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  1. It would be more fun if we described the superpower of the previous person. The ability to reverse time, but not remember anything that happened in the future.
  2. Black Mesa stops existing, therefore it can't be a pain in the ass. I wish to make the next person in this thread post a well thought-out, hard to misinterpret wish that gives an advantage in life to me.
  3. The actual hell is this?
  4. Wish granted, but it's a wish that gets you banned on the forums. I wish for my lifespan to increase by 20 years.
  5. You can do that in your realm with /os lb add. Use /help lb for help.
  6. I am not an expert, but I think maybe you should get your anus checked.
  7. You can continue the game at:
  8. Granted, but the hair on your body remains visible at all times. I wish that I would be invincible to ionising radiation.
  9. If you can make one, do one. CC is an open-source project, which means any person can fork the game and create an android version. What.
  10. Wish granted, but it's a reverse-harem anime adaptation. I wish to be able to magically get any item I want from my pockets.
  11. Wish granted, now the death metal band is always following you and playing in your backyard. Aw crap. You get a good night's sleep, but the night is eternal. I wish to make Goodly immortal.
  12. Such is the fate of web forums. 104
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