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  1. How do I create a texture pack? Pls help.
  2. I'm sorry. I have now too much questions about making a server. This time, I tried to set the block and the rank that is required. After that, I clicked save then I did go to my server. And the block that set is not there. Pls help.
  3. I can't still find the answer in that link. That said that I will type /shutdown but it did not work. I am using Windows 10.
  4. If I shut down my computer, I should also shut down my server. Then in the next day, I need to work on the server again and my changes can't be restored. Can I restore the past changes that I did without shutting it down? Thank you.
  5. How to move myself into operator rank? Because I am making a server. Thank you.
  6. I can't change my cover photo in classicube forum. Is there other ways to change it?
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