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  1. What if the one word post is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"?
  2. Ah yes, Debian, the ancient Aztec word for "I couldn't install Arch".
  3. A beginner shouldn't begin with a language just because it's "fast". C isn't fast because "it's just fast", it just gives you finer control over the program, which can be faster or it can be even slower than Python , depending on the implementation. It makes sense to start with Python, I think. It removes all the low level concept confusion (stuff like pointers,types casting, memory allocation etc.) and makes you focus on just the simple stuff. One can always move on to C later, and even combine C and Python, and I think that's going to be much more productive than starting with C.
  4. It seems like my skin preview wasn't updated.
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