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  1. Panda

    /staff command.

    You're correct, the command displays all users with the LevelPermission higher than that of AdvBuilder (how I have moderation setup on my MCCH Official Server). Users can change that value to Operator if their permissions are different on their own servers.
  2. Panda

    /staff command.

    Good luck, have fun: https://github.com/brycemthompson/McClassic-ClassiCube-Plugins-Cmds/blob/main/MCGalaxy/Plugins/Staff.cs
  3. Panda

    Custom model help.

    Good luck, have fun: https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
  4. Since people continue replying on this thread and not providing very good advice, I'll provide mine. If an adult or user in any ClassiCube server is speaking inappropriately to you as a minor (under 18 years of age), requesting pictures or videos, or any personal information that could reveal your identity - even if they're pushing you hard for it - don't give out your information and speak to a trusted adult. These trusted adults include your server owners (if you're using a hosting service, this would be your server host) and the ClassiCube administration team (123, Andrew, Goodly). These people are here to keep you safe, so please know your outlets.
  5. Panda

    Plugins problem

    A lot to unload here... only doing this because I'm procrastinating studying: 1. It sounds like the plugin code itself has an error that you'll need to fix on line 7. 2. There are not .cc files. I think you meant Parties.cs (if that is what your plugin file name is called). Solution: Fix the syntax errors in your plugin and rerun the compilation & load commands with the proper plugin file name.
  6. The error message is relatively intuitive - you're going to need to forward that port through your router if you haven't done so already (assuming you haven't from the error). Things to look up: 1. The brand and version of your router - Look at the physical object 2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) credentials to login to your router - Hopefully you purchased it yourself or know mom and dad's credentials 3. Your default gateway to connect to your router - cmd.exe + run the command `ipconfig` If you don't understand any of these references, Google will be your friend. Good luck.
  7. Just going to post this here for our little kiddos that don't know any better - if you are under the age of 18, please keep identifying photos of yourself off of this site and the internet for your privacy and safety. This has been a PSA. (Panda Service Announcement). I'll take my free ban for the pun now please 😄
  8. What's this? A 2014 Panda?
  9. But can anyone ban everyone is the important question.
  10. Since you decided to host this server off of eddy's hosting service, I highly recommend you read up on his ToS before you lose your server.
  11. https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff
  12. As icanttellyou correctly mentioned, you're going to need an installation of mono on MacOS. Here is a link with installation instructions. Mono-Complete Installation: https://www.mono-project.com/docs/getting-started/install/mac/
  13. Here is a link to the latest MCGalaxy Release download. Make sure you download the tar.gz file. Within this file, you should find a MCGalaxy folder with its respective version number, and within this folder you should find the executable files you'll need to run the server. I believe for MacOS you're able to run the server using a Terminal and running MCGalaxyCLI.exe with mono-complete. MCGalaxy Release: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/releases/tag/ Instructions for Unzipping: http://magma.maths.usyd.edu.au/magma/faq/extract If you're instead looking for an alternative host for the server, you may want to consider using MCCH services or EddyNetWeb hosting. MCCH: http://discord.io/MCCH EddyNetWeb: https://eddyn.net/projects/games/ Hope this helped.
  14. This thread is very quickly turning into a witch hunt solely for the purpose of arguing. I don't see any harm in possibly putting together a gofundme page or patreon specifically dedicated to advertisements (I know some exist for CC already - I'm referring to a separate account solely for adverts)... but like others have said - I don't know how necessary that is for a game that's survived far worse drops in playerbase. If we could keep the threads on topic a bit better, we will all save ourselves some unnecessary headaches.
  15. What is the error you're getting from trying to port forward? Please note that it will probably go more smoothly trying to port forward directly through your router rather than through MCGalaxy's tool
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