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  1. With exception of some notable tracks, Half Life had pretty generic electronic music of it's time for OST, and Aphex Twin actually had already had an impact on electronic music at that point. The logos are not related.
  2. So u r keeping all ur money and u think when u get a million u'll suddenly become charitable?
  3. If you donate them to the poor, you'll end up sad and lonely but poor.
  4. I am not an expert on laptop prices, but I was alluding to the fact that not all "loving parents" are able to afford a 400$ or even a 200$ laptop, and going off the assumption they can is a very privileged position. Wild, innit. Ofc that means a chromebook is probably out of reach for them as well, that's partly why I was using a sarcastic tone. I just think there's nothing wrong with laptops designed specifically for cheapness and availability, especially if they can provide an even lower price tag when sold used, and from what I've seen, they can, and chromebooks have already become the first laptop for many children that wouldn't be able to have them any other way.
  5. Yes, exactly! Everyone who just needs to have access to the internet and maybe do some light productivity tasks should just stop being poor, so easy!
  6. yeah, affordable laptops are terrible, all laptops should be expensive and inaccessible.
  7. My bad, in that case it's possible to send a different texturepack. I will elaborate in a few mins
  8. Afaik there is no way to check whether a person is using the webclient from within MCGalaxy.
  9. You may not believe me, but I saw Berohrine yesterday when playing on a single player MCGalaxy world. I think it has to do with CC trying to emulate Minecraft Classic, so Herobrine's curse has carried over as well.
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