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  1. And that's the end of our story of the legend Edward_great. Fly high, Edward_great. You will be missed!
  2. Better post: Operating system = Windows 1.0 RAM = 256K Cooler = nil Case = british CD Adapter = 512K Floppy disk (2) CPU = Intel Pentium III ~ 1.0 mhZ HDD = 2 GB Graphics Card: GeForce 256 Power Supply: Mehdi Sadaghdar
  3. Light the Intel InsiPuter with a capacitor!!!!
  4. This is pretty easy to get ahold actually. All you need to do is see JohnS and McJohn! What they do is they will grab your phone, use their C++ Coding skills to rapid type a code to blast your phone onto the microwave, let the microwave break your phone, kick it into the refrigerator, they will also do void Refrigerator::Move(Vector3 Velocity) { this ->position.x = 129381 this->position.y = 89212 this-> position.z = 12131e+ } (btw this is not a real code it's just a joke xD)
  5. gen alpha gyatt rizz thing, lankybitch, yt shorts, tik tok, and twitter.
  6. Redhotsans


    I use 2008 roblox because of my potato pc. (Not really potato but like outdated)
  7. I tried this on DosBox (since I don't have a real MS-DOS PC) and it just lagged alot and there is no ground so yeah I probably need a real ms dos pc
  8. I think there's a poll there that you should answer (if you don't answer it's alright)
  9. bruh many people are getting banned because they got baited lol anyways here's my 1 fav word: "Dilligaf" also idk why replying 1 word is not allowed is there like anything wrong with it?
  10. Does this also fix Error 12157?
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