I'm not sure when I'll do that. - Z Edit: wait I didn't meant to merge this woops
  14. Yeah I know this is starting to get annoying but i slightly updated the texture pack agian with adding afew finishing touches to the fonts agian. enjoy the texture pack - Z
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