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  1. Don't forget to thank NordVPN for sponsoring this video.
  2. Your IP is Hide while you still can
  3. In the medieval times they used a blade and removed skin in basically the same way as skinning an animal. You can heat the skin up to make it go off easier.
  4. You may not believe me, but I saw Berohrine yesterday when playing on a single player MCGalaxy world. I think it has to do with CC trying to emulate Minecraft Classic, so Herobrine's curse has carried over as well.
  5. A beginner shouldn't begin with a language just because it's "fast". C isn't fast because "it's just fast", it just gives you finer control over the program, which can be faster or it can be even slower than Python , depending on the implementation. It makes sense to start with Python, I think. It removes all the low level concept confusion (stuff like pointers,types casting, memory allocation etc.) and makes you focus on just the simple stuff. One can always move on to C later, and even combine C and Python, and I think that's going to be much more productive than starting with C.
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