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  1. My take is that was a very high IQ move giving some random stranger console access, I mean it actually hurts my head to comprehend the brains behind that move.
  2. You know even now, I'm still in love with the new avatars, I mean I still can't decide on whether to go with the custom profile pic (only for glod menbiegang) or stay with the new avatar render. Love it!
  3. Three words... I Hate Everything.
  4. To be honest, as much as I appreciate your very hard work put into it, I personally wouldn't touch the client with a long pole, since your client doesn't use the CC login API anymore (which that in itself seems suspicious to many) and I have no idea of where those credentials go, even back when it was still using CC's API. Especially with all the stuff happening here recently, I can't really trust the client like any third-party client considering the risks it potentially has.
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