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  1. azbacho10

    /mb Messages

    Does this also work with bots?
  2. Mine's number 10. Idk why I liked the number 10. Wats yours?
  3. azbacho10


    Go try it out, touch grass simulator. https://www.roblox.com/games/11173820274/Touch-Grass-Simulator
  4. oldest trick in the book, watched it a billion times.
  5. My Modern house creation in na2. Want to see it in game? Go to Not Awesome 2 server then go to azbacho10+2 Pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kuWcqC3zZAP87BwLjDX5FJwNtOGrPkEE?usp=sharing
  6. How to make the edge of the map/os map like the void? Like for example you went on it and then fall forever. Pls help, thank you!
  7. azbacho10

    /mb Messages

    How can I make a mb message block that looks like it is speaking to you? Like this https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jwXkIB1THL5h0RWHPp8iPLHQ_8jKmyYi?usp=sharing I uploaded it in gdrive because the vid is 3,000 kb. Anyways, thank you!
  8. You can't. This is just my OPINION. Creating a second acc is no longer possible because of some people who are banned in (e.g. cc forum) create new ones again just to break rules of this forum.. For your second question, wait until CC releases the new version.
  9. If you want to have a job, what would it be? For me, a computer technician. I would like to learn about computers since my bro and my parents are asking to me how to do a thing on it.
  10. Oh come on..... I don't care if its even 100 dollars or what. I DON'T join games for money. Stop posting like this, coz this is absolute clickbait. Question: Are you trying to scam us? Do not post like this, for the safety of the users.
  11. Wait for the skin until it appears in game. It takes time to load in the game. I waited for more than 1 hour. It depends on the skin, some appear very fast and some appear later on.
  12. You are one, tbh. Your past post looks like your typing like a kid... Looks like your 10.....
  13. basketball and playing other games I like.
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