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  1. well yes but actually sometimes it does the itch.
  2. bats and blind spiders, along with bears, caves are dangerous with bears.
  3. Pretty much the same for me, even though they looked cursed, their actually pretty good to look at.
  4. Thats nice, you made it with SkinSwatch, perhaps?
  5. upload the terrain file via dropbox and copy the link, then do /os map terrain <copied link's url>.
  6. Desaxu


    IRL logic doesn't apply to ClassiCube logic, hence why ice doesn't break on contact with a water block in-game than IRL.
  7. very nice of you, non-existant person!
  8. Heres some Minecraft Java edition screenshots that i did on a sever named "4bit". ('sever' was intentional, btw.)
  9. well yes but actually yes.
  10. Account Settings > ClassiCube > Update preferences Thats how I change it, accordingly.
  11. Well that was rude. Both are different, the wording is different and on Caoannitta's about me, the font size is bigger then your's. Its confusing how you assumed she did even though its not an exact copy of it.
  12. You can make custom models using Blockbench: https://blockbench.net/, you can either install it or use their web application. Here is a tutorial from ArtsByKev on Youtube on how to use Blockbench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9FLteWmFzg Hope this helps!
  13. nice, nice, very cool, stevebrine.
  14. Then... whats the point of making the question, anyway?
  15. Desaxu

    i cant log in

    You will need to join the discord and DM AndrewPH or 123DMWM about it: https://discord.gg/DvYYyRw (If you can't join the Discord, then unfortunately, I can't really help you on that.)
  16. Here's how to do it: get the default texture pack: https://static.classicube.net/default.zip extract the zip file, open the folder and then edit terrain.png or any mob texture via image editing programs (like Paint.NET or GIMP). once you are done with that, zip the folder and drag it to the texturepacks folder (where ClassiCube.exe exists.) then, to test it, go to Singleplayer and upload the file (if your on webclient) OR click on the zip (if you are on client). Please keep in mind that if you plan on adding it for your server, you may or may not get positive feedback on your server for the texture pack.
  17. Hmm, im not sure what to choose.. for NA2, i just play it for talking with the community while exploring the realms, Omegabuild... err.. i rarely play it, and for New Blood ZS, i dont play ZS at all. However, i used to play NB's Map Build until i got bored of it.. I think i'll choose NA2 but only for the builds, not the community.
  18. Desaxu


    /faq says the Staff ranks are invite only, you must be invited to join. So basically, you tried.
  19. If you are wondering how to create a server on eddynet, you will need to go to the website itself, click on "Request" and then enter in the blanks before requesting, it may take a few hours to get an email you have to respond to and after more waiting, you will get an email saying that the server is created. (i know its time consuming, but it's how eddynet works.)
  20. afkers do be staring at walls of afk tho (I could post more here, but im lazy.)
  21. I've never played it, whats it about?
  22. Honestly, you and lashed both made the huge mistake, i get why, lashed made a giant hole in the ground and then you removed it because lashed wouldn't be mean, but the thing is, the fault was on you both, and during that meeting, me and Nividim were getting confused on what was going on between the both of you, and i thought that lashed was guilty, but it was a mix-up, but then when lashed went overboard and started to drag the meeting, i decided to leave it because it was getting boring. In all honesty, just like Goodly, you've should've muted lashed instead of giving him multiple warnings. P.S: We all make mistakes, even if it was a big oopsie, You can learn from your own mistakes and don't do it again.
  23. Jana (Java) HTMA (HTML) CC (C) scrutch (scratch)
  24. sleeping bag model, fits for a campfire to snuggle with your buddies while eating burnt marshmallows on a starry night.
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