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  1. Fun fact: what I said kinda was UnknownShadow said once in a suggestion in the Github for ClassiCube https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube/issues/996#issuecomment-1484317610
  2. I don't think so because big worlds cant really be stored on the 3ds's ram so to get it onto a device on a even with even SMALLER ram would cause some trouble.
  3. Idk why I have not posted about this yet.. but, I have made a Server! (A long time ago...) Main Server So in my Main server you get to have realms, do parkour levels, freebuild, and survival (i will talk about MCGalaxy games in a later section). If you want updates or chat about the server goto my discord! (Link here) Games Server In the Games server you get to Play MCGalaxy Games, play with Custom Popular Game Model (Like Kirby and Mario), Zombie Survival, and Lava Survival. (same discord link as my main) FREE OP Server (Mabye If Eddynet will give me the server...) In the Free Op server you get to... well, have free OP (ALSO same discord link as my main)
  4. I want to know where i can get this map
  5. How did you get the redstone to work? or where do i goto use redstone?
  6. is there a MCGalaxy plugin to make a special texture for web players on a server?
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