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Block Battle

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On the Project Server I made a custom game called Block Battle. A strategy game where the point is to kill your opponent with various blocks.

(Note that the game is in beta I will be adding more blocks,biomes,add UI and fix bugs over time)

To play, go to blockbattle world in the Project server

When it's your turn you have 3 buttons:
Move - Move the player to the desired spot
Build - Use/Place a block on the desired spot
End Turn - End your turn
(Buttons can be used once per turn)


(Right click on the block in your deck to see what it does)

I want to thank UnknownShadow200+, Venk+, deewend+ and others who helped me in the discord server and CorranEveryone+, AhmedBro12344+ (and others) that helped beta test the game. You guys are are awesome!

Some images


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