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  1. can we get a cube in the chat in memory for this guy's account
  2. its a virus, a scam, a fraud, even a ip address grabber
  3. my life is incomplete without a official scratch port of cc being made
  4. ngl i wish using authenticator apps instead of email is a optional choice lol
  5. Yeah as the title suggests will be animated textures like lava or water be used for the borders instead of the still textures in the terrain.png files in the future? the still water and lava textures look really ugly to me ngl
  6. News: im gonna start changing the cobblestone texture very soon because i realised its just really out of place in this texture pack so keep an eye on stuffs
  7. have you ever felt like wanting to set your texture pack to have the pre-1.14 modern minecraft textures but they look really out of place with the skies, and the border's ocean? then i have the texture pack for you! Changes: - Cleaned up the brick texture so it doesnt have that tiny bit of brown-yellow acid mold like pixels over it - Made the Sapling have the details as it's modern brother (pre-1.14) - Just replaced the Gravel texture with the pre-1.14 one - Changed the colour palette of the modern 1.8 sponge texture so its like its younger classic brother - Changed the colour palette of the classic cobblestone texture so it more closely resembles the 1.7 style of colour scheme - Changed the Mossy Cobblestone's colour palette and the moss is abit darker like its classic cousin - Changed the ice to the modern pre-1.14 ice texture and has the same colour palette as the Classicube ice texture's - Changed up the Iron and Gold textures so they're abit and more like their modern counterparts, but keeping the shadows casting around the sides of course - Made the Default skin into a Classified Alex skin Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1luuicu28as0t2d/cptutp.zip?dl=0 Planned updates to the pack: - if its possible to have a option to make animations have frames fade in and fade out slowly with 4 (or more) frames like the magma cube's and the prismarine block's for an example, i could add in a classicfied pre-1.14 animated magma cube in Previews of the Classicfied Alex skin, the blocks and Comparison with the CC ice texture and the Classicfied pre-1.14 texture: if you have any opinions or criticisms on my texture pack, please share them so it can help me improve the texture pack! 💙
  8. Oh yeah google drive link doesnt work so here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/29j6oj7dahycrh3/CMMCtextures.zip?dl=0
  9. ROBLOX SKYBOXES SKYBOXES SKYBOXES!! Hey all, Zoey here, so after my success of not getting banned off the fourms for uploading my modernized classic texture pack, i thought id do my dream thing to do is to share my whole package of roblox skyboxes ive stitched up and put together for shits, so yeah blow your brains out with these! use them for adventure maps, creations, zs maps and more! https://www.dropbox.com/s/prahb59xs8zi0ue/Classic ROBLOX Skybox Collection by ThatGoateeZoey.zip?dl=0 example of the one of the many skyboxes on my declined map over on NB: Map Build (realm name: thatgoateezoey)
  10. andrew i know you dont exist but please i plead for mercy for my fourm account please dont ban me i beg of you the image is the preview btw, these are my possibly last words
  11. Yeah idk where to share this but i guess the 123 guy told me i should share it here but anyway, recently ive been developing a new texture pack which is the usual default cc textures been modified in the style of the modern minecraft textures, i hope you guys enjoy it and i hope i wont get banned here because of this haha https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G4vXhAVU6V77ddX2v0jhHpKXH5o9VoQb/view?usp=drivesdk heres a preview if you wanna look
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